Large yellow retractable awning installed over a balcony

Retractable Awning Applications: Home, Business or Both?

Whether you are at the beach, enjoying a meal on the patio of a great restaurant, or perhaps staring out your office window at a luxury apartment's balcony, chances are you can't help but admire the retractable awnings that are on display. Once thought of only as a patio accessory, today's modern awnings not only employ state-of-the-art technology and come in various sizes, colors, and styles, but can also be used in more ways than you probably ever imagined. If you're curious about retractable awning applications and how they can be used for your home or business, we here at Rollac have all you need to know about motorized awnings and so much more.

Where Can You Use Retractable Awnings?

As retractable awnings have become more popular with homes and businesses, the ways they have been used are just as various as the homes and businesses themselves. In fact, whether you want retractable shade for your backyard or wish to make your business look more stylish and appealing to customers, all types of retractable awnings can have many commercial and residential uses.

Commercial Awnings

Should you be choosing an awning for commercial purposes, such as to use at a restaurant or retail shop, keep in mind that they can be installed in many different ways.

The most obvious use for motorized retractable awnings in commercial settings is the patio or similar outdoor area. Once you install an awning on a patio, this allows you to use the space even on rainy days (provided the awning is waterproof) as well as when it is very hot. Since today's wind-proof commercial awnings are made to be so much more durable than in years past, they can even withstand wind gusts and help keep your customers comfortable.  

Should you already have storefront security shutters at your business, you can also select storefront awning that matches the color and style of your shutters, creating a uniform look that will stay stylish for years.  

When you purchase a motorized awning or perhaps choose manual retractable awnings for your business, you can be sure your investment will pay off in terms of durability and maintenance as well as costs in both the short and long-term. 

It's also possible for you to select commercial awnings that can feature fabric and trim that match the colors associated with your business, ensuring your awning will blend in well with your building's architecture and style. Since awnings come in different sizes, you can select a retractable awning for your company's doors, windows, or other areas and know they will be an exact fit each and every time.

As you have probably guessed by now, our Rollac commercial awnings offer many benefits to your business. First of all, we offer affordable awnings that can easily fit into your budget. You can also select from either motorized awnings or manual awnings, depending on your preference and budget. Motorized awnings are extremely popular, since they can be controlled via remote control, wall switches, or even through an app downloaded to your smartphone.

Being almost maintenance-free and made to withstand harsh weather conditions, you can install a Rollac retractable awning at your business and know it is made to last well past a decade or even longer.

Residential Awnings

When you want one of our awnings for residential applications, you'll quickly find an array of colors, styles, and sizes that can work well in a number of ways.

Many of our customers choose a drop arm awning to make an apartment balcony more cozy and intimate. Should you have a home with a patio or deck, you may find installing an awning may be more affordable and practical for your surroundings than choosing a pergola or canopy for that same area.  

Should you live in a high-rise apartment or have a home located where strong wind gusts are common, you can purchase an awning that includes a wind sensor. With this feature, your awning will automatically retract when wind gusts get too high, reducing the risk you will need to repair or replace your awning's fabric or perhaps the entire awning itself.  

Residential awnings are also great if you want additional privacy or perhaps have a small area near your home where you want more shade that will allow you to be outside even when the temperatures soar to record levels.  

Year after year, our team here at Rollac hears from our customers regarding the many benefits associated with their residential retractable awnings. For starters, our awnings are easy to clean and maintain, since they usually require only an occasional washing with soap and water and hosing off should debris start to accumulate. 

Customers are also surprised to learn how the different types of retractable awnings can blend in well with their home's exterior when retracted. Since we offer full-cassette awnings as well as half-cassette and non-cassette models, we can work with you to make sure you select an awning for your home or apartment that is exactly what you desire.

Finally, our residential retractable awnings are known for experiencing few if any major problems once installed. However, that's assuming you take proper care of your awning after installation. If you make sure your awning's track is lubricated regularly with silicone spray and that dirt, grime, and debris are removed from the track and fabric, you can have a motorized or manual retractable awning that will add style and value to your home.

Let Us Tell You More

Whether you have a tight budget or one that is limitless, we at Rollac understand many factors affect the cost of the awning you ultimately select for your home or business. To help you make the best decision, let us tell you more by contacting us today to discuss your retractable awning needs. Always here to help, you'll experience outstanding customer service that will help you choose an awning you, your family, and perhaps your customers will love.