Electric Roll Down Hurricane Shutter Cost

Hurricane shutters are not window fashion, or something designed to go on your home’s exterior at the last minute before a storm hits. They serve a legitimate purpose as a barrier of protection against a potentially life-threatening storm. The key is to do your homework ahead of time. Take the opportunity to learn what type of hurricane shutters you'll need and which different features will affect the final cost of the shutter.

Materials Used

Similarly, to any construction project, the most significant cost factor is material. For electric roll-down hurricane shutters, aluminum is one of the most expensive materials currently on the market. All of Rollac’s rolling shutters are made of double-walled aluminum slats. This makes them highly durable. They’re able to withstand the gale-force winds and debris a hurricane can bring about.

End Retention

One of the most attractive features of an electric roll-down hurricane shutter is the end retention system. Rollac’s version uses a series of slat lock clips fastened by stainless steel screws to the extruded aluminum slats. These secure the placement of the shutter within the track. This system offers unparalleled wind protection without needing what is often considered unattractive storm bars. Rollac’s system ensures that during intense storms, the shutter curtain engages in the rails and cannot be pulled out by hurricane-force winds.

Cost of Installation

The cost of installing a rolling hurricane shutter can and does directly affect the price of this type of specialty window covering. The roll down hurricane shutters that Rollac offers are not a piece of equipment that can be easily installed by an untrained person. Our top-of-the-line electric roll-down hurricane shutters require a professionally trained installer that only we can provide. For our window covering to work correctly, it must be installed properly.

You get what you pay for…..

The old expression, "you get what you pay for" really does ring true when it comes to electric roll down hurricane shutters. Several features can affect the cost of this type of window covering, including who installs it, what kind of material is used, and the types of materials used. But many other factors can alter the cost, including the size of the window or door you're wanting to cover and where you live. At Rollac, our goal is to ensure that the roll down hurricane shutter you want is the one you receive. We have built a reputation for working with our customers, guaranteeing that they receive the product that is right for them. Contact us now and let us do the same for you, www.rollac.com.