Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Whether you are installing heavy-duty rolling shutters on your home to protect you from a hurricane or more so for security reasons, you probably aren’t thinking too much about energy savings. However, many people are quite surprised to learn their shutters not only offer them protection from Mother Nature and vandals, but also can provide energy savings on a year-round basis.

Foam Core

Since Rollac shutters are made with specialized foam core that is environmentally-friendly and strong enough to offer stability even when the highest winds or impacts come their way, they are also able to use this foam-filled system to conserve energy. Working just as traditional insulation does in any building, the foam core allows the shutters to keep a building cooler when outside temperatures are soaring and warmer once the temps take a dip.

Thermal Paint

While the foam core technology is considered to be state-of-the-art in terms of modern insulation, it is perhaps the thermal paint found on Rollac shutters that plays the biggest role in energy savings. A unique top coat, it can greatly reduce how much heat is absorbed due to its ability to selectively reflect solar energy. As a result, surface temperatures can be kept as much as 10 degrees cooler, helping your home conserve even more energy while also reducing thermal stresses.

Preventing Energy Loss

While many people assume their curtains alone will block out the sun’s rays and help to keep their homes cooler, it rarely works that way. However, once Rollac shutters are installed on a building, things can change very quickly. Since the shutters are so easy to roll up and down as needed, many homeowners find that by keeping their shutters down during both hot and cold periods during the year, their energy bills are greatly reduced.

Smart Shutters

While you may want to use your Rollac shutters to help reduce your energy bill, you may think it will only be possible to do so when you are at your home. However, that is not the case. As more and more technology has become available, Rollac shutters have actually become smart shutters that can be raised or lowered wherever you happen to be at that moment. While you can raise or lower your shutters at home using a remote control, wall switches, or manually, more and more customers are excited about the MyLink app. Once downloaded to your smartphone, you can control your shutters anywhere at anytime, enabling you to maximize your energy savings and get an even greater return on your investment.

Multi-Surface Installation

Since energy savings are one of the key reasons why Rollac rolling shutters are so popular, you’ll be happy to know they are made so that they can be installed on many different types of surfaces. Whether you have a new home that is under construction or an existing home you want to improve, Rollac shutters will likely work well with your home’s surface, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of maximum energy savings.

If you are tired of high energy bills that continue to increase, you can reduce your energy costs while also protecting your home from hurricanes and criminals by installing Rollac shutters. To learn more about our products, fill out a contact form at or call us at 888-276-5522.

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