Solar Protection

Solar Protection

From being too hot inside to having furniture damaged from direct sunlight, these and other issues can almost make you dread a sunny, warm day. In addition, if you enjoy spending time outside on your patio but always find yourself sweating, enduring wind gusts, or swatting away the latest fly or bee to come your way, you know enough is enough. Rather than fight these battles, it is best to get the very best solar protection available from Rollac solar shades.

Comfort and Privacy

If you are inside a home or business, you still want as much comfort and privacy as possible. However, this is almost impossible when the sun is beating down on you as it shines in your windows. To win this battle, install Rollac Zipshade solar shades outside your building’s windows. While you may think they will simply sway in the breeze, the zip-system technology won’t let that happen. By guiding the screen along the entire height, your solar shades will always be stable, even if the wind gusts approach 80 mph.

No Unexpected Collisions

Once you have Rollac solar shades up and running at your home or business, the exclusive collision detection system will make sure they stay damage-free. Whether it’s children running around at play, various objects left too close to the shades, or even Fido or Fluffy finding a comfortable spot under the shades, you won’t have to worry about any unexpected collisions. When the solar shades are in the process of lowering, they will instantly stop and retract upon coming into contact with anything below them. Thus, even though Fido or Fluffy may be surprised at getting tapped by a shade, you’ll have peace of mind knowing everyone and everything is well.

Easy Operation

While in the past people always had to manually raise or lower shades, that won’t be the case with your Rollac solar shades. Since they incorporate the latest technology into their operations, you’ll have plenty of choices as to how you want to raise or lower your solar shades. For example, if you have your smartphone or tablet nearby, you can take advantage of the MyLink app to adjust your shades. Or if you prefer, you can use the remote control that comes with your shades to raise or lower them at the push of a button. Finally, if you are walking through a room and decide it’s time for a shade adjustment, simply walk over to the wall switch and give it a flick.

Protect Your Inside Possessions

Along with being able to significantly lower the inside temperature of a room, your Rollac solar shades can also play a key role in helping to protect your many indoor possessions. Whether you have furniture that may be starting to show signs of fading or computers or other electronics that may be harmed by the sun’s heat, you can use your solar shades to keep your room cool and your possessions in excellent condition.

If you have grown tired of always sitting in a hot room or watching furniture or other items fade thanks to the sun, your worries will be over once you have Rollac solar shades. To find out more about what makes these shades so innovative, take a glance at or call Rollac at 888-276-5522 today.

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