Choosing a Drop Arm Awning

Choosing a Drop Arm Awning

During the grey and often dark days of winter it’s hard to remember what the warm sunshine feels like. But once it starts shining through your windows, making your home feel like a greenhouse causing your air conditioning unit to work tirelessly, you’ll find yourself longing for cooler temperatures. That’s where Rollac can help with our drop arm coverings. We offer a wide-range of window and door awnings to suit every almost any size and taste. The most important thing you can do is start doing your research now and order your blinds. That hot summer sun is on its way!

What are drop arm awnings?

Drop arm awnings are designed to create shade over windows and doors. They are the perfect choice for these types of openings because they can be adjusted either manually or remotely. The arm of these window and door awnings can be lowered to create more shade or raised to let in more light. It is all at the user’s discretion. Metal arms are affixed to the outside of the window or door and a fixed fabric cover of your choosing is stretched over the metal frame to create the shade.

Why should I install drop arm awnings?

First are foremost installing window and door awnings will help keep the inside of your home cooler. The shade provided by this type of covering will also prevent the fading of your furniture, art work, even your walls from the strong rays of the sun.

At the same time, drop arm awnings will not obstruct your outside view. Whether you live on a canal and love to watch the boats sail by or have a magnificent mountain view, this covering will provide the shade needed; yet it is adjustable so you will still be able to see outside.

Drop arm awnings are also a relatively inexpensive addition to your home. Unlike more elaborate and expensive types of coverings this type of window and door awning is easy to install is durable and very reliable.

What are my drop arm awning choices?

The styles of different drop arm awnings can be almost a little too overwhelming. At Rollac, we offer a range of fabric choices from bold yellows and reds, to more subtle grays and earth tones. Our customers can add a decorative valence to their window and door awning thereby individualizing the covering. At Rollac we offer a cassette closing, for our drop arm coverings. This protective enclosure protects the fabric of the blind from the outdoor elements such as rain and sun.

They also have the choice of selecting a motorized version of this blind, making the extension and arm adjustment of this blind painless. At Rollac our window and door awnings come in a wide range of sizes upwards of 19ft in width.

Another feature of drop-arm awning is that they can be used in a variety of different residential and commercial settings. From hospitals, schools, office buildings, community centers, to your home, beach house or apartment, these window and door awnings are highly versatile.

 Why choose Rollac for your drop arm awnings?

For almost 40 years Rollac has produced, delivered and installed world-class window and door awnings in the Houston area. We are the leader in quality drop arm coverings. That’s why we encourage you, to consider contacting us about your window and door awning purchase and installation. The long winter days are soon coming to end, and you know what that means, the sun’s heat won’t be far behind!