Blue commercial awnings installed over the doors of a business

How to Pick Commercial Awning for Your Business

Technically, an awning is a canvas sheet that's stretched over a metal frame with the purpose of protecting windows and doors from rain and sunlight. However, it's actually so much more than that. In fact, a commercial awning makes a statement about the business itself. Whether it's bright colors, an eye-catching emblem, or a distinctive style of awning, our team here at Rollac understands the important role awnings for business fronts play in attracting customers and making a business successful. If you are in the market for a commercial awning, we've got plenty of details about various types of retractable awnings and how you can pick the right one for your needs.

The Benefits of Commercial Awnings

As you are picking a commercial awning for your business, consider the many benefits you'll gain once it's installed.


Increased Visibility

First, your business will instantly gain increased visibility. Once a beautiful retractable awning is in place, it can help with your branding and marketing efforts, since you can choose a style and design for your awning that can match existing signage. 


Additional Outdoor Space

A commercial awning also allows you to take advantage of additional outdoor space for your business. Whether you have a restaurant or retail shop, installing retractable awnings allows you to serve more customers, sell more of your products, and gives you an edge over your competitors. The outdoor space around your business, especially in and around the entrance, will stay much cleaner upon installing an attractive and easy-to-use retractable awning. From leaves and branches to other types of debris, your new awning will help create an air of elegance and style for your business.



Finally, a commercial awning will offer you retractable shading that will actually help your business save money during the summer months. On days when the temperatures go higher and higher, your retractable awning will keep your building's interior much cooler, allowing your air conditioning system to ease off a bit. Once you start saving money on your energy costs, you can use the savings towards other aspects of your business.

How to Choose the Right Awning for Your Business

From trying to learn more about a drop-arm awning to figuring out whether you want a motorized awning or a manual awning for your business and why some types of awnings are full-cassette or half-cassette or have no cassette at all, we know you've got plenty to think about when purchasing a commercial awning for your business. To help you through this process, we've compiled some of the most important factors you should keep in mind along the way.



First, always know what the primary purpose will be for your awning. Do you have a small area that needs additional shading for customers or products? Are you concerned about protecting your storefront with a waterproof retractable awning or are you looking for awnings that can withstand high winds? Or do you want to follow recent retractable awning trends and have your awning be primarily a marketing tool, where you can use its colors and design to attract customers?



Think about how you most want to use your commercial awning for your business. Do you have a patio or balcony you want transformed into a cozy nook for guests or customers? Perhaps you have a backyard area at your restaurant where you think installing retractable awnings will add even more pizzazz to an area where you may already have a pergola? Perhaps you have doors or windows you want better protected or shaded?  



It's important to not compromise quality when buying a commercial awning. Remember, the last thing you want is an awning that is always experiencing problems or has awning fabric that is easily torn or damaged from wind or rain. By dealing with us here at Rollac, you can purchase your commercial awning from a reputable company you can trust, ensuring your awning's fabric, frame, and other components will stand the test of time.



You'll have a decision to make as to whether you want a motorized awning or a manual awning. Motorized awnings usually are more expensive than manual awnings, but they do offer the convenience of remote control operation by wall switches, remotes, or even your smartphone.  



Awning size is sometimes a factor customers tend to overlook. Do you want an awning with plenty of design and detail that may make your storefront look bigger, or do you want a smaller awning that gives your building a sense of intimacy? Also, do you want awnings over multiple windows, or prefer a larger awning that covers them and gives your building a streamlined look?


Designs and Colors

Think seriously about the designs and colors you want for your retractable awning. Remember, your commercial awning needs to reflect you and your business. If you have a retail shop, you may want designs and colors that showcase fun and creativity. However, if you have a very professional business, you may opt for an awning with colors and designs that are more formal and subdued.



Here at Rollac, we offer awnings in many different styles. Whether you want a traditional look or need a customized commercial awning, the style of awning you select for your business will be important in terms of its functionality as well as the message it sends to your customers. 



Is your business located in an area where hurricanes or tropical storms are common? If so, you'll want an awning that is easy to clean and will maintain its appearance year after year. Also, if your business is located in an area where you have storefront security shutters installed at doors or windows, add an awning that will be complimentary in terms of design and style.



Last but not least, consider how the cost of a retractable awning will fit into your budget. Are you looking for an affordable option for a tight budget, such as a manual awning, or would you be willing and able to spend more on a motorized awning that may offer more amenities? Also keep in mind that the size, design, and style of commercial awning you choose will also factor into your purchase price.


Your Commercial Awning Experts

To make sure you select the perfect commercial awning for your business, contact our team of awning experts here at Rollac. Once you do, you'll get advice you can trust, prices you can afford, and an awning that will be practical, durable, and beautiful.