Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Need To Lubricate Your Roll Down Hurricane Shutters? Here's How To Do It

With the hurricane season approaching, you want to feel more confident than ever as you make your preparations. Along with stocking up on necessities and having an evacuation plan should that become necessary, you want to make sure your roll down hurricane shutters are in perfect working order. To make this happen, you need to know how to lubricate roll down hurricane shutters so that what should be an easy task doesn't become impossible when quick action is needed. If you're ready to learn how to lubricate roller shutters, follow these steps.

Stay on Track

Once you've had roll down hurricane shutters installed on your home or business, make sure they stay on track. While this sounds easy, it can become difficult if you don't clean out the dirt and wash away the debris that can accumulate over time. Since insects love shutter tracks, do this task regularly so that insects are encouraged to find somewhere else to call home.

Soft Wash and Wipe

If you're wondering how you maintain roll down shutters, a soft wash and wipe will help keep them clean and properly lubricated. But when doing so, remember not to use a hard bristle brush or abrasive cleaner, since both of these will damage your shutters. Instead, use a soft brush with some soap and warm water. By doing this twice per year when your shutters are in the open as well as closed positions, they should roll smoothly along their tracks.

The Magic of Silicone Lubricant

When you want the best lubricant for roller shutters, a silicone lubricant that is not oil-based will be your best bet. Should you use an oil-based lubricant, this will let dirt, sea salt, and other debris accumulate more quickly on your shutter tracks. Available at virtually any home improvement store, a few sprays of silicone lubricant will always keep things running smoothly.

Monthly Inspection

Even when you are not using your roll down hurricane shutters, don't let much time pass without conducting an inspection. In fact, Rollac experts recommend you do so each month to ensure no unexpected problems surprise you at the worst possible times. By opening and then shutting your shutters, you can check for loose screws, mounting fasteners that may have worked their way loose, or debris such as bee nests or other insects.

SecuraMax Shutters

While there are many types of hurricane shutters that can be used on homes and businesses, SecuraMax shutters are often recommended for customers who want maximum protection from the strongest of hurricane-force winds. Innovative in their design, they come with thick double-walled aluminum slats that can withstand wind, flying debris, and virtually anything else that comes along during a hurricane. When lubricating these shutters, pay attention to the rails that attach to the wall of the building, since they are what helps guide the shutters along their tracks. Along with making sure the rails are securely attached, lubricating them with regular silicone spray rather than an oil-based formula such as WD-40 will ensure a smooth operation when they need to be put into use.

While you may tend to forget about your roll down hurricane shutters when they aren't being called to duty during bad weather, doing so can lead to problems that can arise at the most inconvenient of times. By cleaning, inspecting, repairing, and of course lubricating on a regular basis, you won't have anything to worry about when the next hurricane approaches. If you want to make your home or business secure with roll down hurricane shutters or have questions regarding their maintenance, contact Rollac experts today.