Beautiful House with New Security Roller Shutters Installed at the Windows

The Cost Of New Shutters

For many people, exterior shutters can make a beautiful home look more wonderful. Available in many styles, sizes, and shapes, shutters can be customized to fit and blend in well with any type of home, no matter how big or small. In addition, they can also serve other functions besides simply being a beautiful addition to the home's outward appearance. In many areas, particularly where hurricanes are common, exterior shutters can be installed to help minimize damage in the event of a storm. But as with any home accessory, the cost of new shutters always comes into play when making the decision. If you are interested in the price of new shutters, the cost to install new shutters, and the various types available today, read on to have all your questions answered.

Residential Rolling Shutters

When discussing a project's cost new shutters should be carefully examined to determine the best type for a home or business. For example, depending on the type of shutter installed on a building, some estimates place the costs between $100-$300 per shutter, depending upon the type, material of which it is made, and whether or not it has to be customized for the building. In some situations where people choose motorized shutters, costs can exceed $400 per shutter or even more. But as more and more people start to realize the various technological advances made with shutters in recent years, residential rolling shutters are becoming popular options. Though the cost of rolling shutters will exceed that of standard shutters, they offer a variety of excellent benefits, ranging from added security and privacy to noise reduction and greater temperature control within a home. Because of this, numerous homeowners now turn to Rollac for their home's shutters.

Commercial Security Rolling Shutters

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While many Rollac customers are homeowners looking to add style and security to their homes, more and more business owners are starting to realize the benefits associated with commercial security shutters. Like it or not, today's world requires all available security resources for businesses, and Rollac commercial security shutters are quickly gaining in popularity. Offering a variety of flexible security solutions that can be customized to any type of building, these shutters come in many different types. For example, for businesses that have a kiosk, counter shutter systems can be purchased to keep a kiosk and its products safe from harm or theft. Along with this, cage and rolling shutter combinations can be used to restrict access to businesses that may have many high-priced items left out on their shelves. Also, depending on how much of a view business owners want others to have from the outside, various patterns can be chosen for the shutters. For example, shutters can be completely solid, have a grid pattern offering 14 percent visibility, or a rectangle pattern allowing for 40 percent visibility.

Hurricane Protection Shutters

In considering the cost of outdoor shutters, many people are willing to spare no expense when it comes to hurricane protection shutters from Rollac. Like standard residential and commercial rolling shutters, these shutters are made to not only be stylish and add to the outside decor of a home or business, but also be strong enough to prevent significant damage from occurring during a storm. After all, once a hurricane arrives, it brings with it very high winds that lead to flying debris, all of which can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home or business. However, with Rollac hurricane protection shutters being tested and approved by the highest standards set forth in the United States, customers can be assured that once these rolling shutters are installed, they will be a solid deterrent to hurricane-force winds.

Automated Shutters

For most people who have various types of shutters installed on their home or business, automation is not an option. However, that is not the case for those who install Rollac rolling shutters on residential or commercial properties. With several different ways to operate one's shutters, convenience and security become much easier. For example, many people choose to have various types of security switches installed, such as key pads or card switches. Along with this, other home and business owners choose to also use wall switches, remote controls that look just like those made for televisions, and the myLink app that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets. Once the app is downloaded, a home or business owner can raise or lower the shutters from anywhere at anytime, ensuring the safety of their building.

Rather than decide prematurely that the cost of exterior shutters is beyond your budget, let the experts at Rollac help guide you through the process of selecting what is best for your home or business. To get started on finding a customized solution for your home or business, visit to fill out a short contact form. However, if you prefer to speak to a live person, call 1-877-386-6810.