View of a Beautiful Louvered Pergola

The Beauty of a Louvered Pergola

When you want to relax by yourself or entertain friends and family in your backyard, you want to have a way to do so that will give you plenty of choice and control over your outdoor experience. As more and more of our Rollac customers are finding out, adding a louvered pergola to the mix will make your outdoor relaxation experience seem almost too good to be true.

Here at Rollac, our modern pergolas are some of our most popular products. If you're eager to find out if a metal louvered pergola is right for you, here's all you need to know to make a smart decision.

What is a Louvered Pergola?

A louvered pergola is considered to be one of the most versatile outdoor structures you can use on your patio or deck. Usually constructed of high-grade aluminum that will stand up well to the elements and resist rust or corrosion, this type of pergola contains shutters that you can open and close as you wish. 

One of the best things about choosing a louvered pergola for your patio or deck is that many of our most popular outdoor louvered pergolas come as DIY kits, meaning they are very easy to assemble and can be easily customized to your home's exterior. Since we carry an array of designs here at Rollac, you can always be sure to find a louvered roof pergola that will give you the shading solutions you seek for your patio or deck.

Types of Louvered Pergolas

While most pergolas are crafted of aluminum, some are also made of such materials as vinyl or wood. It's also important to remember that these popular outdoor structures come in both motorized and manual versions

Manual Louvered Pergola

If you are on a tight budget when buying your pergola, we recommend you consider purchasing a manual outdoor louvered pergola. As long as you don't mind doing the work yourself when opening or closing your pergola's roof slats, a manual louvered pergola will still look great and offer you plenty of comfort from the blazing sun.

Motorized Louvered Pergola

Should you have a larger budget and want the convenience that comes with controlling your pergola with the touch of a button, we suggest you purchase one of our Rollac motorized outdoor louvered pergolas. One of the biggest advantages many of our customers report with motorized pergolas is having a bit more control over just how they can adjust the slats. 

Also keep in mind that a motorized pergola will allow you to also connect a sound system, lighting, or even a fan to it, meaning you can truly customize it to meet your needs and desires. A great way to customize your patio or deck, a motorized or manual pergola will be a fantastic investment for your home.

Benefits of Louvered Pergolas

An outdoor louvered pergola comes with an array of benefits you'll love for your home's patio or deck.

Extended Outdoor Time

The biggest benefit is having a pergola will give you instant control over using your outdoor space. If the sun is blazing, you can adjust the slats to be completely closed or just slightly open. Should it start to rain, you can close your pergola's slats and listen to the raindrops on its roof as you continue to enjoy your outdoor time.

Keep Insects Away

A metal louvered pergola will also let you make it easier to keep bugs away when you want to relax on your patio or deck. Day or night, your pergola will help keep mosquitos, flies, and other pests at a distance.

Add Value to Your Home

Finally, an outdoor louvered pergola will add to the value of your home. Once installed, you can expect your home's value to increase by as much as 15 percent. If you're looking to make your property more valuable in the years ahead should you have an eye on moving, a metal louvered pergola is a great investment.

Louvered Pergola Costs

Since a louvered pergola comes in many different styles, designs, and sizes, costs can run the gamut from very affordable to extremely expensive. A manual louvered pergola will usually cost no more than $5,000 for even a larger model. However, if you want a motorized pergola that is hurricane proof and comparable in size to a large awning or canopy that would fit your patio or deck, you may pay anywhere from less than $10,000 to perhaps more than $30,000 if you have one that is extremely customized and professionally installed. 

Installing a Louvered Pergola

Louvered pergolas can be installed as freestanding outdoor structures or ones that are attached to your home's exterior. By doing so, you can turn your patio into an extension of your home's interior, or instead have the freedom to move your pergola about as you see fit.  

Louvered Pergola Maintenance & Care

You don’t have to worry about pergola maintenance and care. If your pergola is motorized, you'll need to pay attention to its motor and tracks to make sure everything is properly lubricated. For both manual and motorized pergolas, simple cleaning with soap and water on a regular basis will keep your pergola looking wonderful and extend its lifespan.

How to Choose Your Pergola

When choosing a pergola for your patio or deck, always take into consideration how much you want to spend, the size of pergola you'll need, whether you want one that is hurricane-proof, the material from which it is constructed, and whether you want a DIY kit or prefer to have it professionally installed.

Contact Us Here at Rollac

To answer any additional questions you have about outdoor louvered pergolas, contact us here at Rollac. Once you do, our experts can help you select an outdoor structure that will look incredible on your patio or deck, fit into your budget, and add that touch of style and elegance to your home.