How To Design A Modern Pergola

How To Design A Modern Pergola Rollac Branded Graphic With An Image Of A Pergola In A Backyard

When you want to take outdoor luxury to an entirely new level, we at Rollac can’t think of a better way to do so than making a modern pergola part of your home. Long known as an outdoor structure that brings a classic concept into the modern world, a pergola can instantly transform your home’s patio or deck into a place you’ll never want to leave. But when you start planning to buy a modern pergola, you need to take such factors as size, colors and materials, and adjustable slats into consideration. To help you make the right choice for your home’s pergola, here are some of the tips we’d like to share.

Materials and Colors

Since your pergola will be an extension of your home, it’s important to choose one that has materials and colors that match and enhance the look of your home and the outdoor area. At Rollac, our outdoor structures such as these can be custom-designed to your exact specifications. This can include selecting from a wide array of colors, having materials of the highest quality, and much more. Whether you want your pergola to blend in or stand out, we can make it happen here at Rollac.

Adjustable Slats

When designing your pergola, we often suggest our customers go with modern pergola ideas that include having adjustable slats in their outdoor structure. By doing so, you will reap many benefits. For starters, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor living area on both sunny and rainy days, since the slats can easily be opened or closed. Also, having slats that adjust can help create the flow of summer breezes through your pergola, allowing you to stay just a bit cooler even when the temperature outside is sizzling.

Customizing Size

For many people, we discover that they sometimes think their patio, deck, or another outdoor area of their home is too large or too small for an outdoor structure like a modern pergola. However, that’s not the case at all. Our Rollac outdoor structures can easily be customized to fit into areas large or small, all the while maintaining a look as if they’ve always been part of the space.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

If there is one great thing about today’s pergolas, it’s that most of them are virtually maintenance-free. From covers that can withstand UV rays and are much more resistant to dirt and mold, slats that are rust-resistant, and solar screen attachments that can help cool your area while blocking UV rays, there is little you will have to worry about once you have a pergola at your home.

Sensors and Attachments

If you really want to dive deep into modern pergola ideas, you can be like many people and outfit your pergola with various types of sensors and attachments. Some pergolas are equipped with state-of-the-art weather sensors, enabling them to open or close slats based on weather conditions. Others come equipped with remote control capability, like ours here at Rollac. Whether it’s by a wall switch, remote control, or tapping the app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to control your pergola with the tip of your finger.
Once you view a modern pergola and the way it enhances the look of any type of home, there’s no doubt you’ll want one of your very own. Though adding a tremendous amount of decorative appeal, modern pergolas are also very functional additions to any home. If you are ready to discuss how you can add a pergola to your home and create an instant paradise you and others will love, contact us here at Rollac.