The Retractable Patio Awnings Guide

Yellow Retractable Patio Awning

For the past few months, you’ve watched several neighbors install retractable awnings on their patios. You’ve stared out your kitchen window with curiosity as, bit by bit, this versatile patio shade has gone on the exterior of one more house each week. From the sounds of drilling to the sight of window-covering trucks parked on the street, you can’t help but feel that the universe is sending a message urging you to consider a retractable awning for your patio.

Yet, apart from trying to keep up with the Joneses, you don’t know if you even need one for your outdoor space. That’s where Rollac, with over 40 years of experience in the retractable awning industry, can step in. We don’t just sell awnings; we provide expert guidance to determine whether you need one and, if so, assist you in selecting the proper model, accessories, and awning style to suit your needs.

Is a Patio Awning a Good Idea?

Do I need a retractable awning for the patio? Our customers often ask us this question at Rollac. The answer depends. The following is a brief list of the advantages of a retractable awning for the patio.

Protection from the Mother Nature

A retractable awning for a patio is a great way to protect yourself and your outdoor space from harmful UV rays. Not only can the sun’s rays damage your skin, but they can also fade your outdoor furniture and age it rapidly, making it look worn and torn.

Awnings for patios can also protect you from Mother Nature’s wrath, including blowing leaves, branches, dust, and rain. With heavy-duty wind-resistant shades, you’ll be protected from whatever Mother Nature throws at you. 

Extends your Living Space 

If you’ve always enjoyed spending time outdoors in your backyard, adding a retractable awning will make this space feel like an extension of your home. Not only will it enhance the usability of your outdoor living spaces, but it will also provide privacy for curious neighbors or passersby. 

Lower Energy Bills

Installing a retractable awning on the patio can keep the inside of your home cool by increasing the shade. Protecting your home’s windows, doors, or other exteriors from the sun’s rays reduces the heat absorbed through these openings. It will also save you money on cooling costs by keeping the temperature inside more relaxed and comfortable. 

Increase the Value and Curb Appeal of your Home

Yes, retractable awnings can add value to your home. This is particularly true if you’re in the market to sell. With so many covered patio options currently available, regardless of your choice, this added decor statement can make your outdoor space and entire home look stylish and well cared for. 

Our customers at Rollac are often surprised to learn that a retractable awning for the patio is customizable. You can choose from various awning sizes, styles, and valances to compliment your home’s exterior

Buyers interested in a home will base their decision on the exterior and what amenities are included, such as a patio cover. They will see the advantages of a retractable awning, such as its energy-saving value, as a bonus to purchasing the house.  

What Type of Patio Covering is Best?

In addition to a retractable awning, there are many different patio covers for the backyard or other spaces. It’s important to distinguish between these covers and outdoor structures to determine which is best suited for your needs. 

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are one of the most popular backyard patio shading solutions. They are usually made of fabric and are attached to the exterior of a home or business. They can extend and retract using either a hand crank or automatically through a Smart device, a switch, or a remote control.

Retractable awnings are part of a larger group of awnings that include stationary, portable, and motorized awnings. 

Though retractable awnings require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and removing debris, they are far easier to operate than others and offer tremendous versatility for users.


Whether you choose a free-standing or attached pergola, this outdoor structure consists of beams, columns, and rafters. The roof of a pergola can either be covered or left open. There are many options that a client can choose to personalize a pergola and make it a modern statement piece for their home or something more traditional. 


A canopy is often confused with an awning. However, unlike the latter, a canopy isn’t attached to the exterior of a home or business. It is a freestanding structure whose fabric roof is supported by posts or columns. Thanks to its extensive support structure, a canopy can extend and provide more coverage than its awning counterpart.

What to Consider for a Patio Awning

If you’ve decided that a retractable awning for the patio is precisely what your home needs, there are still a few things to consider.  


Where are you going to install your patio awning? If you’ve already got a deck or established patio, installing an awning to cover them would make sense. Yet, if you’ve got a west-facing backyard patio, you may need something to provide shade in addition to the covering, such as bushes, vines, or curtains.

You must consider your location, whether in the desert, prone to high winds, or the humid South, known for its hurricanes. Different retractable awnings are built for specific conditions and have unique features.


The price you are willing to spend on a retractable awning for the patio depends on the size and type of covering you have. The different accessories available to customers include motorized awnings controlled via an app, ambient lighting, skylights, weather sensors, and even built-in heaters.  

A basic retractable awning usually costs around $200 and can go as high as $20,000, depending on the size, materials, accessories, and covering style.


It’s important to remember that all outdoor accessories, including a retractable patio awning, require regular maintenance and cleaning. 

Yes, this type of covering is highly durable and reliable, but severe weather may tear the awning fabric or cause the track to rust and need replacement. Despite its reputation for incredible reliability, you may encounter a problem with your retractable awning and need to call a professional to repair or replace your retractable awning.

Rollac Is The Destination for Quality Patio Awnings

The most significant element in considering a retractable awning for the patio is from whom you will buy one. There are hundreds of awning manufacturers and suppliers across the United States. Yet only some have the experience, customer service, and selection of Rollac’s newest styles.   
So when the awning installation truck pulls into your driveway, think of your neighbors looking out their kitchen windows and debating whether they should invest in a retractable awning for their patio. You can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice for your backyard patio, thanks to Rollac.