Keep Insects Out

Keep Insects Out

When you are outside on a beautiful day, the last thing you want to encounter on your patio is insects flying around you each and every minute. Whether you’re trying to relax in a comfortable chair, eat lunch outside, or entertaining family and friends, insects can quickly spoil what would otherwise be a good time had by all. If you are ready to once again enjoy your patio and make it an insect-free zone, Rollac solar shades are up to the challenge.

Taut and Stable

If we know one thing about insects, it’s that they can manage to get into even the tiniest of places. However, once you’ve got Rollac solar shades installed for your patio, insects will be fighting a losing battle. Since the shades are equipped with zip-system technology, this means the screen is always guided along the entire height. As a result, you can be confident your shades will remain stable and taut, ensuring insects will remain on the outside looking in.

Easy to Operate

While you may think you will have to be constantly getting up and down to raise or lower your Rollac solar shades, you’ll be glad to know you can sit back and relax as your shades are going up or down. Made with a revolutionary remote control operation system, you’ll have plenty of options as to how you want to raise or lower your solar shades. For example, if you’re much too comfortable to get out of a lounge chair, you can use the TV-like remote control for your shades. But if you are like most people who always have their smartphone close by, you can accomplish the same thing by simply downloading the MyLink app and then giving your phone a quick touch of your finger. These options, along with a wall switch that resembles a standard light switch, make it easy to control your shades at any time.

Multiple Types of Surfaces

In some instances, you may think your outside area or the surface of your home or business will not be conducive to solar shades installation. Yet thanks to the innovative technology associated with Rollac solar shades, you can have them installed almost anywhere. Along with this, the patented zip system allows them to be wind-resistant in any position, giving you even more installation options. In fact, once your solar shades are installed, insects will be looking for someone else to bother on a warm summer day.

Extensive Coverage

When many people try to use other types of shades or other products to keep insects at bay, one of the biggest problems is the products do not cover an area large enough to keep all insects away. However, solar shades from Rollac solve that problem. Offering a width and height of as much as 20 feet, they can cover as much as 235 square feet while still retaining maximum fabric tension.

Whether it’s bees, flies, or other types of insects that want to crash your party, don’t let these unexpected guests ruin what may otherwise be a great day on your patio. If you have been looking for a way to finally get rid of insects and enjoy your outdoor time, solar shades may be the answer. To learn more, visit or call the shade experts at 888-276-5522.

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