Storm Shutters

The What, How And Where Of Storm Shutters

What are storm shutters? At Rollac, we’re asked that question a lot. In truth, storm shutters and hurricane ones are commonly mistaken for one and other. They are essentially the same thing. The subtle difference is that hurricane shutters are used specifically to protect your home from the torrential downpours, wind, and flying debris associated with this type of storm. Often you hear many people using the two terms interchangeably. If you are new to the concept of storm shutters then the following information should give you a better idea of how they can help you.

What are the types of storm shutters?

All storm shutters act as a protective barrier preventing the gale-force winds, debris, and rain associated with a massive disturbance such as a hurricane or tornado.

The most common type is a rolling shutter. Made of a lightweight aluminum, this type of covering can roll up and be out of sight in calm weather. But when needed they can roll down and be locked into place over windows and doors. They are a durable and tried and true storm shutter.

Accordion shutters are stored vertically on one side of a window. They are pulled across the opening and locked into place. Similarly to rolling shutters, when they are not in use they retract into a valence and remain out of sight.

Bahama shutters typically open with a propped stick. They’re hinged at the top of a window and are easy to remove when not in use. They are most commonly seen in Caribbean homes, a climate that receives a small amount of rain each day.

How do you remove storm shutters?

Many of our customers at Rollac often ask us which are the simplest forms of storm shutters to have, in terms of installation, maintenance and removal. Our answer is simple: roller shutters. Whether they are the traditional horizontal ones or the accordion version, their installation is permanent. A simple wipe with a damp cloth and inspection for damage is the only type of maintenance required for these shutters. When they’re not in use, the simply roll up into their housing box.

In comparison, it is recommended to remove Bahama or any other kind of storm shutters once storm season is over. Many of today’s storm shutters are installed using a variety of different materials. It’s best to consult with a professional before purchasing your temporary storm shutter to ensure you know how to remove once the danger has passed.

Where can you purchase hurricane shutters?

The answer is Rollac. From rolling to accordion shutters, our experts can help you measure, select and then install the most suitable window covering for your home. Other types such as Bahama shutters are available through several different big box hardware stores throughout the United States. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or other destructive storms such as tornadoes, then installing storm shutters is a proactive measure to protect your home. The most important thing you can do is contact a professional who specializes in this type of window covering such as Rollac. Ensuring your home’s safety and security is out top priority.