Retractable Awning Applications

Retractable Awning Applications

You’ve seen it on the patio of your favorite restaurant. You’ve admired it on the balcony of the apartment across from your office. And then there’s the one on the deck of your favorite beach house, along that stretch of sand you like. It’s a retractable awning. What was once thought of as a faded, tattered and outdated patio accessory is anything but that. Today’s electric awnings for the home and business have become a fashionable outdoor must-have. Their applications are as varied as the range of styles in which they’re available.

Awnings for the home

It is the most timeless and classic of all the awnings for the home: the retractable. Also known as the lateral awning, this window covering is perhaps one of our most popular window coverings here at Rollac. Choose from hundreds of different fabric colors and patterns. Features such as a sensor which closes your electric awning when it is too breezy, to a cassette closure which protects it from sun and rain, are two of the many options available to customers. Today’s awnings for residential homes can be used to provide shade on a patio or backyard. Either way it’s designed to increase the amount of time you spend outdoors.

Awnings for businesses

It is perhaps the Europeans who have perfected the use of the retractable awnings in commercial spaces, particularly the restaurant or café patio. Throughout Europe in the warm summer months tourists as well as locals leisurely enjoy a meal or coffee on the patio, avoiding the heat, rain (even pigeons) associated with eating outdoors. The same type of retractable awning can and is used in many restaurants for patio eating here in the United States. Similar to residential ones these coverings are available in a range of colors and fabric types. With either the flip of a switch or the touch of a remote control, the awning can extend and provide much needed shade and protection from the warm sun. An area of restaurant dinning space that was once uninhabitable can now be seated because it is cool enough in temperature to be enjoyable.

Awnings for apartments

Many apartment dwellers spend the entire winter staring out their balcony windows waiting for summer to arrive and the chance to enjoy their tiny outdoor living space. However, once the heat begins they learn quickly that sitting out on their balcony is like being in a frying pan, uncomfortably hot and humid! The solution is installing an awning for your apartment balcony. The same types of fabric and features available in the awnings for the home, are applicable to the one you select for your apartment. Features such as a wind sensor might be particularly useful if you live 20 stories above ground. This device will automatically retract your awning, thereby eliminating the chance for damage to the covering.

Many applications

Whether you’re eyeing an awning for your home, one for your place of business, or for your apartment, the range of features and styles can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we encourage you to give us a call at Rollac. With our wealth of experience and industry knowledge we will be able to help you choose the right awning for your space. It will meet your function and style needs.