Picking the Right Commercial Awning for your Business

Picking the Right Commercial Awning for your Business

You discovered your favorite restaurant thanks to its distinctive awning in the colors of the Italian flag. You never miss the turn-off to your daughter’s school because their emblem is emblazoned on the awning over their front entrance.  What is defined as a sheet of canvas stretched over a metal frame designed to keep rain and sun off of a window or door can do much more than that. At Rollac, we understand what this type of covering can do, not only for its users but also for its owners. But how do you choose an awning that is right for your business as well as your building?


What do I need my awning for? It seems like a basic question but without an answer, you’ll be going round and round in circles trying to determine why you need a commercial awning. Remember, different types of awnings do different types of things. Are you trying to protect your customers from Mother Nature (i.e. rain or sun)? Or are you interested in commercial awnings because you want to enhance the outside of your building? Take the time to list your reasons for this need and when you do come in to speak with us, we’ll be able to help you more efficiently.


What size should your commercial awning be? Our experienced staff at Rollac will be able to help you answer that question. It’s important to consider that an awning with lots of detail and design could make a small storefront look bigger. Contrastingly, if you want an awning for the very upscale clothing store you own then a more subdued looking dark colored awning might be suitable.  Also, if your storefront is larger and has many windows, you might reconsider placing an awning over each of them. That might take away from the streamline image you’re trying to portray.


Consider your business and the type of message you want to convey. If you’re a pet store owner a commercial awning that is fun and playful in color and design is ideal. It communicates to your potential customers that your store is welcoming and will provide an enjoyable experience for them. On the other hand, if you’re the owner of a funeral home, your commercial awning should be formal and somber. It should reflect the seriousness of your business.

Location, location, location

Just like you did when you carefully considered your business location, the same must be done for your commercial awning. Simply put, where are you going to put it? For instance, if your business is located on a corner, or is in a stand-alone building, your covering could be unique. However, if your business is located within a strip mall, between several other stores then you might be obligated to choose a similar design. Often the owners of a strip mall require uniformity in all the awnings used within their building.

Another element to consider is how far away do you want people to be able to see your business? Do you want potential customers to see your commercial awning as they walk by, drive by or from the highway? Once you answer this question you’ll be able to determine the size of the lettering, coloring, and the style of your covering.


At the outset it might seem simple enough choosing a commercial awning. But that isn’t always the case. Before you pick up the phone or come in to visit us, take the time to review some of the aforementioned tips. They will help you narrow your choices and bring you closer to the right selection of commercial awning for you business.