Roller Shutters Maintenance: All You Need To Know

When you’ve added roller shutters to your home or business, our team here at Rollac knows you have made a great decision. Along with gaining additional privacy and security, you also gain immediate peace of mind. Yet once your roller shutters are installed, it is crucial they be properly maintained and cared for so that they work efficiently for many years. To keep your roller shutters in great shape years after they are initially installed, here are some roller shutter maintenance tips you should follow.

Person performing roller shutters maintenance

Why is Basic Maintenance Necessary For Your Roller Shutter?

When you purchased your roller shutters, you may have thought they would need no maintenance whatsoever due to their high-quality materials and sturdiness. While they don’t need maintenance each and every day, there are reasons why you should still do some basic maintenance work: 

Longer Lifespan

The most important reason regular roller shutter service is necessary is to give your shutters a longer lifespan. Once installed and properly maintained, your roller shutters should last for decades and decades. 

They Will Look Brand New For Longer

Regular maintenance also helps to keep your roller shutters looking brand new, which will of course add to the overall look of your home or business.

They Will Continue Working Well Under Extreme Weather

Last but not least, regular roller shutter maintenance will put your mind at ease should the weather turn nasty. Rather than hoping your hurricane shutters will function as needed, you will know so.

Roller Shutters Maintenance Tips

To keep your Rollac roller shutters working great and looking as good as new, follow the maintenance tips described below.

1. Clean Them Using a Cloth or Brush

Just as it is when you clean a window sill at your home or business and notice the dirt and debris that has accumulated since the last cleaning, you need to do the same with your roller shutters

Specifically, pay close attention to the bottom tracking bar on your shutters. By using a cloth or brush to clean out the track, you’ll ensure your roller shutters will close properly.

2. Lubricate Them With Grease Or Oil

As you open and close your shutters day after day, the track can eventually get a bit dry due to not having enough grease. When this happens, it will be time for you to lubricate your shutters by applying grease or oil to the bearings. 

Yet before doing so, check with your manufacturer so that you’ll know if your roller shutters contain self-lubricating bearings, or instead have ones that will need a coat of grease or oil twice annually. 

3. Wash Them Every 3 To 4 Months

Along with cleaning out the bottom tracking bar on your shutters, also make plans to give your roller shutters a good wash every three or four months. 

If you don’t, it becomes much too easy for dirt and debris to accumulate. When washing your shutters, use water with mild dishwashing liquid mixed in with it, then use a soft brush to wash your shutters. 

When washing, always scrub the shutters vertically, since this will protect them from getting out of alignment.

4. Look for Bugs and Bees

When you are performing roller shutter service during the summer months, always be on the lookout for various bugs and bees, especially wasps. Unfortunately, wasps tend to make their nests in the corners of roller shutters from time to time, especially when the shutters are down more often than not. By performing regular maintenance, you can avoid this problem.

When to Request Professional Maintenance Service For Your Roller Shutters

Depending on the type of roller shutters your home or business has installed, you may find it necessary to request professional maintenance service. This is needed in numerous situations, such as the following:

Automated Shutters

If your home or business has automated roller shutters, you may prefer a professional maintenance service. Since these shutters contain electronic components, making a mistake while maintaining them could lead to unexpected and costly repairs.

When Safety is a Top Priority

In many situations, business owners rate safety as a top priority when having their roller shutters properly maintained. If your business is one that has been vandalized or robbed in the past, a professional maintenance service will keep your commercial shutters working as needed.

When Repairs are Needed

Finally, the maintenance pros should always be called in when your roller shutters are not working properly. Whether they are misaligned, failing to close and lock properly, or have other problems, get whatever repairs need to be made done as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. 

Contact Our Rollac Team

Here at Rollac, we pride ourselves on providing unmatched customer service. This includes not only when customers purchase our rolling shutters, but also when they have questions. Should you have maintenance questions or concerns about other topics related to roller shutters, contact our Rollac team today. 

When you do, our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team members will help you in any way possible.