Patio Covers

Types Of Patio Covers

Summer is at your doorstep. Soon you will be enjoying all of the splendors the warm days of this season have to offer. You’re most excited you’ll be able to enjoy your deck or patio. Or maybe you’re eagerly anticipating construction of your own one. Whether you have a deck or patio, they’re great outdoor spaces that allow you to enjoy the natural landscape of your yard while providing a sense of enclosure. Why not consider adding a roof to your outdoor structure whether you’re in the middle of building one or want to update your existing one? It’s a great way to enjoy summer while providing shade during the hottest time of the year. If you’re not sure what kind of roof covering to choose you’re in luck, there are many options to consider, including the following.

Roof patio materials

One of the first decisions you’ll make is choosing the material for the roof addition over your patio. Wood is the cheapest and one of the most elegant covers. If your home is built of wood or the roof is, choosing the same material for your outdoor space will make the design seamless. The only drawback to using wood is that it will require regular maintenance, polishing, and weather treatment.

When adding a roof patio to an existing patio aluminum is currently the most popular choice. It’s the selection of many homeowners thank to its light weight, durability, and low maintenance. It can withstand heavy rain and intense sunlight without any obvious wear and tear. There are a variety of designs, styles, and colors to choose from. Not to mention the new faux finishes available can make either your roof patio cover stand out or blend in.

Acrylic patio covers are similar to aluminum ones in that they are equally durable and available in a variety of colors and finishes. They too can withstand intense heat and torrential rains, but unlike aluminum if they’re not painted, the acrylic will fade.

Roof patio styles

Solid patio covers are best suited to climates that get a lot of snow or heavy rainfall. This type of roof addition will completely cover your deck or patio and protect it from these harsh weather conditions and the associated wear and tear.

Pergolas are an excellent roof addition over a patio. They are made of metallic or wooden beams that extend from supporting columns or walls. Pergolas provide a very intimate setting especially in the evening letting in some light (i.e. the moon, stars, or sun) while simultaneously providing protection.

Many homeowners who are adding a roof to a patio often choose a latticed cover. This style of top features an intricately-weaved design of wood or similar material to provide partial shade. The matrix-like design of the cover is a popular choice because of its aesthetic appeal.

Materials & Styles

Before you call your professional patio installation company, it’s important to research and gather as much information as possible. Your patio cover must meet your specific needs while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Once you’ve made the decision of the materials you’ll use and the style you want, the roof addition over your patio can begin construction. Prepare yourself for an enjoyable summer under your newly covered patio or deck.