How to Choose Storefront Security Shutters for Your Business

Interior View of Storefront Security Shutters with Bikes in the Background

While many people love shopping online, the fact is even more people still love visiting stores in person to shop for anything and everything. Because of this, you know how important it is to keep your store secure, especially when you’re closed. To make this happen, you need storefront security shutters that are not only stylish enough to fit in well with your building’s design and architecture, but also strong enough to withstand whatever comes their way. If you are on the hunt for commercial shutters that will prevent break-ins, guard against vandalism, and provide storm protection, our team here at Rollac has all you need to know.

The Importance of Protecting Your Retail Assets

No matter what type of retail shop you have, it is vital that its assets be protected. Here at Rollac, we understand the many benefits security shutters offer retailers in terms of security.

Perhaps most important is the fact that commercial shutters keep your business from suffering huge losses due to stolen inventory. Whether it’s a break-in after you’re closed, an act of vandalism, or looting that often takes place after natural disasters, you simply can’t afford to suffer these financial losses.

Along with this, adding retail rolling shutters will immediately let your customers and others know you take security very seriously. Not only does this give your customers increased confidence in your business, but it also acts as an instant deterrent to anyone who may initially think your shop is a soft target for burglary or vandalism.

How Installing Storefront Security Roller Shutters Can Help

Installing storefront shutters can help your business in many ways.

Security and Visibility

Remember that when you install commercial security shutters at your business, this does not necessarily mean your customers can’t still see what’s inside your shop. Here at Rollac, we offer many types of storefront security shutters that have varying degrees of visibility. Whether you want your customers to only get a peek or have a clear view of your shop’s interior, we can help you determine what is a good shutter for your shop.

Severe Weather Protection

Keep in mind that storefront security involves much more than just protecting your business from burglars and vandals. In fact, rolling security shutters can also provide severe weather protection from hurricanes and other dangerous weather conditions. Since our hurricane-rated roller shutters are made of high-quality materials that are tested to hold up against exceptionally strong winds and harsh impacts, you can count on our Rollac shutters to give you the storefront security you need.

Retail Storefront Roller Shutter Applications

Our Rollac storefront security shutters are as unique as your business. Because of this, they work very well with all types of businesses.  


Unfortunately, pharmacies are often targeted by burglars who hope to steal in-demand medications that can bring quick cash when sold on the street. Rather than have your pharmacy become another statistic, consider adding pharmacy security roller shutters to your storefront. Able to be controlled via your smartphone or with a remote control, your pharmacy can be protected in a matter of seconds.


If you’ve ever walked by an optometrist’s office, you can’t help but stop and look at the wide array of frames that are often on display. If you want to protect your business while still letting potential customers take a look inside, add retail shop roller shutters that have different types of openings. By doing so, you’re in control of whether they see a little or a lot, all the while still having your business safe and secure.

Gift Shops

Featuring beautiful items that are always on display, gift shops are a natural fit for needing storefront shutters that offer maximum protection. When you work with us here at Rollac, you’ll be able to get information on manual roll down shutters as well as automated shutters, how to measure for security shutters, and even which color may be best for your shop shutters. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Storefront Security Shutters

When you are getting ready to buy commercial roller shutters from us here at Rollac, we also remind you to keep several factors in mind as you make your purchase.

Cost and Installation

First, how much do you have budgeted for your storefront rolling shutters? Remember, manual shutters tend to cost less than automated versions. Also, think about what will be involved in the installation process. Do you want roller shutters that are nearly invisible when not in use? What about colors and styles?  


After you have your commercial shutters installed, you don’t want to have them become a maintenance headache. Fortunately, our Rollac storefront security shutters are manufactured to the highest standards, meaning they often have few serious problems. In fact, you will only need basic roller shutter maintenance to keep them looking and working properly.

Color and Style

We often recommend that our customers try to select shutters for their commercial buildings that are similar in color to the colors associated with their business. Once you begin looking over our vast array of commercial shutters, you’ll be amazed at just how many colors from which you can choose. If needed, we can even customize your roller shutters to match even the most unique of colors.

Why Rollac Shutters are a Great Choice

When you buy Rollac roller shutters for your business, it’s a great choice for many reasons. 

American Made

We proudly make our roller shutters here in the United States, which means you’ll get quality shutters and help provide good-paying manufacturing jobs to hard-working people just like you.

Tested to the Highest Standards

Here at Rollac, we test our roller shutters to make sure they meet the highest standards in terms of quality and protection. From making sure they can take hurricane-force winds to ensuring their parts won’t wear out after a short period of time, you can count on Rollac shutters for years and years of durability.

Wide Selection

We offer a large selection of storefront rolling shutters, rather than one-size fits-all. Remember that when you are trying to choose commercial awnings and security shutters, Rollac should be your first and only choice.

Rely On Our Expertise

When you want storefront security shutters that will stand the test of time, look fantastic doing so, and always give you plenty of peace of mind, rely on our team of experts here at Rollac. When you contact us, you’ll be on your way to making sure your business is protected in the best possible manner with heavy-duty, high-quality commercial shutters.