Pharmacy Security Shutters: Why You Need Them & How to Choose

Storefront view of pharmacy with security shutters installed

In today’s world, pharmacy security is a concern now more than ever before. Containing medications that are very powerful as well as very expensive, pharmacies are regularly targeted not only by thieves who wish to sell drugs on the street, but also by those who may be addicted to painkillers or other medications. Since many pharmacies are located inside retail stores, they require pharmacy security shutters as protection against burglary and vandalism. If you have a pharmacy in need of greater security, our team here at Rollac has all the details you need to know about state-of-the-art pharmacy shutters.

Why Pharmacies Need Great Security Shutter Solutions

Even under the best of circumstances, a pharmacy will need to have excellent security measures in place to guard its various products. In fact, there are many reasons why pharmacies need great security rolling shutter solutions.


First and foremost, pharmacies need to guard against shoplifting. Whether it’s a prescription drug or other product, shoplifters love to target drug stores due to many of the products being small and easy to slip into one’s pocket. If left unchecked, shoplifting hurts not only the business itself, but consumers as well, since prices ultimately rise when shoplifting runs rampant.


As drug prices have risen higher and higher over the years, drug stores are targeted by burglars in an effort to steal medications and other medical supplies that can then be sold on the black market, often for thousands of dollars. Sadly, those who may find themselves addicted to painkillers or other medications may also turn to burglary in an effort to get what they need. Unless a pharmacy has commercial security shutters installed that are of the highest quality, burglary becomes very easy.


A common occurrence for businesses such as pharmacies that have a storefront on Main Street, vandalism can occur when protests turn violent or simply due to a random act by teenagers or others. Once vandalism takes place at a business, there is always the chance it will happen again. However, if your pharmacy has heavy duty storefront security shutters that are made to withstand violent strikes and make it next to impossible for vandals to inflict damage, you can have peace of mind when you close up and go home at the end of the day.


Should a severe storm such as a hurricane or tornado occur and result in damage to your pharmacy, looting can immediately begin to take place. Before you know it, your pharmacy is ransacked and you have lost thousands of dollars worth of inventory. Rather than face this scenario, install hurricane-rated security shutters and protect your pharmacy from Mother Nature as well as looters.

Choosing the Right Security Roller Shutters for Your Pharmacy

Once you begin to look for pharmacy shutters that will give you everything you need, you’ll realize many factors need to be considered when making your decision. Here at Rollac, we suggest you keep the following things in mind along the way.


We realize cost is always a concern to our customers. Because of this, we can offer you a variety of manual shutters that are economical, as well as automated roller shutters that may cost a bit more, but offer you the ability to open and close them through remote control or even an app downloaded to your smartphone.


Naturally, you want pharmacy security shutters that are easy to install and operate. When you do business with us here at Rollac, we make sure the pharmacy shutters you select come complete with everything that’s needed for a quick and easy installation. Of course, we always recommend the security shutters for your pharmacy be installed by an experienced professional.

Design and Custom Solutions

As you decide about commercial shutters for your pharmacy, keep in mind that our Rollac shutters come in many different styles and designs, and can be customized to complement any type of building architecture. 


One of the best things our Rollac customers love when they buy roller shutters from us is the fact that our shutters require very little maintenance in order to look great and work properly year after year. Corrosion-resistant and available in many different colors, most roller shutter problems you may encounter can be easily repaired by yourself or a trained technician.


Should your pharmacy be located in an area where hurricanes are common, know that our many shutters and gates are made to withstand almost anything Mother Nature throws your way. In fact, our roller shutters are tested to ensure they can withstand hurricane-force winds and being struck at high-speeds by flying debris.  

Why Opt for Rollac Security Shutters?

There are many reasons why you should ultimately select Rollac security shutters for your pharmacy.

Made in the USA

Rather than wonder about quality, you’ll be able to buy Rollac pharmacy shutters that are made here in the USA by people who are determined to bring you only the best in security shutters.

Quality Finish and Strength

All of our Rollac security shutters are made with a high-quality powder-coated or anodized finish, meaning your shutters will look great while still being the strongest in the industry.

Differing Visibility

Whether you want customers to be able to see inside your pharmacy a little bit, a lot, or not at all, you can choose rolling shutters that offer varying degrees of visibility.

Shutter Types

Here at Rollac, you can find a shutter type that always fits your budget for pharmacy security. Should you want outdoor shutters for your storefront, we can work with you to ensure you get just what you want and need.

Let Us Protect Your Pharmacy

When you need help picking out commercial-grade security shutters for your pharmacy, rely on our Rollac team. Once you let us protect your pharmacy, you’ll get peace of mind and great shutters, all at an affordable cost.