Hurricane Shutters Are Worth The Cost

Why Hurricane Shutters Are Worth The Cost

If you live in an area where hurricanes are likely to pass through annually, you know how important it is to protect your home or business in every way imaginable. One of the best ways to do so is by installing hurricane shutters, which come in various styles and at different price levels. Since even a somewhat mild hurricane can do extensive damage wherever it hits, choosing the best types of hurricane shutters for your home or business can mean your building suffers minimal damage, while others around you may be complete losses. Should you wonder if the cost of hurricane shutters is worth it, here are some of the biggest benefits you'll enjoy by making this purchase.


Decreasing the Risk of Injury

When hurricane-force winds arrive, the result is debris of all sorts flying everywhere. By installing hurricane shutters, you can greatly decrease the risk of injury to yourself and others from broken glass, while also keeping your home or business minimally-damaged.

Very Affordable

Contrary to what you may have initially believed, hurricane shutter cost is actually very affordable to most home and business owners. Since there are many different styles of these shutters, their cost can fit into almost any budget. For example, if you decided to have Rollac rolling shutters installed on the outside of your home, your roll down hurricane shutters cost would average $20-$30 per square foot of window area in most cases.

Greater Resale Value

If you were considering the idea of selling your home at some point in the future, the storm shutters cost that you incurred for their installation would actually increase your home's resale value, and may help you sell your home quicker than you anticipated.

Many Different Styles

While rolling shutters are very popular with many Rollac customers, there are many other styles of hurricane shutters to choose from. One of the most popular is accordion hurricane shutters, which act just like the musical instrument itself in that they can be easily extended across windows. They are able to be stored in a metal box that can be bolted to either side of your window. Accordion hurricane shutters cost ranges from about $15-$25 per square foot of window space, making them slightly less expensive than rolling shutters.

Easy to Operate

When a hurricane is bearing down on your location, the last thing you want are hurricane shutters that are difficult to operate. However, Rollac customers don't have to worry about this problem. Whether you select rolling shutters, accordion shutters, or other types, all are designed to be easily operated by only one person. In fact, most can be controlled either manually or by remote control, giving you peace of mind and ease of use.

Do Hurricane Shutters Reduce Insurance?

In many instances, having hurricane shutters installed on your home or business can help to reduce your insurance premiums. Depending on your insurance company and other factors that may come into play, it may be possible to see your insurance premiums reduced by up to 20 percent.

Can I Install Hurricane Shutters Myself?

While you can install hurricane shutters yourself, you want to be sure you know you can handle the job. If you have questions or concerns, it is usually best if you let experienced professionals handle your shutter installation.

Now that you know hurricane shutters are affordable, easy to operate, and can lower insurance premiums while increasing your home's value, there's no better time than now to learn more by contacting us here at Rollac. To do so, contact us or call us today at 888-276-5522.

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