Energy Savings with Rollac Rolling Shutters

External View of Rolling Shutters Installed at Window

When you start considering the addition of rolling shutters to your home’s windows, you are probably much more focused on gaining protection from hurricanes or adding a new level of security to your home. While these are of course important, you should also keep in mind that roller shutters can greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re curious as to the amount of energy savings you’ll get with rolling shutters, our team here at Rollac is here to tell you more about heat loss and how our shutters can make this a thing of the past.


Are Roller Shutters Energy-Efficient?

If there is one thing our rolling shutters are known for here at Rollac, it is their energy efficiency. Since they are regularly installed on residential properties as well as all types of commercial businesses such as pharmacies and storefronts, our shutters are made with a highly-specialized foam core and top coat of thermal paint that make them extremely energy-efficient.

Performing the same function as regular insulation, the foam core found in our roller shutters can keep a home or business cool on the inside even when outside temperatures are hitting record highs. Meanwhile, the thermal paint used as a top coat reflects solar energy. As a result, you can expect the surface temperature at your home or business to be at least 10 degrees cooler, meaning you’ll conserve energy and save money.

How Much Heat Do Roller Shutters Reduce?

When the foam core and thermal paint work together on our rolling shutters, they are able to keep heat inside when it’s cold outside, and to also make sure the interior of your home or business stays cool when the temperature soars and stays there day and night.  

If you’re growing tired of seeing your heating and cooling bill get higher and higher each year, invest in our Rollac rolling shutters and start to realize energy savings you never thought would be possible. Remember that while you may need to make a large investment initially to purchase your shutters and have them installed, you will experience greater energy efficiency in the years ahead that will more than pay for the roller shutters. On average, many of our customers experience energy savings of as much as 30 percent per year once their shutters are installed and used regularly.

Roller Shutter Features

Now that you’re starting to realize that installing rolling shutters on your home or business can be a smart way to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on energy costs, you likely want to know more about their features and how they work.

Having already touched on the foam core and thermal paint, we’ll remind you that there are two types of exterior roller shutters for your home or business, those being manually-operated or motorized roller shutters.

If you’re on a tight budget, manual shutters are a perfect way to obtain energy savings at a much lower price. However, if you want to add unparalleled convenience to the equation, you can opt for our Rollac motorized roller shutters. Featuring remote controls and collision technology that automatically stops them should something be in their way while being lowered, you can also count on your shutters to offer privacy and security, since they are tested to withstand winds of more than 80 miles per hour.  

Motorized roller shutters also give you the opportunity to raise or lower your shutters from anywhere you happen to be, thanks to the MyLink app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Thus, if you’re at work on a hot day, you can lower your shutters early in the afternoon and ensure your home will be cool and cozy as you pull into the driveway.

Additional Benefits of Rollac Roller Shutters

Along with increased energy savings, you’ll also reap other benefits from our Rollac rolling shutters.

First, your home or business will have those lower temperatures and protection from the sun that is so important. As a result, your A/C unit will run less, your home or business will be more comfortable, and you’ll save money.

You’ll also be able to control the amount of light coming through your windows. Whether you need to sleep during the day or just want additional comfort and privacy, this can be a great benefit you’ll come to enjoy.

Finally, if you’re tired of having floors, furniture, or other items fade or be damaged by harmful UV rays from sunlight that streams through your windows, your roller shutters can solve this problem and ensure your most precious possessions will stay in great condition.

Get Those Savings Today

Instead of putting it off and continuing to pay higher heating and cooling costs, contact us today here at Rollac and get the energy savings you need and deserve. Whether it’s your home or business, installing Rollac rolling shutters on your property’s exterior will be one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make.