Permanent Storm Shutters

Permanent Storm Shutters-FAQs

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes such as the Gulf Coast or the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, or a part of the country prone to tornadoes including the Midwestern states, then you know the importance of storm shutters.  They are one of several important preparatory steps you must take to ensure you and your home’s safety during hurricane season. The key to being ready for a storm is to do the necessary work before any emergency warning has been issued. That means doing the work in the off-season. This is the perfect time to buy permanent storm shutters. If you’re not familiar with them, the following are a few answers to the many questions we get at Rollac.

What are permanent storm shutters?

Permanent storm shutters are attached to the outside of your home’s windows and doors, so they can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Roll down and accordion are the two most widely used and reliable permanent storm shutters. Bahama and colonial are another two types of permanent storm shutters which can be opened, closed and then locked into place on hinges. Unlike roll down or accordion shutters, these two also serve a decorative purpose as well, hanging to the sides or over a home’s windows adding to its curb appeal.

Do I need temporary or permanent storm shutters?

Many times at Rollac, customers come into our store wondering if they should invest in temporary or permanent storm shutters. We often ask them the following questions to determine the answer:

  • Do you live in a storm-prone area year-round?
  • Do you live in a single story home?
  • Can you install temporary shutters by yourself?
  • Do you have the required tools to install temporary shutters?

If our customers have answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, then we advise them to consider buying permanent storms shutters. If they’ve answered ‘yes’ to even a single of the above questions, temporary shutters might be their best option.

What are the types of permanent storm shutters?

Roll down permanent storms shutters are also called rolling shutters and are made of a high quality steal or aluminium depending on the manufacturer. They are considered the most durable and effective storm shutter on the market.  They operate using a hinge or louver. When opened a mechanical cranking mechanism unrolls the shutters from a contained box that is affixed directly above the window or door. These shutters travel along tracks mounted on either side of the opening and are locked in place at the bottom.

Accordion-style permanent storm shutters are hinged panels housed in a box affixed to either side of a window. They aren’t often seen on doors. Made of metal or aluminium, a homeowner simply has to unfold and pull them across the window. Then they’re locked either in the middle or on the opposite side of a window. Unlike roll down shutters that can be operated remotely, according-style permanent storm shutters are only manually operated.

Storm Preparation

Buying permanent storm shutters is a decision that you should make once you’ve gathered all the necessary information. At Rollac, we have the necessary experience to inform and advise our customers then help them select and install their permanent storm shutters. The key with any type of storm protection is to start early and do the necessary work before any emergency warning has been issued. That way you’ll be safe rather than sorry when the storm arrives.