The Cost of Electric Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

If you have had hurricane damage to your home or business in the past or simply don't want to take any chances the next time a big storm approaches, electric hurricane shutters are a great option to give your property the protection it needs. However, this is one decision you don't want to put off until the last minute. Since hurricane shutters can mean the difference between your property sustaining major damage or little to no damage at all, we here at Rollac have compiled all you need to know about electric roll down hurricane shutters cost and much more.

How Are Electric Hurricane Shutters Different to Other Types of Shutters?

While hurricane rolling shutters are very similar to residential and commercial rolling shutters used in settings such as pharmacies or retail businesses’ storefronts that need maximum protection from theft or other situations, there are key differences in ones designed specifically for hurricanes.

Heavy Duty

The biggest difference in hurricane shutters and other types of exterior roller shutters is the protection they provide against high winds and impact from flying debris. Tested to ensure they meet the requirements of various insurance and state regulatory agencies, hurricane shutters can often withstand winds of nearly 200 miles per hour, meaning your home or business would be much safer than other properties that simply use plywood to board up their doors and windows.  

Remote Control

Unlike some shutters that may require you to go outside in order to close the shutters prior to a storm, our Rollac electric storm shutters are made so that you can control them remotely via wall switches inside your home, using a handheld remote control, or even using an app on your smartphone. 

Manual Override System

Stored in compact boxes above windows or doors when not in use, our hurricane roller shutters will work even when the power goes out, thanks to a manual override system. Thus, if you've been under the assumption that your electric roll down hurricane shutters won't work during power outages or at the height of a storm, you can put those worries to rest.

How Much Do Electric Roll Down Hurricane Shutters Cost?

The cost of your hurricane rolling shutters will vary depending on whether you opt for manual roll down shutters or instead choose to purchase electric roll down hurricane shutters. Remember that with electric storm shutters, the cost may be more due to them containing a variety of sophisticated rolling shutter parts such as state-of-the-art motors made to last many years and withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

When it comes to cost, national averages are of course lower for manual roll down shutters than they are for electric roll down hurricane shutters. Should you choose manual roll down shutters, expect your purchase and installation costs to average $25-$30 per square foot of window space. Electric roll down shutters will cost more, averaging $60-$70 per square foot. When installed on a typical window that is about seven square feet in size, you can expect the cost to be $250-$500 per window.  

Factors Affecting the Price of Electric Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

The biggest factor that will impact the cost of your electric roll down hurricane shutters is the material used in their manufacturing. Here at Rollac, our highest-quality roll down hurricane shutters are made of double-walled aluminum slats, since these are shown to be best at withstanding hurricane-force winds and high-speed impacts from debris.  

Choosing manual or electric roll down hurricane shutters will also impact the cost of your purchase. Manual roll down shutters still offer just as much protection as electric hurricane shutters, but of course don't offer as much convenience in terms of being opened or closed. 

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When you have a home or business, you want to do all you can to protect your property from storm damage. While there are many companies that sell electric roll down hurricane shutters, we believe our Rollac shutters are the best on the market today. By contacting us to discuss your needs regarding hurricane protection for your home or business, you can work with professionals who offer outstanding customer service, exceptional product knowledge, and will be there for you from the initial consultation to the final installation.