Facade of a House with White Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Are Hurricane Shutters Worth the Cost?

If you live in an area where hurricanes are a common occurrence, you know just how much devastation even a small hurricane can inflict on your property. Because of this, you want to use all means necessary to protect your home or business. One of the best options you can choose is installing hurricane shutters, since they are specifically designed to withstand harsh impacts and fierce winds. Should you be wondering if hurricane shutters are worth the cost, here are some of the most important benefits you'll experience following purchase.

Why are Hurricane Shutters Worth It?

As you begin to learn more about heavy duty hurricane shutters, you'll start to realize just how they can be important additions to your home or business. In fact, there are many reasons why it pays to purchase hurricane shutters from our team here at Rollac.

1. Protect Vulnerable Areas of Your Home

When a hurricane comes calling, your home’s windows, entry doors, sliding doors, and even areas as small as patients and decks, immediately become the most vulnerable parts of your home. By having roll-down hurricane shutters installed on your home’s exterior, you are instantly protected from flying debris that could shatter glass in an instant and cause injuries.

2. Add Value to Your Home

Along with giving your home a much higher level of protection during a hurricane, permanent shutters will also add thousands of dollars in value to your home. Viewed as a very good investment for houses that are located in hurricane zones, potential buyers will be more eager to purchase your home, knowing it already has a maximum level of hurricane protection. 

3. Easy to Operate

In years past, many homes that had exterior rolling shutters designed to protect them from hurricanes had ones that required homeowners to go outside and manually close them prior to a storm. However, thanks to technology, the new generation of roll-down hurricane shutters are much easier to operate. 

When Rollac hurricane shutters are on your home, you can control them by many methods. These include wall switches, remote control, or even by an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. By simply giving your phone a tap or two, your shutters can be opened or closed in an instant, letting you stay inside where it’s safe.

4. Affordable Cost

If you’ve always thought the cost of hurricane shutters would be beyond your reach, one look at Rollac shutters will change your mind. Far more affordable than most of our customers ever imagined, hurricane shutters from Rollac will do much more than just protect your home. Along with adding value to your home, you can also look forward to easily recouping the cost of your shutters should you ever decide to sell your home. 

If you don't have a large budget for hurricane protection, choosing manual roll down shutters will give you plenty of protection from whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Should you have more money to invest in your home's hurricane protection, the cost of our electric roller shutters is also very reasonable.  

5. Added Security

Last but certainly not least, our storm shutters for windows will provide you with added levels of security. Sadly, looters come out in force following severe weather events such as hurricanes. 

Rather than have your home or business at the mercy of those who are taking advantage of their neighbors and others in their community, installing hurricane shutters will ensure you are prepared for hurricane season and are letting others know your home will be secured.

6. Reduced Energy Costs

The extreme heat and humidity that is customary throughout hurricane-prone zones can be minimized using rolling shutters. Unlike the hurricane shutters from big-box stores, ours are individually crafted for our customers. Whether you’re installing shutters on your windows, doors or over your patio, they can reduce the amount of UV rays entering your home, cooling your home and thereby causing your A/C unit to operate less frequently. 

The same principle applies to your business. With varying punch patterns, you can have the hurricane shutter rolled down to prevent too much sunlight entering your property, but still appear ‘open for business’ to customers.   

7. Many Different Styles

While rolling shutters are very popular with many Rollac customers, there are many other types of hurricane shutters to choose from. One of the most popular is accordion hurricane shutters, which act just like the musical instrument itself in that they can be easily extended across windows. They are able to be stored in a metal box that can be bolted to either side of your window. Accordion hurricane shutters cost ranges from about $20-$25 per square foot of window space, making them slightly less expensive than rolling shutters.

Do Hurricane Shutters Increase Home Value?

Once you install hurricane shutters to your home, expect its resale value to increase more than you ever imagined. On average, you can expect to gain a 50% return on your investment in hurricane shutters. Thus, if you spend $10,000 on heavy duty hurricane shutter purchase and installation, you can expect an appraiser to add at least $5,000 to your home's value when you prepare to put it on the market.  

Do Hurricane Shutters Reduce Insurance Premiums?

If there is one thing insurance companies love to see from homeowners, it is improvements aimed at making their property safer in the event of a natural disaster. Once you decide to purchase heavy duty hurricane shutters for your home and have them professionally installed by experienced technicians, you can generally expect to see your insurance premiums decrease by as much as 10-15%. 

Since insurers know roll-down hurricane shutters will protect your property from weather damage and the possibility of looting, they are often all too eager to reward you with a substantial discount on your premium.

Do You Really Need Hurricane Shutters?

Whether you are buying commercial shutters for your business or are trying to figure out whether you need impact windows or hurricane shutters for your home, we can tell you there are plenty of reasons why hurricane shutters are a smart investment.

Should you have windows or glass doors that shatter during a storm, this will instantly create a tremendous amount of pressure within your home's interior. As a result, this puts the entire structure at risk, especially the interior walls and your home's roof.  

It's also important to note that when a hurricane is approaching, time is of the essence. Even if you have days to prepare, it's vital you be able to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure. By adding rolling shutters to your home, you'll have the ability to keep the most vulnerable areas secure and at less risk of being damaged. 

Finally, our Rollac heavy duty hurricane shutters provide you with the ultimate in protection. While others may be using hurricane panels or mere sheets of plywood to board up their doors and windows, you will have roll-down hurricane shutters in place that are locked and secured. Because of this, chances are that when the storm clears, your property will be in much better shape than most others.

We're Here to Help

Here at Rollac, we're here to help with your questions and answers concerning hurricane shutters. Once you contact us, you'll be working with experts who are determined to give you great deals and ensure your home or business is protected from the next major hurricane.