Common Roller Shutter Problems and How To Fix Them

Here at Rollac, we take tremendous pride in the quality of our roller shutters. Made to be extremely durable and able to withstand strong winds and high-velocity impacts, homes and businesses enjoy numerous benefits and great peace of mind when roller shutters are installed. However, just like other mechanical devices, roller shutters may experience problems now and then. 

Person fixing a roller shutter

To find out about the most common roller shutter problems that may occur and how they can be fixed, our team of shutter professionals has everything you need to know.

Roller Shutter Problems and Fixes 

Shutters Fail to Open or Shut

When your automated roller shutters fail to open or close as they should, the solution could be far simpler than you anticipated. Time after time, we have encountered people whose shutters were not opening or closing because the power source had not been activated. 

Should your shutters not be operating properly, look for lights on the shutters that indicate the power is on. Upon seeing this light, give it another try. More than likely, this solves your problem.

Shutters are Overheating

Though roller shutters from Rollac are made to be extremely durable, constantly opening and closing them within a short period of time could lead to increased stress on the shutter motor. If this occurs, it could become too hot and begin to overheat, which may explain why your roller shutters are not operating as expected. If you suspect this to be the problem, letting the shutters cool off for a brief period of time can soon have them working properly.

Shutters Stick or Screech

If you don’t like the sound of fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard, you also won’t like the sound of your roller shutters screeching and sticking as they open or close. When you experience this problem, this means your shutters are due for lubrication.

All you need to do is spray WD40 on your shutter’s rails. After letting the lubricant soak in for a few minutes, try operating your shutters. More than likely, they will open or close as intended, while being extremely quiet along the way.

Make sure you also clean your roller shutters regularly to ensure dust and dirt won’t affect the lubricant.

Shutters Shut Halfway

While your shutters may be shutting, the problem is they are only shutting halfway. A problem that is common to automated roller shutters on homes and businesses, it often involves proximity sensors. When these sensors get dirty or misaligned, the result will be roller shutters only shutting halfway. 

When doing roller shutter repair on these sensors, you will need to ensure they are as clean as possible, in proper alignment, and that their structural and electronic components are not damaged.

Dents, Dings, and Cracks

Though your roller shutters are very durable and able to take quite a pounding if necessary, this can also mean that over the course of time they may have some dents, dings, or even cracks. 

A problem that happens occasionally, minor dents or dings should not present a problem. However, if your roller shutter displays larger cracks or dents, you should seek out professional roller shutter repair services. 

When to Call for Professional Roller Shutter Repair

Since you have made a significant investment in your roller shutters, it is important to know when your best efforts at maintaining them won’t be good enough, and that professional roller shutter repair experts will need to be consulted. 

This will be especially important if you suspect the problem with your roller shutters lies with the motor or proximity sensors, or if your shutters have large cracks or dents in them that could mean the slats are too damaged to allow for proper opening and closing. 

Rather than risk making the existing problem much worse, have your roller shutters looked at and repaired by experienced technicians. 

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Here at Rollac, we stand behind the roller shutters we sell to our customers. Should you be experiencing some of these common roller shutter problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. 

With our many years of experience, chances are it won’t be long until we have figured out what’s wrong, told you how to fix it, and have your shutters screech-free and working as they should once again.