Person Holding an Automated Roller Shutter Remote Control

The Advantages of Choosing Automated Roller Shutters

The era of yanking, cranking, pulling, and pushing to manoeuver your manual shutters is over. Today's customers looking for window coverings want something controlled at a switch's flick or a button's press. That’s why they choose automated shutters.  

At Rollac, our premier selection of automated roller shutters is unmatched in the industry. From hurricane shutters to residential rolling shutters, there isn’t a window or door that we can’t cover!

Yet despite the advanced technology of motorized rolling shutters, many home and business owners hesitate to make this change. Let us help you realize why you should choose automated shutters.

Automated Shutters vs Manual Shutters

Regardless of whether you have two or two dozen windows and doors when selecting roller shutters, the first decision is whether you want manual or automatic coverings.

Manual Shutters

Traditionally, manual shutters primarily made of aluminum or steel are opened and closed using either a winder or crank. Made of slats, manual roller shutters typically open vertically and roll up around a barrel.

Though they are more physically demanding to handle, requiring significant upper body strength, they are cheaper and often more widely available.  

Automated Shutters

Many people choose automated shutters because they’re easy to use. Whether operated using a remote, button, switch, or through a Smartphone application, they’re the perfect application for large windows or doors in a commercial complex.

Motorized rolling shutters are fast, simple, and efficient to operate.  

Advantages of Automated Shutters

Before you choose automated shutters for your home or business, looking at their advantages is crucial. Yes, there are many pluses to these types of window and door coverings, but there are also several factors to consider.

1. Ease of Operation

Nothing operates more smoothly than a roller shutter, whether you’re looking to cover your storefront windows or your sliding glass patio window in your home. Thanks to their motor, automated roller shutters can be operated remotely from a Smartphone application or by pressing a button. They securely lock into place easily and can be rolled up just as quickly.

When you choose automated roller shutters, personalization is easy. You may like them to close halfway in the afternoon over specific windows in your house to avoid the sun's heat.

Or perhaps you like them to open at the same time every day, even if you’re on vacation. That’s where automated roller shutters can be convenient. With so many preset and individualized options available, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install them sooner.

2. Quiet Movement 

The loud cranks and banging sounds often associated with maneuvering a manual shutter don’t apply to automated roller shutter doors. 

Many styles of motorized exterior shutters rise and lower silently or with minimal disruption. This is very convenient if your daughter is napping but the sun is starting to move into her room. 

Her room is in darkness thanks to your residential rolling shutter and a simple button press.

3. Hard-to-Reach Places

Whether you’re looking to install commercial rolling shutters for your business or three-story home, choosing motorized coverings for larger buildings equals safety.

When choosing automated shutters, one factor to consider is where you want them installed.

If you’ve got a large window in your home that you’d like to protect for security purposes but would never be able to operate due to its height, why not try an automated version? 

Conversely, if a small window in your pharmacy business is situated way up high away from the street but you can’t reach it without a giant ladder, installing a motorized exterior shutter would increase your security and prevent you from risking your safety to secure it manually regularly. 

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a prime consideration for many home and business owners today. With temperatures rising globally annually, most of us are looking for ways to keep our buildings cool without increasing air conditioning. 

One of the biggest culprits of leaking air is the windows and doors of any structure. 

Increasingly, people choose automated roller shutters because they’re trying to keep their electricity bills down during the warm summer months and during the cold snaps, which seem to be lasting longer and longer.

Both residential rolling shutters and commercial ones can help reduce the chilled or heated air seepage.

5. Weather Protection

Thanks to their single-wall design, our automated shutters can guard against some of the most violent weather, including hurricanes and severe storms. 

At Rollac, our heavy-duty roller shutters are known as the SecuraMax shutter. They are built to withstand the substantial impact of hurricanes and catastrophic storms that so many of us have regularly witnessed on a seasonal basis.

6. Security 

Whether you have a small-run family business or own a home near the ocean, we all want to know that our places of work and homes are secure. 

With rising commercial and residential crime rates, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to choose automated shutters. Statistically, most intruders will enter a home or business through a window or door. These entry points are the easiest to breach.    

Heavy-duty roller shutters prevent intruders from getting a look into your home or business, but they also prevent them from seeing if anyone is in the building. They are tremendously challenging to penetrate, and their presence alone is an automatic deterrent for any criminal.

Choosing Rollac

At Rollac, new customers often ask us why they should choose automated shutters for their homes or businesses. They often ask us about our product's purportedly exponential cost and regular maintenance and repairs. These are just a few examples of the many misconceptions about motorized roller shutters

Our shutters are created with three words in mind: quality, strength, and innovation. 

Our various types of automated shutters are made of the highest quality materials, including a base of aluminum, and coated with a particular product designed exclusively for rolling shutter profiles. 

Comparatively, our commercial rolling shutters are available in a powder-coated or anodized finish for extra security.

The strength of our shutters is unparalleled. They are designed with an aluminum extrusion to provide an unmatched shield against all impacts. Our hurricane shutters are so durable and reliable that they’ve been approved by the Texas Department of Insurance and Miami Dade County.

Our innovative design has created three federal patents, including our ShopGuard design for maximum theft protection.

Choose our Automated Shutters

Since 1982, we at Rollac have been revolutionizing the automated shutter industry. Our products have been installed in extensive warehouses in some of our biggest cities and the glorious ocean-front properties that line our coasts. 

Many of our customers have become not only repeat buyers but also life-long friends.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you choose automated shutters. We look forward to working with you.