Large Retractable Awning with Green, Orange, and Brown Stripes

Retractable Awning Applications

Whether you are at the beach, enjoying a meal on the patio of a 5-star restaurant, or staring out from your luxury apartment's balcony, you can't help but admire the retractable awnings on display. 

Once considered a patio accessory exclusively, today’s awning applications are endless. Additionally, modern retractable awning trends include state-of-the-art technology, hundreds of sizes, eco-friendly materials, and styles. With so many awning applications, no matter where you require shade or privacy, there’s a motorized awning for that!

That’s where Rollac can help. With our range of products and vast experience, we are your source for all your retractable awning needs.

Where Can You Use Retractable Awnings?

As these shading solutions increase in popularity with homes and businesses, the ways they have been used are just as varied as the homes and companies themselves.

Whether you want retractable shade for your backyard or wish to make your business look more stylish and appealing to customers, all types of retractable awnings can have many commercial and residential uses. The following is a brief list of the various awning applications.

Commercial Awnings

If you’re in the market for an awning for commercial purposes, whether for a restaurant or retail shop, remember that they can be installed in many different ways.

1. Restaurants and Pubs

Whether you’re looking to provide some shade for the pub patio you own or planning to renovate your fine dining restaurant, including the outdoor area, a commercial motorized retractable awning is a perfect addition.

Of all the awning applications, installing shading for your patio means the space can be used on rainy days (provided the awning is waterproof) and when it is sweltering. Awning applications like this allow you more space for additional tables while enhancing the look of your commercial eatery.

Today's wind-proof commercial awnings are made to be much more durable than in years past; they can even withstand wind gusts and help keep your customers comfortable.  

If you already have storefront security shutters at your business, you can also select a storefront awning that matches the color and style of your shutters, creating a uniform look that will stay stylish for years.  

Awning applications for restaurants and pubs will not only look inviting to customers but also enhance the look of your establishment and ultimately increase its resale value in the event you sell.

2. Hotels, Clubs, and Resorts

One of the most popular commercial awning applications is in hotels, private clubs, or resorts.

These businesses do not use a single type of awning; instead, they utilize a variety. However, they have done their research to select the most effective shading solution for their business.

The awning applications they use may highlight the building's architectural design and draw customers in by making it more inviting. 

Many hotels, clubs, and resorts select brightly colored retractable awnings that starkly contrast their surroundings. These bold colors usually evoke positive feelings in their guests, making their experience in the venue memorable.

Whether a centuries-old resort chooses a more expensive but classic aluminum awning of the same era as its building, it serves a function. It makes the resort look elegant and inviting, enticing the type of customer who can afford to stay at this venue.

Frequent awning applications for hotels, clubs, and resorts require their monogram on each covering. This is an excellent way for these businesses to reinforce their brand identity. Imagine a hotel’s monogram on dozens of balcony awnings. What better way to advertise than that?

3. Businesses

Whether you operate a small family-owned business or a larger one with several different locations, there’s nothing more welcoming to customers than the look of large commercial retractable awnings outside your building. 

These commercial awnings improve your business's appearance and draw attention to its main entrance or storefront. They shelter your customers from mother nature (i.e., whether it's extreme heat or a downpour) as they’re coming or leaving your business. 

Commercial motorized retractable awnings offer curbside coverage if your customers have mobility issues and need extra time and space to get in and out of their cars or your business.

Depending on the fabric material you choose for your awning, it can prevent UV rays from fading your window displays and reduce your air conditioning bills by shading your interior spaces.

Thanks to modern awning technology, you can opt for lighted awnings that illuminate on a timer or can be controlled via your smartphone. 

Thanks to the variety of commercial motorized retractable awnings on the market, finding the right size of covering for your company's doors, windows, or other areas won’t be a problem. 

Residential Awnings

Whether living in a condo, high-rise apartment, or sprawling ranch home, the awnings applications for residences are endless. 

1. Patios or Decks

The most traditional use of all the awning applications is providing shade from a home’s deck or patio. Usually made of fabric, these patio awnings are available in manual or motorized retractable options. You can extend the awning using a manual crank, which you have to turn yourself or press a button to extend automatically. 

The cost of an awning for your patio or deck will vary depending on whether you want a motorized version, the size of your space, and the type of material used. 

2. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are other awning applications for your home. They provide an extra level of shade from the sun’s intense rays. It can keep your home cooler and prevent your furniture, carpet, and artwork from fading. 

Whether you choose a drop-arm awning that can open and close as needed or a retractable awning with a decorative valance to accentuate your home’s facade, the choices are endless.

3. Barbecue or Outdoor Kitchen

You may be new at outdoor grilling or a seasoned expert with a complete outdoor kitchen; either way, there will be times when you’ll want some shade while working out there. Not only can it get hot in the kitchen, but this is especially true when you cook outdoors in the triple digits.

Retractable awnings for your outdoor cooking space are increasingly popular. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests, and avoid heating your home using your oven, especially in the summer. 

These types of awnings are easy to clean with soap and warm water should you have food splatter or grease that explodes and soils the covering.

4. Pools

A swimming pool is a fantastic addition to any home, making the hot summers of the southern United States more bearable. Yet, often by July, your pool reaches the temperature of a warm bath and is no longer refreshing. Instead of installing an expensive cooling system to lower its temperature, consider installing a residential retractable awning for your pool.

At Rollac, we offer full-cassette awnings, half-cassette, and non-cassette models that, when not in use, blend seamlessly into the rest of your home’s decor. 

Not only are these awnings for your pool easy to use, but retractable awnings are equally simple to maintain. Rarely will you encounter problems with your awning, such as tearing or the retractable mechanism breaking, but if something should happen, Rollac is here to troubleshoot or repair it. 

5. Balcony

Many often opt for a small retractable awning to make your apartment or home’s balcony more intimate. Whether you mount it to your exterior apartment wall, the eave, or the overhang above your balcony, there are several ways to install the shading solution. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got room for two chairs on your balcony or an entire orchestra; the key is that this covering will make your outdoor space feel more personal and homey.

Additionally, if you live in a high-rise apartment or have a home where strong wind gusts are expected, you can purchase an awning that includes a wind sensor. With this feature, your awning will automatically retract when wind gusts get too high, reducing the risk of needing to repair or replace its fabric or perhaps the entire awning itself.  

Endless Retractable Awning Applications

Whether you’re searching for a shading solution for the small window above your kitchen sink or a larger one so you can entertain on your 46th-floor apartment balcony, the awning applications are endless.

Fortunately, with over 40 years in the awning business at Rollac, we haven’t been unable to fulfill an application yet. Let our extensive experience, expertise, and outstanding customer service help you choose an awning you, your family, and perhaps your customers will love.