Orange and Green Striped Retractable Awning Installed over a Backyard

Porches And Courtyards-How To Cover Them?

Today’s outdoor space comes in many shapes literally. An elaborate wrap-around porch or an open-air courtyard surrounded by vine-covered walls, are just two examples of the various styles of porches and courtyards available. There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors. But what if weeks of rainy days, cold temperatures and snow, or excessive heat have you considering building a cover over our outdoor space? In that department you also have choices. Read on to learn a few of them.


A flat-roofed covered porch is currently one of the most popular coverings on the market. It might seem from an engineering perspective a flat porch roof doesn’t make sense. Yes, sloped roofs shed snow and rain faster. But that doesn’t mean a flat roof doesn’t drain at all. Today’s modern technology has designed a rubber membrane which can be added to the roof that can stop the leaks instantly.

The primary advantage of building a flat roof is that it’s cheaper. Sloped porch roofs require more material to build and more engineering.  A flat-roofed covered porch means you’ve got more space above your porch to install heating or cooling units. These tend to be eye-sores when they’re placed on the ground. You can turn the area above your flat-roofed covered porch into a penthouse. Or you can add solar heating panels and generate your own electricity to power your porch lights at night.

Among the different materials used to a build this type of covering, metal roof porch covers are a very trendy option. Vertical seamed panels, stamped metal roofing, corrugated metal roofing, copper, and aluminum are some of the choices available. It is advised to consult with a professional who specializes in building porch covers to inform yourself about the different choices. Metal roof porch covers are a significant investment in time and money. You’ll want to make sure you’re selecting the right top for your space.


A courtyard is an open space surrounded by tall walls. You often see this type of outdoor space in a city’s downtown where the concrete sides of buildings come together to create a small space open to the sky. People can go to enjoy their lunches outdoors, smoke, or simply enjoy a breath of fresh air. The same type of opening can be found in a home. Examples include a house that sits closely to the one next door, or the walls of home are designed in such way there too is an opening to the sky. By adding a courtyard roof covering you’re increasing the living space to your home. This area that was underutilized during hot summers and cold winters can now be enjoyed to its full potential.  There are a range of courtyard coverings from retractable roofs made of fabric to tinted glass or metal. Similarly to porch roofs it is advisable to speak with a professional and educate yourself about the different options.

Take Cover

Regardless of the style of porch or courtyard rest assured there are many options on the market to cover it. Whether you choose a flat-roof covered porch, a metal roof porch cover or one of the many courtyard roof coverings available, you will be able to enjoy outdoor living space to its full potential.