Exterior View of Outdoor Patio Shades

What Are the Best Outdoor Shades for Windy Areas?

It’s the most coveted space in your home. No, it’s not the jacuzzi bathtub or the easy chair in the living room; it’s not even part of your house; it’s your outdoor patio. 

Despite its popularity, the constant wind gusts make it often unusable. Any hope of spending quality time with family or curling up with a good book has been dashed. Every time you step out onto your patio, the wind blows up dust and debris, flips your wine glass off the table, and disrupts your plans.

Yet a solution exists: investing in wind-resistant sun shade, and the experts at Rollac can help. Selecting from the best outdoor shades for windy areas, we can help you choose a style that suits your needs and restores your once unusable patio to the oasis you have always dreamed of.

Why Invest in a Wind-Resistant Sunshade?

The best outdoor shades for windy areas all have something in common: they provide patio cover, making your impractical space covetable again. There are many reasons to install a windproof patio shade in addition to protecting yourself from strong gusts, including the following.

Cooler Temperatures

It may be hard to believe that a windproof patio shade can lower the area's temperature by about 20 degrees, but this is true. This is a big reason homeowners start researching this type of cover.  

When choosing a wind-resistant sun shade, such as a retractable awning, you can determine how much light to let in, from 0% to 20%. Zero blacks out all sunlight, and 20% allows the most light to permeate your space. You can extend or retract the shade based on the sun's movement.

Cooler temperatures shouldn’t just be reserved for your patio or deck; don’t forget your outdoor pool. Installing high-wind sun shades over your pool will allow you to enjoy this amenity during the hottest times of the year. Instead of investing in a costly cooling system that requires regular maintenance and tremendous power, opt for a well-built wind-resistant shade or pool sail. 

U.V. Glare  

The best outdoor shades for windy areas are made of thick mesh, which blocks much of the sun's UV glare and prevents skin damage.

A top-quality retractable wind-resistant sun shade will also prevent indoor and outdoor furniture from fading due to sun exposure. If your outdoor patio shades are extended, you’ll no longer have to draw your living room blinds to protect your artwork on the walls from fading. 

An Insect-Free Zone

You may not be the only one wanting to use your patio. Unwanted guests such as mosquitoes, wasps, moths, and any other insect attracted to light, food, or people can quickly ruin your outdoor get-together.

Fortunately, Rollac offers a range of wind-resistant sun shade styles that can lessen and even prevent these unwanted guests from crashing your party.

From the wholly enclosed ZipShade solar shading to the vertical drop-down retractable shades, you can instantly create an insect-free zone for yourself, your family, and your friends. 

These are some of the best outdoor shades for windy areas. They offer insect protection, allowing you to enjoy your patio space instead of treating bug bites.

Energy Efficiency 

Research shows that windows exposed directly to sunlight can account for 57%- 63% of homes' and businesses' energy loss. This can dramatically increase the cost of owning a home or running a business. One of the most effective ways to fight this energy loss is to install outdoor wind shades for your windows and doors. Home and business owners with outdoor shades can expect to save 33%- 45% of energy. 

Wind and Weather Protection

The best outdoor shades for windy areas protect from harsh weather, including gusts of wind. Not only can a high wind disrupt even the best family gatherings, but it can also bring debris, trash, and even water into your outdoor space.

There's nothing more frustrating than getting yourself all set to enjoy some quality time on your patio, only to have it ruined by one strong wind gust after another.

It’s time to consider investing in a wind-resistant sun shade.

Increase Curb Appeal and Value

If you’re considering a covering for your business, the best outdoor shades for windy areas can increase its curb appeal. Often, owners of restaurants, for example, focus primarily on the interior, making it as inviting as possible. Yet they’re entirely overlooking what their outdoor space looks like. 

Patio season can be profitable for a restaurant or pub owner, but if your guests are battling the wind, the hot sun, and insects, they won’t want to sit outside. As a result, this will halve the space in your restaurant for potential customers. Attention to your exterior space is crucial; thoughtfully planned coverings can set your space apart from your competition.

If your space is limited due to neighboring businesses or by-law regulations, consider investing in compact wind-resistant shades. They will protect your customers and make your outdoor space more inviting while occupying minimal space.

How to Choose The Best Outdoor Shade for Windy Areas

Local Weather and Climate

The first question to ask yourself when selecting the best outdoor shade is how windy it is. Before investing in a wind-resistant shade, consider your local weather and climate. Is your area prone to high winds, tornadoes, dust storms, or hurricanes? 

We’ve had Rollac customers install aerometers to measure the strength of the wind. This might seem extreme, but purchasing a wind-resistant shade for your home or business is a significant investment; underestimating anything that could damage it would be a gross oversight. 


Your second consideration should be the price. Generally, the best outdoor shades for windy areas are expensive because they’re made of the highest-quality materials and do the job well! You may soon be disappointed if you’re tempted to spend less, hoping you’ll get a ‘deal’ on your covering.

Rules and Regulations

Thirdly, what are your neighborhood HOA (homeowners association) rules and regulations or local by-laws? For example, if you are looking for a wind-resistant sun shade for your home, you need to be aware of what your HOA will allow regarding coverings. 

Sometimes, an HOA might prohibit outdoor wind shades, but it will enable you to install an equally effective outdoor structure

The same can be said for businesses. If your company is located in a larger commercial space, the owner or even the city can dictate the exterior appearance of each business, from window coverings to signage. That’s why it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their regulations.

Company Reputation

Fourthly, consider the reputation of the company selling the shades. Do they have a good reputation, what is their return policy, and how is their customer service?  

Rollac is a proven leader in the shading industry. We have a wide selection of the best outdoor shades for windy areas. We can partner with you to find the most suitable shade for your home or business.

The Rollac Difference

With over 40 years in the outdoor wind shades market, Rollac offers more than the best outdoor shades for windy areas. We are committed to excellent product quality and customer service that our competitors cannot match. 

Yes, a good-quality wind-resistant sun shade is a financial investment, but once installed, it will return your outdoor patio to the oasis and gathering space you’ve always envisioned. Let Rollac help you achieve that.