How to Choose Rolling Shutter Parts 

Exterior View of Window Roller Shutters

Whether you have them installed on your home or business, rolling shutters give you peace of mind, convenience, and add to the looks and value of your property. However, even when you've got the very best rolling shutters, various problems and breakdowns may occur. If this happens, you may be thinking you'll need to replace the entire shutter, when in fact the best thing to do may be to simply repair or replace a part. 

If you're curious about this and the various parts that make up your rolling shutters, we here at Rollac have compiled all you need to know about our high-quality rolling shutter parts.

What Are the Parts of a Rolling Shutter?

Since we sell rolling shutters that are both manual and motorized, we also carry a wide array of rolling shutter replacement parts. Yet while our rolling shutters may look nearly identical from the outside, the anatomy of a manual and motorized shutter can be quite different.

Though both types of rolling shutters rely on such parts as gears, pulleys, brackets, and mounting plates to perform properly, our motorized rolling shutters are a bit more complex. Since they are controlled electronically, they also use high-performance roller shutter motors and toggle switches to move up and down as needed. Motorized rolling shutters also rely on state-of-the-art sensors to pick up electronic signals from remote controls or those sent via smartphones. Should you be experiencing rollers shutter problems that involve issues with your shutters opening or closing, it's possible new sensors could be needed.

Parts That May Need to be Replaced Along the Way

When rolling shutter repair needs to be done, it's crucial you find the right shutter parts to get the job done right the first time. Otherwise, what may be a small problem could get much bigger, more complex, and more expensive in a hurry. Fortunately, our team here at Rollac as well as our vast network of national dealers carry all the parts crucial to repairs and replacements.  

Slats and Locks

This can include replacement slats for all types of exterior roller shutters as well as locks, rails, storm bars, and box covers and side caps.

Mounting Brackets and Tubes

Using the right mounting brackets and bearings is crucial to correctly repairing your Rollac rolling shutters. Whether you have manual rolling shutters or motorized shutters, proper mounting will ensure much better operation.  

Gears and Pulleys

Perhaps the most important parts of any of our rolling shutters, gears and pulleys do the heavy work each time your rolling shutters go up or down. Here at Rollac, you can find gears and pulleys, cranks, springs, recoil boxes, guides, and many other related parts.


The heart of your motorized rolling shutters, the roller shutter motors we carry here at Rollac will also be the very best in terms of quality and durability. In fact, we carry not only Rollac motors, but also those for Simu and Somfy as well. Crowns, drives, and brackets are also available to help with virtually any type of repair your rolling shutters may need.

Switches and Transmitters

If your motorized shutters are not opening or closing properly, using the correct switches or transmitters for repairs will make all the difference. We carry not only state-of-the-art toggle and rocker switches, but also the latest transmitters and control systems for your rolling shutters.

Other Parts and Accessories

Since our rolling shutters are much easier to repair than some folks may want you to believe, we also carry an assortment of accessories for our rolling shutters. These include garage door parts, manufacturing and mounting equipment, and much more. 

Specific Parts for Specific Shutters

Whether you need residential rolling shutters for your home or are a business owner needing heavy-duty commercial shutters to act as storefront security in a high-crime area, we will always have specific parts for your specific shutters. Even if you have purchased rolling shutters made to provide maximum hurricane protection for your home or business, you'll find the exact types of adapters, motors, replacement panels, safety plates, cranks, and many other rolling shutter replacement parts here at Rollac.

What To Look for When Selecting Rolling Shutter Parts

When you need parts for repair or replacement, our experienced team here at Rollac has a few recommendations for what you should look for during your parts selection process.


First, consider how much your exterior rolling shutters parts will cost. Though we always recommend using new parts for repairs or replacements, it is sometimes possible to find gently-used parts that can do the job practically as well as those that are brand-new. 


Next, only settle for top-quality parts, whether they are new or slightly used. This is crucial, since trying to substitute certain parts when doing your rolling shutter repairs may make a bad situation much worse. Should you try to use parts that are not specifically designed for your particular type of rolling shutter, it is possible this could impact the warranty, especially if it turns out the shutter itself will need to be replaced.

Authorized Dealers

Last but certainly not least, always rely on us here at Rollac as well as our team of authorized national dealers when searching for your rolling shutter replacement parts. While it may be tempting to go on eBay or other online sites to search for parts you think may work just as well or be significantly cheaper, the fact is you are putting the investment you made in your rolling shutters at risk. By working with our professionals, you can have peace of mind and be sure you are getting the proper parts and advice needed for your repairs.

We Specialize in Rolling Shutter Parts Solutions

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