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ZipShades Case Studies

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In various settings from country clubs to residential dwellings, ZipShades have become popular for many reasons. The latest in modern solar shading, ZipShades give you everything you need on a hot day, including protection from insects, cooler temperatures, and plenty of shade that make using your patio much more enjoyable. If you’ve been seeking patio sun shades but have been unable to find solar shading systems you like, Rollac has the outdoor sun shades to make those hot days much more enjoyable.

Tested and retested to ensure they can withstand the hottest of conditions, Rollac patio sun shades can work well almost anywhere. For example, when used on a patio at a Houston country club, ventilation was a concern prior to installation. However, since Rollac patio sun shades offer plenty of ventilation as well as visibility even when enclosing a patio, those enjoying a day at the club found dining outside was an experience free from insects, wind gusts, and more. Since Rollac outdoor patio shades can be used in so many settings and still offer great results, it’s time for you to find out more about these innovative ZipShades. To do so, talk to us here at Rollac tod