Light Control

Light Control

Whether you are at home or work, one of the most annoying things is trying to get the right amount of sunlight coming into your building. If you use standard curtains or shades, these won’t work very well. If light control is becoming one of your top priorities, you may want to consider rolling shutters from Rollac. Once installed, you may find you’ve got sunshine on your shoulders only when you want it to be there.

Shift Workers

If you happen to be one of the many people in today’s world who has a work schedule that is not the traditional 9-5, this means you’ll be trying to sleep sometime during the day. However, if the sun is beaming in through your window, getting a good day’s sleep may be impossible. However, Rollac shutters can change this for the better. By being able to easily raise or lower the shutters using a remote control or even the MyLink app that can be downloaded to your smartphone, you can keep your bedroom as dark as you wish from the comfort of your bed.

Keeping Customers and Employees Comfortable

If you are a business owner, one of your main priorities is to maintain an atmosphere inside your building that allows both your customers and employees to be comfortable. Yet if sunlight is shining through unobstructed, the result can be a building where people are constantly having to shield their eyes. Yet once Rollac shutters are on the outside of your building, they can be lowered to let you take advantage of their unique light slits, allowing you to easily adjust the light as needed.

Enhanced Security

By being able to control the amount of light coming into your home or business, you can actually enhance your security while also making your inside surroundings more comfortable and convenient. By adjusting the light, you will be able to have a better view of who or what may be outside your building, giving you greater peace of mind. At the same time, you can adjust the light slits on your shutters to make it a bit more difficult for others to see what’s going on inside.

Protecting Vital Equipment

Whether it’s your home or business, chances are you have various types of important equipment setting around that you do not want damaged. From computers and other electronics to medical supplies or other items that may be perishable and should not be subjected to direct sunlight, it is important you have an environment that can keep equipment and supplies safe. Once Rollac shutters are installed at a home or business, this becomes a much easier task. By having control over which areas receive sunlight, you can ensure equipment and products will not be damaged.

Increased Productivity

In any home or workplace, finding a cozy spot in the sun tends to make a person sleepy. As a result, many things that may need to get done fall by the wayside. Yet by having Rollac rolling shutters that can allow for light control, productivity levels can be maintained at sufficient levels.

If you enjoy sunlight but want to have a bit more control over how much of it enters your home or business, contact Rollac today by calling 888-276-5522 or filling out a short contact form at

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