Electric Roller Shutters Cost

Electric Roller Shutters Cost

They provide security from potential intruders. Not to mention they give your home an extra measure of protection from storms and while also reducing energy costs. Today’s electric roller shutters come in an array of colors, styles, and offer several different convenience features. Electric roller shutters cost anywhere from $300-$1000. But factors such as their size and the quality of their construction can dramatically affect that price. So, if you like the idea and look of them, but you’re still unsure about making the investment because of the cost, there are few ways to reduce their price tag.

Install your own roller shutters

If you’re good with tools and have experience with household do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, then you may be able to install electric roller shutters. Most are designed for DIY installation and typically come with a full set of instructions. You can also find instructions online or through a reputable dealer that will help you accurately measure the window or door you’re trying to fit. This will eliminate any speculating on your part. But if you opt for electric roller shutters as opposed to manual or battery operated ones, you will need a licensed electrician to complete wiring and hook up and ensure it is safe to operate.

What affects roller shutter cost?

There are four factors that affect the cost of electric roller shutters.

First is the type of covering. Do you need a shutter to protect counter space in your store? Or do you need one for your outside windows and doors? Once you decide where you need your electric roller shutter installed, then you must decide on its style. Some business or homeowners want a solid wall of aluminum so no one can see into their space; while others would rather have a punch pattern on their shutter that allows for some visibility. The choice is completely up to you.

The manufacturer’s price is the second factor that affects an electric roller shutters cost. Just as there is a range of prices for all goods and materials, each company that produces roller shutters charges a different price. That’s when you need to consult with an experienced dealer such as Rollac, to learn about the different prices and the reasons for them.

Thirdly, how you choose to operate your roller shutter can greatly affect its price tag. Electric roller shutters cost the greatest because they are the most complex to manufacture and install. Battery operated ones are slightly less expensive than their electric counterparts. They use long lasting lithium ion batteries and can be operated from a control box. Manual roller shutters are your least expensive option. They are controlled using a crank handle that its user must rotate to either raise or lower the shutter.

Size is everything when it concerns electric roller shutters cost. The larger the area you’re trying to cover, the more expensive it will be. If you have a large storefront or set of bay windows in your home that you want to protect, then it will be quite an investment to cover them. Yet, as mentioned above, there are several other ways to reduce the cost, if that’s something that needs to be done.

Electric Shutters Cost

Yes, electric shutters cost more than other protective window and door coverings. Certainly, there are several ways you can reduce that cost, but in the end they are substantial financial investment. However, if you consider the material and human value of the home or business that you are trying to protect, the shutter cost is minimal by comparison. Please come see us at Rollac. We’re here to help.