What To Know When Buying A Pergola

They date as far back as the1600s. Their name originates from the Latin term pergola which is defined as a projecting eave. But to you and your family, your backyard pergola is an oasis, a place to relax and enjoy the sun and scents of summer in peace. Just as it was over four hundred years ago, a pergola is a great addition to any outdoor space. It inserts architectural interest into your back yard as well as providing some welcome shade on those hot summer days. But to get the most out of your pergola, you need to know what type of projecting eave is most suitable for your yard space.


The most important part of any long-lasting outdoor structure is the quality of its materials. Most pergolas are built using either vinyl or wood.  These types combine strength and durability in an attractive structure. They are available in many different stains and paint colors, in addition customers can choose from different types of posts, columns and lattice designs on top. Metal pergolas are equally as popular. Though they tend to be a little more expensive by comparison, they can be easily assembled or dismantled whenever you want. Whether they are made from aluminum or steel, these pergolas are not nearly as susceptible to rain, sun and other harsh weather conditions as their vinyl or wooden counterparts. They are the most low-maintenance of all the outdoor garden structures.


The size of your pergola will be determined by the outdoor space you have available, as well the other outdoor structures or landscape features already in your yard. If you’re hoping to find a pergola based on the dimensions of an existing patio or concrete pad, you’ll need to take measurements ahead of time. Depending on the manufacturer, sometimes for example a metal pergola will be listed as 12’x12’ in size. Remember, the roof of the structure will have overhang and therefore be larger than the listed measurement. Additionally, the post-center size will also be smaller than 12 feet. This is an important consideration if you want the posts of your metal pergola to fit into the existing available space.


The amount of shade your pergola will provide depends on where you place it in your backyard, the spacing between the rafters, and the size of slats that make up the roof. The closer the slats and rafters are together the more shade you will have. Don’t forget that you can add a canopy to any vinyl, wooden or metal pergola roof to provide more darkness. Additionally you can grow vines and arrange flowers to cover the roof providing a more natural covering.


The majority of pergolas whether they’re made of vinyl, wood or metal can be installed on existing concrete pads, decks or patios. But just to be sure, consult your pergola salesperson to confirm this. It is the quality of your patio, deck or concrete pad that determines how much weight it can handle.


Whether you decide to purchase a vinyl, wood or metal pergola, it will undoubtedly bring a special decorative touch to your backyard. Indeed there are several important factors to consider when buying an outdoor structure such as this. But with the proper research, you’ll get the best value for your money and be able to enjoy your projecting eave just as they did over four hundred years ago.