Need Some Great Pool Shade Ideas?

Here Are the Best

Trendy Outdoor Patio Pergola Shade Structure

On those hot summer days, we at Rollac love to dive into a swimming pool and cool off in the clear, cold water. We’re sure you do as well, but you may be searching for some ideas as to how you can stay cool in your backyard and get more shade around your pool. Fortunately, we are experts at helping people find pool shade solutions. Rather than swim in your pool while the sun’s hot rays beat down on you day after day, we’ve got a few pool shade ideas that we’re convinced are the very best.

How to Shade Your Pool

1. Shade Sales

Looking just like the sails you would see on a boat out in the ocean, shade sails can give your pool area a unique and playful look. Available in different shapes and colors, you can be like many pool lovers and layer one sail on top of another, giving your pool a look all its own.

2. Umbrellas

When it comes to deck shade options that give you the flexibility to have shade or not have shade, it’s hard to beat umbrellas. Popular for decades, adding a few umbrellas to your pool area will instantly turn even the most modern pool into one that has a super-cool retro look.

3. Marquees

When you add a marquee to your home’s pool, it will almost look as if you’ve built a new addition to your home. Easily customized and very comfortable, marquees are very easy to assemble, come in an endless array of shapes and colors, and are poolside structures that continue to gain in popularity year after year.

4. Retractable Awning

If there is one thing you will absolutely love about having a retractable awning over your pool during the summer, it is that the awning will be large enough to cover your entire pool. Best of all, if you’re swimming on a day that’s not the hottest, you can retract the awning and enjoy a few rays of sunshine.

5. Freestanding Structures

When you are unsure about the best way to shade your pool, you may become intrigued with freestanding structures such as poolside pergolas. Extremely stylish, they can be left somewhat open so that you can have tables and chairs underneath them, or even decide to accessorize them with hanging plants or vines.

6. Cantilever

A unique type of canopy, a cantilever will generally provide pool shade to your poolside and part of the swimming pool as well. If you select this for your pool, you will need to decide early on where you want it placed, since the cantilever’s support legs are driven directly into the ground. If you like taking a quick swim and then lounging by the pool, a cantilever can be a great addition.

7. Solar Shades

Just as they are used on patios and decks, solar shades, or outdoor patio shades, can also be used around your pool to make the area much more comfortable on hot days. Known for adding tremendous levels of privacy as well as keeping the temperature at least 10 degrees cooler, solar shades can truly turn your pool into a cool, private spot.

How Much Will It Cost to Shade Your Pool?

When you want to shade your pool, what you will spend can run the gamut from somewhat inexpensive to many thousands of dollars. If you have a smaller swimming pool, you may be able to purchase a large freestanding canopy from a big-box store for less than $1,000. However, for most swimming pools, the cost to shade your pool will be significantly more. Should you look over all the options and decide you want to add shade sails to your swimming pool, plan on having quite a budget for your project. For a typical sail, you can plan on paying between $6,000-$8,000 for an average-sized sail. However, don’t plan on getting by for this amount. For most pools, homeowners buy two or three sails so that they can be layered one on top of another to create a stunning visual effect. Overall, shade sails for your swimming pool will likely cost you $20,000-$25,000. To spend a bit less than this but still have style, elegance, and quality, choose a freestanding pergola or a retractable awning.

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