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Rolling Shutter Parts

When you have rolling shutters on your home or business, you quickly gain peace of mind knowing they will offer added levels of protection from Mother Nature, vandals, and those who may want to invade your privacy. Because of this, you of course want your shutters to work as well as possible. However, with almost anything mechanical, the time may come when you will need roll-up shutter parts such as a crank handle or universal pivot. When you do require parts of rolling shutters for installation or repair, you will be best served by searching through the rolling shutter pages for parts offered online by us here at Rollac.

Everything You Need

When you are in the midst of installing your new hurricane shutters or security shutters on your home or business, the last thing you need is to get in the middle of the job and realize you need a part you don't have with you at that moment. To keep this from happening, you can study the diagram with your new shutters, know exactly what you will need, and then head to to find everything you are looking for. Whether it's mounting plates and brackets, pulleys and gears, toggle switches, motors, or more, you're sure to find it here at Rollac.

Highest Quality Parts

Here at Rollac, we believe in only offering parts that are of the highest quality. Since our rolling shutters are recognized as being some of the best in the industry, we make sure the parts used in their construction, installation, and repair are ones that will get the job done right the first time and will last for many years. Best of all, any parts you may need can be found at wholesale prices that are affordable, ensuring your repair or installation job will always stay well within your budget.

Manual and Motorized Shutters

Since we offer both manual and motorized rolling shutters, the time may come when you will need motorized or manual roll down hurricane shutter parts. From needing a pole for your installation job to slats and side locks for a repair, you can get these and many other items directly from Rollac. 

Experts Ready to Help

Even if you are highly-skilled at installations and repairs of rolling shutters, there is always a time or two when you may have a question that needs to be answered. Whether this involves trying to determine which part would work best for an installation or repair, how a certain part needs to be installed, or even if the part you have in mind is necessary for your needs, these and other questions will always be answered by the pros here at Rollac. Whether you visit, give us a call at 888-276-5522, or send us an email at, our shutter parts experts have many years of experience answering questions about virtually everything. 

A Vast Catalog of Parts

Here at Rollac, we want to make sure that once our customers purchase their rolling shutters, they will always have access to whatever parts they need. Because of this, we always make sure our online catalog is up-to-date, easy to access and search, and gives customers complete descriptions of all parts we carry for various types of shutters. In fact, once you visit us online, you will notice there are 12 parts sections, which include a technical appendix where you can view a diagram or other information that may be useful when repairs or installations are taking place. Since each section was created as a separate PDF, you can easily download whatever section you need and view it at your convenience. 

The Online Shop

Once you've browsed through the various sections of the catalog and have an idea as to what you need, you can then go to to start shopping for the rails, tubes, plug buttons, motor controls, or anything else you need for your repair or installation job. Offering worry-free shopping and even a national dealer network that can give you local support when needed, we here at Rollac make it our top priority to please each and every one of our customers.

If you have any additional questions about parts, prices, shipping, or anything else related to your rolling shutters, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at Rollac. Once you call 888-276-5522 or visit, your problems will be solved.

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