Full Cassette, Half Cassette And Non-Cassette Awnings: What’s The Difference?

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When you think about a cassette, your mind probably starts remembering the cassette tapes from decades ago that were filled with your favorite songs. But here at Rollac, our team knows cassette also applies to awnings. Specifically, we mean half cassette and full cassette awnings. Before you purchase an awning, you need to know the difference between half cassette and full cassette awnings. To help with this, we’ve assembled all the information you’ll need right here.

What is a Cassette Retractable Awning?

When you start comparing awnings to pergolas and canopies, you’ll notice cassette awnings are mentioned quite frequently during your comparisons. A cassette retractable awning means the awning itself has a casing into which the awning retracts. The purpose of the cassette is to help protect the awning from becoming worn or damaged due to rain, dirt and grime, or other harmful elements. 

Cassette awnings can be used in a variety of settings. Most often, these will include over doors and windows, or perhaps over a patio area or deck. When deciding on a cassette awning, you should always take the awning size into consideration. Generally, a full cassette awning will be bigger than a half cassette awning. Because of this, you should always measure the area very carefully before you choose a drop arm awning for your home or business.

What is the Difference between Half Cassette and Full Cassette Awnings?

Now we get to the question that is on your mind, which is explaining the primary differences between half cassette and full cassette awnings.  

Full Cassette Awnings

As we noted earlier, full-cassette awnings are usually bigger than their half cassette counterparts. Most often used at homes and restaurants that have very large patios or outdoor dining areas, these awnings are enclosed, meaning the fabric roller, awning fabric, and extension arms are completely protected when stored inside the closed cassette. 

The more you think about it, we imagine you probably assume you should always opt for a full cassette awning. However, that’s not necessarily true. Once you begin speaking to our awning experts here at Rollac, you’ll learn they are not only larger than most half cassette awnings, but also more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you should get all the details before choosing the awning that will best meet your needs.

Half Cassette Awnings

Just as it sounds, a half cassette awning is smaller than a full cassette awning, and thus usually offers a bit less protection for your awning fabric. With this awning, the half cassette is positioned on top of the fabric roll. While the awning fabric will still get protection from the elements, you may need to clean your awning more frequently due to it being exposed more than with a full cassette awning.  

Being smaller, you would probably expect to be using a half cassette awning over windows and doors at your home or business. In fact, we have noticed in recent years that more and more newer homes are opting for half cassette awnings over windows, doors, and front entrances, especially when the home contains a small porch area.

Comparing the Two

Though there are differences between half cassette and full cassette awnings, there are also similarities. To begin with, both can be purchased as electric awnings that come with remote control features, meaning they can be opened and closed with a standard remote control, or even your smartphone after downloading an app. Both are also available in various sizes, styles, designs, and colors, meaning you’ll be able to find one that matches your existing architecture and decor.

As for their differences, a half cassette will probably require more awning maintenance and care due to more exposure to the elements, while full cassette awnings will be more expensive. Always take your budget into consideration, remembering that half cassette awnings may have shorter lifespans than full-cassette awnings. Thus, while you may save money initially, a full cassette awning may be a better long-term investment.

What about Non-Cassette Awnings?

Should you have a very small budget yet still want an awning, non-cassette awnings are an option. However, since the awning fabric is exposed to the weather 24/7, this makes them much more prone to wear and tear. If you wind up buying a new awning every few years, you would be better off to invest in a half-cassette or full cassette awning.

Find the Right Awning for You at Rollac

When you want a half cassette or full cassette waterproof retractable awning here in Houston or nearby communities that will look great, be easy to maintain, and last for many years, look us up here at Rollac. By taking the time to let us answer your questions and help you compare the pros and cons of half cassette and full cassette awnings, you’ll find the perfect retractable awning for your home or business.