Factors to Consider Before Buying Commercial Shutters

Factors to Consider Before Buying Commercial Shutters

Commercial shutters for windows can offer storm and sun protection as well as provide energy efficiency. Yet, the most common reason business owners invest in this type of roller covering is for security purposes. They want protect their enterprise from vandals in whatever shape or form they present themselves. Unlike alarm systems or other conventional security measures which are only activated when the crime is in progress, commercial shutters for windows are a preventative tool, designed to deter unlawful activity. So how do you know you’ve chosen the correct commercial shutter for your business? The types of different security options available with commercial shutters are listed below.

Deep Rail Channel

Whether you’re opening or closing your commercial shutter, it moves up and down what is called a rail channel. A shallow channel means there is a greater chance that the curtain may be forced out of the rail by a very strong and determined vandal. A deeper channel decreases this chance significantly. This is why the strongest rolling shutters feature a deep rail channel.

Two-Piece Rail System

A two-piece rail system conceals the fasteners from outside access when it is properly installed. Roller shutters have a central control system which opens and closes them automatically when the user either flips a switch or uses a remote control. The two-piece rail system prevents anyone from tampering with the rails, removing them and thereby gaining entry into your business.

Edge Retention System

The edge retention system is one of the most secure types of commercial shutters for windows currently on the market. The way it works is straight forward. This rail system has grooves on the inside of the rail and hooks on the ends of the curtain. If someone either pulls, pushes or exerts any type of force against the curtain the hooks grip onto the grooves. This action reinforces the roller shutter thereby securing it even further into the rail channel.

Curtain Filling

Most commercial shutters for widows are made of a high-profile aluminum which can withstand a tremendous impact. But in terms of the strength and security of this type of rolling metal curtain it’s what’s inside that counts. Most are filled with foam and the more densely packed it is, the stronger the rolling shutters.

Manual Locks

Manual locks are usually located on the bottom portion of the curtain of the roller shutter. They’re visible from the outside and are usually available either in a thumb turn or key-style opening. This type of closure has a heavy return and a solid internal mechanism which makes it extremely difficult to breach and open. Unlike other varieties of locks, the manual version is the tried and true traditional one, that remains the most widely used.

Consider your Options

You’ve made the decision to purchase commercial shutters for your windows at your store. You’re confident this is the right choice to protect your investment. However, with the range of security choices out there, you’re unsure about what features you may need on your roller shutter. That’s when you need to contact the experts, such as Rollac. We can help you narrow down your choices and determine what will be most effective in protecting your business.