Wind Resistance

Wind Resistance

If you are relaxing on your deck or patio, you don’t mind an occasional soft breeze. However, wind gusts are another matter. If the day is too windy, you can forget about enjoying your peace and quiet. Instead, you’ll have wind gusts hitting you in the face, toppling furniture, and creating havoc. To keep this from occurring, you may want to consider Zipshade Solar Shades from Rollac, which provide maximum levels of wind resistance.

Windows and Patios

Having been tested and confirmed to be wind-resistant even at speeds up to 80 mph, Rollac solar shades are great not only for patio areas, but also for window applications as well. Once installed on the outside of your home or even a business, you’ll immediately notice less direct sunlight entering rooms, resulting in much more comfortable conditions.

Zip Track

If you are wondering how the solar shades stay in place even when wind gusts are very strong, the key is the patented zip track. With this system in place, the screen is thus guided along the entire height, ensuring the fabric remains taut and stable no matter the conditions. Relying on a design that is modern and minimal at the same time, your solar shades will be able to take Mother Nature’s best punch and continue looking great and working well for many years.

Multi-Position Installation

Thanks to the patented zip system, Rollac solar shades can not only be installed on various types of surfaces, but can also be installed in different positions depending upon the contours of your building or windows. Yet while you may think this could result in diminished performance, you’ll be glad to know this is not the case. Instead, solar shades will continue to be wind-resistant in any position, allowing you to use your imagination when deciding where and how they will be installed.

Large-Area Coverage

With a width and height of up to 20 feet, you’ll be able to use Rollac solar shades practically anywhere that wind gusts tend to be problematic. Offering a coverage area of as much as 235 square feet while still keeping excellent fabric tension, your solar shades will be the perfect choice for your home or business.

Collision Detection

Once your solar shades are up and running, the last thing you want is to see them get damaged when being lowered. To ensure this does not happen, Rollac solar shades are equipped with a state-of-the-art collision detection system. Thus, should your solar shades bump into an obstacle as they are going down, they automatically stop and retract. Thus, should you have kids who leave toys laying around or even a dog or cat that might wander by unexpectedly, your solar shades will stay damage-free.

Functional and Stylish

Made of high-quality materials and fabrics, Rollac solar shades are known for being functional and stylish. Using hardware that is powder-coated for longevity and fabrics that never contain a line formation, solar shades can turn your home or business into a place that’s even more beautiful and comfortable.

If you’re tired of enduring wind gusts when you’re outside on your patio as well as having direct sunlight make the interior of your home or business too hot, learn more about Rollac solar shades by calling 888-276-5522 or completing an online contact form at

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