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Electric Roller Shutters Cost Guide

Whether they are for your home or business, electric roller shutters can offer many practical as well as aesthetic benefits. However, you may be wondering if rolling security shutters cost more than your budget will allow. 

Rather than assume electric shutters for windows won't work for your home or business due to their price or other factors, learn the facts about these popular types of shutters from our team here at Rollac. Once you do, you may be surprised not only by the benefits they offer, but also their prices. 

What are Electric Roller Shutters and How Do They Work?

Electric roller shutters are essentially enhanced versions of common types of interior blinds you may use in windows at your home or business. However, although they may look very similar, that is where the similarities end. 

Made of strong yet lightweight aluminum, electric roller shutters are usually powered by a 240-volt tubular motor located inside a round tube. When you want your shutters opened or closed, the stroke and deceleration parts of the motor roll or slide either up or down on tracks that are located on both sides of the shutter.  

Contrary to what you may think, both electric roll down shutters and manual roll down shutters come in a variety of sizes and colors that can work well for your home or business. Instead of having roller shutters that will be anything but aesthetically pleasing for your property's exterior, you can work with our Rollac team to choose shutters that are the perfect size and color for your home or business.

Where Can Electric Roller Shutters be Used?

Like many of our customers who are just discovering electric roller shutters, you may be thinking they can only be used at windows. However, while they are purchased primarily for use at the windows of homes or businesses, they are also well-known for their many residential uses and commercial applications for all types of businesses.  

Electric roller shutters can be used to protect not only your home's windows, but also your home's doors and even your garage door, giving you maximum protection against theft or damage from a hurricane that may impact nearby homes that don't have such levels of protection. 

Since theft and other types of crimes are becoming increasingly common in businesses large and small, electric roller shutters are gaining in popularity with business owners. Storefront security shutters can be fitted to cover not only the entrance to a business, but also its windows. They are also very popular and effective when used in pharmacies to protect entrances, windows, and prescription areas where various types of medications are stored.  

Are Electric Rolling Shutters Secure?

When you first glance at electric roller shutters installed on a home or business, you may think they will be no match for a determined thief or won't be able to withstand the high winds of a hurricane or the impact of tree branches or other items that may be tossed around during a storm. However, you would be wrong on all counts.  

Since all types of exterior roller shutters here at Rollac are made of high-quality aluminum or steel and contain roller shutter motors and other parts that are durable, reliable, and tested to the toughest possible standards, you can be confident your electric roller shutters will meet the needs of your home or business, especially if you choose hurricane-rated rolling shutters or heavy-duty security rolling shutters.

One of the best features of our electric rolling shutters that makes them very secure is the fact that once they lock into place, it is virtually impossible for a thief to pry them open. Thanks to their unique design and high-quality parts, you can be assured that once your shutters lock into place over your doors or windows, nobody but you will be able to open them up.

Electric vs. Manual Rolling Shutters

Electric and manual rolling shutters do not differ in terms of their quality, durability, or levels of security they can provide to your home or business. However, there are some differences you should remember.

First involves the way they are operated. Electric roller shutters give you complete control from any location using either a remote control or an app downloaded to your smartphone. Should you choose manual roll down shutters for your residential or commercial property, these will need to be opened or closed using a crank arm.

The other major difference is cost. If you are on a tight budget, we often recommend manual shutters. However, what you may not realize is that once you have manual shutters installed, you can at some point opt to have them converted to electric shutters. By hiring an electrician who has experience in such matters, your manual roll down shutters can be made automatic in a matter of hours.

How Much Do Electric Roller Shutters Cost?

Prices can vary between manual roll down shutters and electric shutters for windows and doors. On average, manual shutters cost $300-$350 each, while electric shutters have an average price of nearly $1000 apiece. However, since numerous factors can come into play to determine the best type of roller shutter for your home or business, always rely on our Rollac team for answers you can trust.

Factors Affecting the Prices of Electric Roller Shutters

Many factors play a role in determining the cost of exterior rolling shutters for residential and commercial use.


Naturally, the larger shutters you need for your home or business, the more you'll spend on your purchase. Covering a large garage door or storefront will be more expensive than two or three smaller windows, so keep this in mind.

Electric or Manual

Manual shutters will always be significantly less costly than electric shutters. If convenience is not your top priority, manual shutters can be a great value.


Do you want roller shutters that are completely solid or ones that have patterns that allow for limited visibility? Generally, solid shutters cost more.


Unless you are a licensed electrician or are extremely experienced with similar types of DIY projects, we recommend hiring a professional installer for your roller shutters. If you don't, numerous problems may develop with your roller shutters that will require repairs or even replacement of your shutters.

Inquire Today

If you are looking to purchase electric roll down shutters, don't hesitate to contact us here at Rollac and inquire about what will work best for your home or business. Once you do, you'll get professional advice you can trust and rolling shutters that will look great and offer the highest levels of protection.