accordion hurricane shutters

Cost of Accordion Hurricane Shutters

When protecting your home from the effects of a hurricane, it is crucial to use everything at your disposal. While some people resort to boarding up their windows with plywood, others instead look to using various types of shutters designed specifically to limit hurricane damage. One of the most common types of shutters used for this purpose is accordion shutters, which can lessen the risk of injury from broken glass and flying debris while also protecting the home's interior. Yet while popular with homeowners, more and more people now consider the best hurricane shutters to be roll down hurricane shutters, such as those from Rollac.

Cost of Accordion Hurricane Shutters

When considering cost of the installation of accordion shutters, many people consider them a very affordable option. In most cases, the price of accordion hurricane shutters falls within a range of $15-$25 per square foot of window space on a home. Thus, to install these shutters on a typical home, statistics show accordion hurricane shutter cost can average $3,500. However, this can vary depending on such things as the type of shutter purchased, size of the home, number of windows, and installation costs. In some instances, the accordion hurricane shutter price for a homeowner may exceed $8,000 or more.

Manually Operated

Once you and your family have discussed how much are accordion hurricane shutters, it is also crucial to remember that these shutters, though generally cheaper than rolling shutters, are manually operated. Thus, they must be manually folded and unfolded at each window, then locked into place to ensure their effectiveness. However, rolling shutters from Rollac offer a distinct advantage over accordion hurricane shutters. Using the latest technology, rolling shutters can not only be opened and closed manually, but also automatically through a variety of methods. These can include wall switches, allowing you to operate the shutters much like you would when turning lights on or off. Along with this, you can also use a remote control just as you would with a television. However, the most innovative and popular option for most people is the myLink app. Once downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, rolling shutters can be controlled no matter where you may be at the time. Thus, if you are on a business trip, vacation, or just at the grocery store, a tap on your phone can ensure your shutters can be opened or closed and locked in place to keep your home safe.

Secure Yet Stylish

While offering plenty of security for your home in the event of a hurricane, rolling shutters from Rollac also look very stylish when installed on the outside of your home. Available in numerous colors such as beige, cream, white, bronze, and metallic, these shutters can be installed on virtually any type of home design. From the smallest and simplest two-bedroom home to a mansion covering thousands of square feet, rolling shutters can be an affordable option for almost any homeowner. And as an added bonus, rolling shutters make your home much more secure and safe whether or not a hurricane is approaching. By using the latest tamper-proof technology and designs, once they are rolled down and are automatically locked into position, it is impossible for a person on the outside to break them down or use a crowbar or other object to pry them open.


Perhaps most of all, rolling shutters offer much more privacy for a homeowner when not being used for hurricane protection. When rolled down, rolling shutters can allow a homeowner the privacy they seek when wanting to relax at home after a long day at the office. Using the latest in high-tech insulation, these shutters offer privacy while also greatly reducing outside noise. Thus, whether you are wanting to have a few hours of deep sleep or just want to relax while not having to listen to a neighbor's lawn mower, rolling shutters can make this happen.

Energy Savings

As any homeowner knows, saving on their energy bill each month is always important. If you are like almost all homeowners, you too want to see your energy bill reduced. This is quite possible with rolling shutters, which are made to offer tremendous energy savings. Combining their insulation with the latest solar and UV technology, these shutters are effective on both warm and cool days. By blocking harmful UV rays and regulating solar heating at each window, a home's interior temperature can be easily regulated. As a result, energy savings can be substantial, easily offsetting the cost of metal hurricane shutters.

Though rolling shutters generally cost more that accordion shutters, they are well worth the investment. After all, it only takes one hurricane for which you are unprepared to destroy a home filled with many wonderful memories. To learn more about the benefits of rolling shutters regarding hurricane protection and other areas, contact Rollac today by visiting or giving us a call at 1-877-386-6810.