The Importance of Hurricane Shutters

Only ten months ago, Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast area were hit by Hurricane Harvey. The category 4 storm caused $125 billion in damages and left a trail of destruction in its wake. If you’ve ever lived through a hurricane, then you understand the unrelenting power of rain and 130 mph winds. Homes and businesses that were once considered solidly built snap and break like gingerbread houses under these types of conditions.

At Rollac Shutter of Texas, we know the power of hurricanes, because not only have we lived through several ourselves but our business has specialized in storm safety for over 35 years. Our specialty is rolling shutters designed to protect against major storms like hurricanes. We feel they’re essential in safeguarding your home or office against the wrath of a hurricane and several other factors.

Protects your Windows

Hurricane winds can put a tremendous amount of pressure on a structure’s windows as well as on the roof as the storm winds flow over the building. When the windows are left unprotected, even the smallest amount of debris can easily shatter the glass. Once this happens, the storm then enters the home or building. Suddenly you’re faced with heavy water, wind and flying debris. This combination will destroy the inside of your structure and pose a significant safety risk for anyone inside. Additionally, the negative storm pressure entering through the broken windows coupled with the pressure flowing over the structure can blow the roof off and cause the building to collapse.

This phenomenon is one of the most critical reasons hurricane shutters are essential in safeguarding your home or office. Not to mention the plywood placed over windows or the hurricane shutters bought at stores like Home Depot often aren't correctly installed, therefore being unable to withstand Mother Nature’s fury.

Provides Added Security

Homemade rRoll-down hurricane shutters are a crime deterrent. Whether you’re away from your home on a trip or your business is closed for the day, thick roll-down shutters are extremely difficult to penetrate. With a durable aluminum exterior, this barrier takes tremendous time and effort to breach, eliminating the smash-n-grab type of robbery that is so common. Hurricane shutters prevent thieves from seeing what’s inside your home or business and protect your glass from being shattered. Additionally, they reduce the fire risk associated with many arson attacks on businesses. Unlike the hurricane shutters available at a store such as Home Depot, at Rollac, we can make them using your specific measurements and can be easily ordered online.

Reduces Energy Costs

The extreme heat and humidity that is customary throughout hurricane-prone zones can be minimized using shutters. Unlike the hurricane shutters from a big-box store such as Home Depot ours are individually crafted for our customers. Whether you’re installing shutters on your windows, doors or over your patio, they can reduce the amount of UV rays entering your home, cooling your home and thereby causing you’re A/C unit to operate less frequently. The same principle applies to your business. With varying punch patterns, you can have the hurricane shutter rolled down to prevent too much sunlight entering your office, but still appear ‘open for business’ to customers.   

One More Roll

Hurricane shutters are essential for storm safety, security and heat reduction. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, we understand the importance of having rolling blinds installed in either a home or business. Unlike the generic hurricane shutters from stores such as Home Depot, our specialty is translating the unique needs of our customers into a useful product. Our homemade hurricane shutters are unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship. It is for that reason we encourage you to consider installing our shutters before the next hurricane, robbery or heat wave arrives.