Make Hurricane Shutters Affordable

How To Make Hurricane Shutters Affordable

While it may seem impossible to protect your home or business from the damage a hurricane can inflict, there are in fact many ways you can keep your building from being damaged from high winds and flying debris. Perhaps the best is to install hurricane shutters on your building, since they can offer maximum protection in even the toughest situations. But like anything else you purchase, hurricane shutters need to be affordable so they fit into your budget. To make this possible, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Choosing Manual Shutters

When you're considering how much hurricane shutters cost, one way to ease your financial burden will be to install manual shutters rather than electric ones. Though it can be more convenient to have hurricane shutters that can be operated with a remote control or by the flip of a wall switch, manual shutters are also made to be very easy for one person to open and close. This, coupled with being able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, makes this an attractive option.

Shutters for Certain Parts of Your Home or Business

Depending on the layout of your home or business, it may not be necessary to install hurricane shutters on all windows. For example, if you live near a coastline where one part of your home tends to catch the biggest brunt of high winds during storms, you may need only to install roll up hurricane shutters on certain windows. Or if you prefer, you may instead opt for accordion hurricane shutters. Just as effective as roll up hurricane shutters, they tend to cost anywhere from $5-$15 less per square foot of window space, letting your savings add up quickly.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Since many insurance companies offer discounts to customers who take precautions such as installing hurricane shutters on their homes or businesses, you may see your shutters pay for themselves over time. Even if you make a substantial initial investment for the purchase and installation of your hurricane window shutters, being able to save 20% or more on your insurance premiums may let you recoup your investment much faster than you imagined.

Fewer Repair Costs

If you don't have hurricane shutters installed on your home or business, even a mild hurricane that only glances your area may leave you with substantial repair costs. While your insurance company may pay for some of this, chances are you will be expected to pay for some repairs out of your own pocket. As you know, what may seem like a relatively minor repair may nevertheless be expensive. By having hurricane storm shutters on your building, you'll be able to greatly reduce the repair costs that always seem to arrive with each hurricane season.

Storm Panels

Should you live in an area where hurricanes happen only occasionally instead of on a regular basis, you may be able to make hurricane shutters more affordable by choosing removable storm panels. Usually made of steel, polycarbonate, or aluminum, these need only be installed when a hurricane threat is imminent. Very economical, you can often purchase these at a cost of $10-$15 per panel. But to be sure you get storm panels that will be of the highest quality, it's recommended you purchase them from a company that specializes in storm shutters, such as Rollac.

If you have been putting off your purchase of hurricane shutters because you thought they were too expensive, you now know that's not true. To find out more and purchase the hurricane shutters you need, trust the professionals at Rollac.