Automated Roller Shutters

Reasons to Choose Automated Roller Shutters

Yanking, cranking, pulling, and pushing if these words sound familiar, then you’re probably the owner of a traditional roller shutter. Whether you have it installed at your business or if they line your home’s windows and doors, they offer several advantages. From theft protection, temperature and light control, to noise abatement, the benefits of these coverings are varied. But it’s the struggle to open and close, not to mention locking them in place that has deterred many potential users from buying roller shutters altogether. That is until now, until the invention of: the automated roller shutter.

Less Wear and Tear

Have you ever told a family member (especially a child) not to touch your window blinds or curtains? The fear is if they fiddle with them they could stain, rip, or simply ruin your window coverings. The same can be said for your roller shutters. Though they are much more durable than fabric curtains they still get pulled and tugged on which can lead to breaks in the aluminum. It can also wear down the hardware used to anchor or store your shutters when they’re rolled up. Investing in a set of automated roller shutters prevents the erratic pulling and tugging that your roller shutters usually endure. With the touch of a button or flick of a switch, your coverings will now open and close on command. You don’t have to touch them at all.

Smooth Operation

Automated roller shutters operate much more quietly than manual ones. This means you and your family will not be disturbed by the often loud cranks and other sounds that come with opening and closing these window treatments. If you use shutters on your windows and doors at your business, you won’t be disturbing others as you open and close them at the beginning and end of each day. In addition, the motors are installed in a manner that makes them completely out of sight. You will never see your blinds working.

Choose Presets

Maybe you like your automated roller shutters to close halfway in the afternoon over certain windows in your house, to avoid the heat of the sun. Or perhaps you like them to open at the same time every day even if you’re on vacation. That’s where automated roller shutters can be very handy. With the use of your remote control or Smartphone App you can control when your blinds open and close regardless if you’re there. You can also control how open, as in at a ¾ length or fully rolled up your blinds will be.

Hard to Reach Places

Installing automated roller shutters means you won’t strain yourself to close them in those hard to reach places. If you’ve got a large window in your home which you’d like to install a roller shutter but would never be able to operate it due to its height then why not try an automated version? With a simple press of a button or flick of a switch, your large window will now be covered without you having to strain or put yourself in a precarious position to ensure it gets done.

Roller Shutters Made Easy

The days of cranking, yanking, pulling and tugging are gone. Thanks to automated roller shutters, your need for a strong window barrier will not be compromised by ease of use.  They will both go hand in hand. Now is the time to order this type of modern window covering and say ‘hello’ to convenience.