Best Pergola

Choosing the Best Pergola for your Outdoor Space

When you buy your pergola you’re going to turn it into an outdoor ‘man cave’. All the boys will come over to watch the game and drink a few beers. Or maybe you envision it as your ‘she shed’. It will be a luxurious outdoor space where you and your girlfriends can sit in the evening, drink a glass of wine and talk. Perhaps you don’t even know how you’re going to use your pergola you just know you want one. So where do you begin? How do you choose the best pergola design for your space? We thought you’d never ask!


The first question you should ask yourself is how are you going to use your pergola? Maybe your spouse has an idea of what she wants from it, but you have an entirely different plan and you’re not quite sure if both ideas will work well together?  The best pergola is one created specifically for your needs.

Questions such as, do you want it to cover or highlight a walkway, provide shade, provide extended outdoor living space for parties and barbecues all need to be asked? The more specific you can be in answering the ‘how’ regarding your pergola, the better the chances are that you’ll create something perfectly designed for your entire family’s needs.


Hexagonal, square, circular, or rectangular, these are the different shapes of pergolas. Your choice of which design comes down to more than just a preference for shape, you have to consider the size and style of your outdoor living space as well as your home. For example, the most versatile pergola shape is either square or rectangular. These two suit almost any outdoor space and both can be easily affixed to the outside of your home. By comparison a circular shape pergola is usually only a stand-alone structure. The best pergola is one that combines your family’s wants while complimenting your outdoor living space.


If you would like complete or partial protection from Mother Nature, then a thatched or aluminum roof is the best pergola to meet these needs. However, if you’re looking for more partial coverage you can control yourself, panels or fabric sails are a solid choice. In case you want to add more coverage to your pergola you can always grow vines such as honeysuckle, clematis, or wisteria to the outside of the structure. That will not only add a little bit of decorative flair but some needed shade too.

Installing lights throughout your pergola will allow you to enjoy the space long after the sun has set.  Make sure that you hire a licensed electrician to install your outdoor lighting. Once it is complete you’ll own the best pergola for outdoor entertaining around!


The most common and conventional material used in the construction of pergolas is wood. It is available in a wide variety and is durable. Many users prefer hardwoods which are a bit more expensive but add tremendous appeal to older homes. By comparison, softwood is cheaper and is available pretreated (so you don’t have to treat it yourself). You can stain it to match or compliment the exterior of your home or outdoor space. Timber is another popular choice. This heavy wood conveys a more rustic and authentic feel to any pergola.

If you want a modern choice, then steel is a something you should consider. Using a chemically treated version of this metal will prevent oxidation which leads to rusting. A pergola made of steel is more easy and quick to install than any others.

A Pergola for All

Whether you chose a well-lit, timber, or aluminum pergola with a retractable roof to entertain your family in your backyard, what is most important is that you designed an outdoor entertaining space that met your exact needs. The best pergola isn’t the one that has the most authentic look, is the least expensive to build, or features the cutest string lights. It is the one that best meets your needs. So before, you step out and buy the first pergola you see, consider all of the aforementioned questions then you can confidently make an educated choice.