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All You Need to Know About The Cost of Accordion Hurricane Shutters

When many homeowners learn of an approaching hurricane, they do like many other people and start boarding up their windows with plywood. A time-consuming process, the fact is plywood will only provide a minimal amount of protection against driving rain, winds that may exceed 100 miles per hour, and of course various types of debris that will be zooming through the air at breakneck speed. To better protect your home, accordion shutters may be a much better option.  To help you learn more about the cost of accordion hurricane shutters and how they compare to other types of hurricane shutters, here's all you need to know from your friends here at Rollac.

What are Accordion Hurricane Shutters?

When you think of an accordion, you instantly remember how this musical instrument folds up when not in use. These hurricane window coverings work the same way, making them a convenient option for your home's hurricane protection.   Accordion storm shutters are permanently attached to your windows. Made of strong and durable metal or polycarbonate, these shutters will fold up like an accordion when not in use. Thus, you won't have to worry about them blocking your views from windows or changing the look of your home's exterior. A budget-friendly alternative to other types of hurricane shutters such as roll down hurricane shutters or shutters that are motorized, accordion shutters can be installed not only on smaller windows, but also on very large windows as well as on glass doors.

Accordion Shutters vs. Other Types of Hurricane Shutters

Since choosing the best type of hurricane shutters for your home will be crucial to protecting your property as well as your family in the event of a serious storm, we realize you need to know all you can about how accordion shutters stack up against other types of rolling shutters.

Accordion Shutters vs. Roll-down Hurricane Shutters

When comparing these two types of hurricane shutters, the biggest differences will be the cost and how they are installed and used on your windows and doors. Typically, accordion shutters are less expensive than roll down hurricane shutters, yet do provide a level of storm protection that is almost equal to their roll down counterparts. The most noticeable difference will be that the accordion shutters are installed on the sides of your windows and doors, while the roll down shutters will be installed at the top of your doors and windows.  Also, keep in mind that accordion shutters are made of metal or polycarbonate, while roll down hurricane shutters are usually constructed of lightweight aluminum that is extremely strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion. While you may pay more for roll down hurricane shutters, it's possible they may last longer and hold up a bit better under adverse weather conditions, especially if hurricanes visit your area on a yearly basis. Accordion shutters will also be manually operated, meaning you will need to slide them horizontally to cover your windows. Roll down hurricane shutters will of course go up and down, and can be purchased in both manual and electric versions.   If you are wanting to make purchasing hurricane shutters affordable for a tight budget, accordion shutters are a smart alternative.

Accordion Shutters vs. Motorized Hurricane Shutters

If you opt for accordion shutters, this means they will be manually-operated and that you will need to be sure to get them closed well before bad weather strikes your area.  Should you desire the convenience of being able to have hurricane shutters on your home that can be opened and closed by simply tapping an app on your smartphone, flipping a wall switch, or pushing a button on a remote control, you may want to select automatic roller shutters for your home. One advantage you may enjoy with accordion shutters in this situation is that you will never have to worry about a roller shutter motor experiencing any problems or breakdowns. Although rolling shutters are very durable, it's always possible something unexpected could occur.  

How Much Do Accordion Hurricane Shutters Cost?

Accordion hurricane shutters price per window will vary depending on the size and shape of your windows. At an average price of $20-$25 per square feet of window space, you can expect to pay between $200-$250 for an accordion hurricane shutter made to fit a window that is seven square feet. On a typical home, the total cost of purchasing accordion hurricane shutters and having them installed ranges from $3000-$4000. Should your home be much larger than average, have a higher number of windows, or have windows that are unique in shape and size, costs can go as high as $8000-$10,000.

Installation Costs

When installing accordion hurricane shutters on a typical seven square-foot window, labor costs for installers typically range from $40-$100 per hour. Since most accordion hurricane shutters can be installed within one hour on most windows, expect installation costs to average $70-$75 per window.

Why Choose Accordion Hurricane Shutters

There are many reasons why hurricane shutters are worth the costs you'll incur with purchase and installation. First, they are secure yet still stylish, and are available in many colors that will compliment your home's exterior. They also offer plenty of privacy to you and your family. Remember, accordion shutters can be used in nice weather as well, so they can give your home an added level of privacy. On hot days, accordion shutters can also be closed if you want to cool off certain areas of your home. By doing so, you can gain greater energy efficiency, leading to lower energy bills.

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Now that you know a bit more about accordion hurricane shutters, it's time to get your questions answered by our experts here at Rollac. Contact us today, and you'll soon get the hurricane protection you need for your home with the highest quality hurricane shutters.