Rollac Product Benefits Security

Rollac Product Benefits Security

Many people associate our Rollac shutters with a fashionable covering. But we offer so much more. One of the greatest advantages of our shutters is they offer unparalleled security protection. From our hurricane to residential and commercial shutters, we provide a significant range of window and door protection for both your personal and professional needs.

Hurricane Protection

Rollac’s SecuraMax Shutters are made of the highest level of protection. They are designed to withstand the heaviest impact from storms to thieves. They have thick double-walled aluminum slats that can handle almost anything that you throw at them.

This is because they were designed with tremendous strength and durability to protect your home and business from category 5 storms and intruders. They’re tested to the highest standards with regards to force. Thanks to their innovation, which includes Rollac’s revolutionary, end-retention system, this enables users to protect their property from whatever vandals choose to throw their way-literally!

Residential Security

There are residential shutters, and then there are our DuraComfort Shutters, which provide the ultimate protection for your home. Not only do they block out solar heat and prevent the typical overheating of your building. But they’re also very good at keeping the atmosphere within your home comfortable and conserving energy. Our DuraComfort shutters are also available with light slits for additional light control and ventilation. The DuraComfort shutters can be open and closed either manually or electronically. They are available in either regular foam where legal protection is needed or double foam, which provides an extra security level for your home.

Commercial Security

Our commercial security is called the ShopGuard shutter. It was created with the business in mind. It’s designed to protect your commercial enterprise from vandals. ShopGuard features a unique single wall design that rolls compactly into the box housing located directly above. The look is clean and requires minimum installation space, all while providing commercial strength for protection. Business owners have the added option of installing the shutter either on the inside or outside of their windows and doors, whichever is most convenient for them. The ShopGaurd shutter can be operated manually, with the flick of a switch or remote control. The shutter itself is available in three different designs solid, rectangle, or grid. Customers can even opt to mix all three designs together. That is where it might be wise to contact Rollac before making a design decision.

Rollac Shutters Protection

Whether you purchase our shutters for residential, commercial, or hurricane protection, know that you are investing in a superior product. With over 35 years in this industry, we have the experience needed to deliver a high-quality security shutter regardless of the application. All of our products are made in the U.S.A., and we offer thoroughly integrated service and support with each shutter that we sell. Contact us today.

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