Drop arm awning in red and white stripe design

Choosing Drop Arm Awning

When you are experiencing those cold winter days and nights, it's sometimes hard to remember just how warm it can be during the summer. But once those hot temperatures make their return, you'll soon be searching for a way to stay cool. Here at Rollac, we know that means it's time for you to consider purchasing a drop arm awning.  Able to fit a wide array of windows and doors, a retractable awning like this can make those summer days oh so much more enjoyable. When you want shading that's affordable and stylish, here's why our Rollac team suggests you choose a drop arm awning.

What are Drop Arm Awnings?

A drop arm awning is a convenient way to add shade over your windows and doors. Using a metal arm attached to its frame, this type of awning can be easily adjusted by simply turning the arm to raise or lower the awning, allowing you to have more or less shade. The fabric cover is fixed and stretched over the awning's metal frame, letting it stay taut and always look its best.   Available in both manual and automatic models, drop arm awnings can be found in all types of sizes and styles, and can be affordable enough to fit into virtually any budget. 

Benefits of Installing Drop Arm Awnings

When you choose a drop arm awning for your home or business, you will immediately begin to reap a variety of benefits that will make you even happier about your purchase.

Temperature Control

First, you'll notice the interior of your home or business will stay much cooler, even when the temperature outside is scorching. As a result, your energy bills may be reduced.

Lower Cost

A drop arm awning is also very affordable as either a manual or automatic model, meaning you can purchase one and still have money left over to purchase outdoor furniture or other things for your home or business. In fact, as you compare drop arm awnings to other outdoor structures, such as canopies or pergolas, you'll smile more and more as you look at your budget.


Drop arm awnings can withstand high winds, are also very durable and can maintain their shape well. Easy to install, your initial investment will last you for many years.  

UV Rays Protection

Finally, if you are tired of the sun's harmful UV rays fading your furniture, flooring, and your beautiful artwork, a retractable awning will provide just enough shade to protect your home and its possessions.  

Types of Drop Arm Awnings

When you are beginning to consider purchasing a drop arm awning, keep in mind that these awnings work well for both residential and commercial properties. Available in so many styles, sizes, colors, and shapes, you'll be able to let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.   Fabric choices can range from bright colors such as red and yellow to subtle colors such as gray and various earth tones. Should you want a little more style for your windows, consider adding a valance to give them a more individualized appearance.   Here at Rollac, we also offer drop arm awnings that come with a cassette closing that acts as a protective cover for the awning fabric. By doing so, this can keep your awning fabric in great shape, protecting it from rain, sunlight, and various types of harsh weather.

How to Choose the Right Drop Arm Awning

When you want to improve your outdoor space and add a new look to your home or business, keep several factors in mind when choosing the right drop arm awning.


First, consider the awning size you'll need for your property. Smaller awnings are primarily used for decorative purposes, while larger ones are geared toward offering maximum shade protection.


The material of your awning will also be important, since it will determine the level of maintenance your awning will require. Outdoor fabrics usually require the most maintenance, since dirt and grime can accumulate on them over time. 


Finally, do you want a drop arm awning that can only be operated manually, or would you prefer a retractable awning that can be operated remotely? If you want a motorized awning that you can operate at your convenience, you may want to opt for a Rollac retractable awning featuring an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Once downloaded, you can open or close your awning with a simple tap of your phone.

Drop Arm Awning Maintenance and Care

One of the biggest benefits you'll love about your drop arm awning is how easy it is to maintain and care for year after year. In fact, if you use some soap and water every month or so, your awning's fabric should stay looking like new.   When you do start to notice any dirt or grime on your awning, using a soft-bristled brush on the fabric will easily remove most stains. This, along with using a garden hose to wash off any twigs or other debris on your awning, will make cleaning your awning easier than you ever expected.

Drop Arm Installation and Cost

The cost to purchase and install a drop arm awning will be based on its size, whether it is a manual or motorized model, and any complexities that may be involved in its installation process. On average, a 20x20 motorized retractable awning will cost close to $10,000 to purchase and install. In comparison, an awning of similar size that is manually-operated may cost only about $4,000.   It's always best to have professionals install your drop arm awning. If you don't and mistakes are made, your awning's lifespan could be greatly reduced.

Contact Us

When you want to learn more about drop arm awnings and have other questions about cost, installation, and other considerations, always get the best advice by contacting us here at Rollac. As the industry experts on drop arm awnings, you can count on us to help you choose a retractable awning that will be perfect for your property and budget.