Two Houses with Exterior Rolling Shutters Installed at Windows and Doors

The Cost of Exterior Rolling Shutters

When you want a combination of privacy, protection from break-ins and bad weather, greater energy efficiency, and improving the looks of your home or business, you can't go wrong with exterior rolling shutters. Very affordable at a price range of $350-$600 per window, the cost of exterior rolling shutters is not at all a budget-buster. Instead, since they offer so many important advantages, outdoor shutters are something you can't afford to not invest in for your home or business.  To help you learn more about what exterior rolling shutters cost and the many other benefits they provide, our team here at Rollac has gathered together all the information needed to answer your questions.

The Cost of Different Types of Rolling Shutters 

Here at Rollac, we offer a wide range of rolling shutters for your home or business, such as hurricane-rated roller shutters and heavy-duty security shutters available in electric and manual models. Depending on your specific needs and what you wish to spend, here's what you need to know about the different types of exterior rolling shutters for windows and how much they cost.

Security Shutters

Security shutters are similar to hurricane shutters, but they are designed to keep intruders from entering your home or business through windows. These shutters are made from steel or wood and typically have a sliding mechanism that opens and closes the shutter. Security shutters can be electric, where they can be operated manually in case of an emergency.  The cost of rolling security shutters can range from $700 each to perhaps about $2,000 each for state-of-the-art electric rolling shutters that can be opened and closed via wall switches, remote controls, or an app on your smartphone. They are ideal for commercial properties that need storefront security shutters to protect against vandalism, burglary, as well as businesses such as pharmacies. In fact, heavy-duty pharmacy security shutters are necessary to ensure security and minimize theft of medications.

Hurricane Shutters 

On a typical home or business, hurricane shutters cost an average of just over $4,000 for purchase and installation. Hurricane shutters are window coverings that come in various sizes and styles. They can be opened to allow fresh air into a home and then closed during a hurricane to keep out flying objects and debris.  They are usually metal shutters made from aluminum or vinyl and have a hinged design with rollers on each side. The rollers are attached to an overhead track which allows the shutter to open and close easily. High quality hurricane shutters are usually impact-resistant.. Some hurricane rolling shutters are electric and can be used remotely if needed. Other models are manual and can be opened from the outside. 

Electric Shutters

Very popular with residential and commercial customers, electric roller shutters are some of the most in-demand exterior roller shutters being sold today. Depending on their size, material, and other features, you can expect to pay between $300-$1,000 per electric roller shutter Relying on technologically-advanced roller shutter motors for their operation, automated roller shutters are extremely secure and offer you a convenience that cannot be overlooked. They can be controlled remotely using a wireless remote control, which makes it easier to open and close the shutter when needed.

Manual Shutters

The most affordable option and easy to install, manual roller shutters have an average price of $250-$400 per window, which includes purchase and installation costs. Manual rolling shutters are great both for home and businesses if you are on a tight budget.  Made of aluminum or vinyl, they are sturdy and hold up quite well against the elements. They come with a handle on each side so that you can open and close them yourself. Some models even include a locking feature, which is great if you want to lock up your house during the day.  Manual shutters are very affordable and easy to install, but they don't provide much security because they can easily be opened by someone who has access to your property.

What Affects the Cost of Exterior Shutters?

Cost is one of the many considerations when buying roller shutters. Here are the factors that might impact exterior rolling shutters prices.

Type of Materials Used

Usually the most important factor affecting the cost of exterior rolling shutters, the type of material used to construct your rolling shutters can greatly impact your purchase price. Vinyl is the least expensive material used for exterior roller shutters, but it is not as durable in most cases as aluminum. In fact, aluminum roller shutters will be lightweight, appealing aesthetically, resistant to corrosion, and be much stronger.

Custom Designs & Accessories

Various exterior rolling shutters accessories and custom designs can impact your final purchase and installation costs. Should you want your shutters customized in a specific color for your home or business, motorized for added convenience, or even equipped with controls that allow emergency personnel to gain access to your home should your shutters be closed, then the price will naturally go up.

Window Size or Number of Windows

If your home or business has a large number of windows or perhaps has some that are unique in size and shape, this may be a deciding factor in the total cost of your exterior rolling shutters.  

Professional Installation or DIY

Should you need a professional installation for your exterior roller shutters, you can expect to pay an average of $1,500 for this service. While you can obviously save tremendously by doing a DIY installation, you should only do so if you have the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed for the job. Otherwise, you may damage your rolling shutters and wind up paying for professional installation and repairs.

Are Exterior Roller Shutters Worth the Cost?

Yes, exterior roller shutters for your home or business are absolutely worth the cost you will pay for purchase and installation. After all, just think about the many benefits you'll enjoy once installation is complete.


First, you'll gain peace of mind, knowing that with rolling shutters installed, your home or business is safer than ever from hurricanes, break-ins, and even children or pets accidentally falling out windows.


Exterior rolling shutters allow you to have more privacy in your home, giving you a barrier that still looks stylish yet lets others know prying eyes are not welcome. When you install rolling shutters, you can create a barrier between you and your neighbors. This prevents people outside from seeing into your home.  Privacy doesn't only benefit those living next door; it also benefits those living across the street. When you install rolling shutters you can make sure no one peeks inside without your permission.

Protection From Theft

You can protect your home from theft by adding exterior rolling shutters. Thieves often target houses that have unattended properties, so having security rolling shutters installed will deter them from breaking into your home. 

Energy Efficiency

By blocking out sunlight and heat, your exterior roller shutters can lower your energy costs and help you save money. Even if you make a large upfront investment by purchasing your shutters, you'll ultimately save money in the years ahead. Rolling shutters keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This helps reduce your heating and cooling expenses. It's also important to note that shutters work well on large windows such as patio doors and French doors. If you live in a cold climate, you will notice a big difference in your energy bill after installing rolling shutters.

Easy to Maintain

Perhaps best of all, your exterior roller shutters will be very easy to maintain. They are extremely durable so you won't have to worry about how to fix common roller shutter problems or having to get them replaced every few years. Made to be virtually maintenance-free, you'll spend far less time cleaning your rolling shutters and much more time on the more fun aspects of life.

A Cost that's Worth the Price

Regardless of the type and cost of exterior rolling shutter you chose they can all be used to provide safety, security, and energy efficiency to your home. Remember, shutters are an expensive investment initially, yet if you’ve ever experienced a hurricane, tornado, or break-in you know the clean-up and recovery from those types of catastrophes can be much more costly to you and your family in the long term. Whether you need residential rolling shutters for your home, commercial security shutters for your business, or have hurricane protection as your top priority, let us here at Rollac show you why the cost of our exterior roller shutters is definitely worth the price. Contact us today and find out more about exterior rolling shutters.