UV Protection

UV Protection

Whether it is a warm summer day or a cool day during the winter, it is always pleasant to have sunshine beaming in through your windows. However, while it may brighten your day, the UV rays may be damaging your furniture, electronics, and other items as well. When this happens, furniture starts to fade and valuable equipment may not work properly due to overheating. Rather than let this happen, turn to Rollac for a variety of products for your home or business that will offer maximum UV protection.

Rolling Shutters

If you want protection from UV rays as well as shutters that can withstand hurricane-force winds and offer protection from those who may be trying to break into your home, Rollac rolling shutters can do these and many other jobs. Able to be installed on almost all types of surfaces, they provide curb appeal to your home as well as an added level of security. Available with adjustable light slits, it becomes easier than ever to adjust the amount of sunlight entering your home, reducing the UV rays and thus making sure your furniture and other valuables continue looking great.

Retractable Shading

If on the other hand you are in need of shading while you enjoy yourself outside on your patio or deck, you may want to consider installing various types of Rollac retractable shading. Providing the perfect combination of shade and style, retractable shading such as awnings can immediately rid your patio or deck of the glare and heat that comes from the sun, greatly protecting you and your outdoor furniture from damaging UV rays. With frames made of aircraft-grade aluminum and high-tension springs that ensure your awnings will always be at the proper angle, you can’t go wrong when making this selection.

Compact and Window Shading

Should you have some windows that are unique shapes and sizes or have other areas where a traditional retractable awning won’t fit as well as you’d like, that’s no problem for us here at Rollac. Since we also offer many different types of compact and window shading, you can be sure we’ve got something just for you. Using high-quality fabrics and having all products manufactured here in the U.S., these shading options also offer instant protection against damaging UV rays. Considered very practical and affordable options, compact and window shading can be a great way to turn a hot spot into one that is instantly cool.

Effortless Comfort

While you certainly want as much protection as possible from harmful UV rays, it is also nice if you can get that protection while having to put out as little effort as possible. Here at Rollac we agree, which is why we offer retractable shading options that can be easily controlled with only the touch of a button. Whether it means pushing a button on a remote control, flipping a switch on a nearby wall, or even downloading the MyLink app to your smartphone and giving it a tap with your finger, comfort and UV protection can be yours in an instant.

With so many options from which to choose, you’ll want to speak with our professionals before deciding what’s best for you. To do so, fill out a contact form at rollac.com or instead pick up your smartphone and call us at 888-276-5522.

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