The Importance of Gas Station Security Shutters

Beautiful Gas Station During Sunset

If you own or manage a gas station, you know all too well that security is one of your top priorities. Unfortunately a favorite target of would-be robbers and thieves, today’s modern gas stations need to do everything possible to stop burglaries, keep looters at bay, and deter thieves. While this may sound impossible, investing in gas station security shutters can pay off in a big way. If you’re ready to take your gas station security to a whole new level and give you and your employees peace of mind, here’s all you need to know about Rollac gas station shutters.


Why Security Shutters Are Crucial For Gas Stations 

Since gas stations are increasingly targeted by burglars and robbers who are more brazen than ever before in their efforts to commit crimes, security shutters are great security solutions for a variety of reasons such as:

  • 11,795 gas station robberies in 2020
  • Guns used in 60% of robberies
  • Gas stations account for two percent of all violent crime in United States

As to why gas stations are targeted so often by criminals, you can look to such reasons as:

  • Stations have thousands of dollars in cash on hand
  • Open 24 hours
  • May have only one employee on duty
  • Quick and easy target

Since criminals are always looking for soft targets where they can get in and out very quickly with a maximum amount of cash, gas stations are regularly targeted by both experienced and inexperienced robbers and burglars. One of the best reasons to choose automated roller shutters is so employees can control the shutters from anywhere they happen to be in the store. Should they be closing up at night, they can close the shutters without having to go outside, giving them an increased level of safety while also protecting the station.

How to Choose the Best Security Shutters for a Gas Station

When you are choosing security shutters for a gas station, keep in mind that there are many factors to consider when buying commercial shutters.


The cost of exterior shutters can vary depending on a number of things, which may include their size, the number of shutters you need, the material from which they are made, and whether you choose automated exterior rolling shutters or instead pick manual roll down shutters for your gas station. Though manual shutters will cost less than automated shutters, they do require more work, since employees must go outside to close the shutters.


Though the main benefit of roller shutter doors for your gas station will be to act as a visual deterrent to criminals, you also want the doors to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the front of your business. Here at Rollac, we offer convenience store security shutters that come in a variety of colors and styles, ensuring they will fit in well with any style of architecture.


Should your gas station be a building with a unique design or have security needs that require customized shutters that will provide maximum security as well as provide hurricane protection from the fiercest of storms, our team here at Rollac is able to customize virtually any type of rolling shutters to your exact specifications.

Effective Protection

Last but certainly not least, we here at Rollac know you want your rolling security shutters to be as effective as possible in terms of keeping your gas station, employees, and customers safe from harm. Once you place your trust in us and our heavy duty security shutters, you’ll soon have the most effective commercial rolling shutters on the market today at your gas station. Well-known for being able to withstand the best efforts of criminals, our security shutters can withstand harsh impacts and are also made so that they cannot be pried open with crowbars.


Why You Should Choose Rollac Gas Station Security Shutters

When you want gas station security shutters that are aesthetically pleasing and would look fantastic on your gas station, you can’t go wrong by choosing our shutters here at Rollac.

Made in USA

To ensure you have roller security shutters that are of the highest quality, all of our security shutters are manufactured here in the USA. Instead of wondering if the quality of your security shutters has been compromised by poor manufacturing standards overseas, buy Rollac shutters and have immediate peace of mind.

Quality Finish

Whether you choose a powder-coated finish or our very popular anodized finish, you’ll have gas station rolling security shutters that have that look of quality while also keeping your gas station safe and secure.

Varying Visibility

Your Rollac commercial security shutters can be made to give you varying degrees of visibility. If you want, you can purchase security shutters that are completely solid. Should you want to be able to see what’s going on outside once your shutters are closed, we also offer Grid and Rectangle patterns with degrees of visibility between 14-40 percent.

Locking Options

For added security, our shutters come with a variety of locking options, including slide locks, turn key locks, turn knob locks, and removable tumbler locks.

Box Housing

When you want to keep the installation space of your gas station shutters to a minimum and give them low visual impact on your station, opt for box housing that can be either 45 or 90 degrees. Creating a very compact roll for your shutters, our box housing option will be a smart choice for your shutters.

The Strongest Aluminum

Our gas station security shutters are made of extruded aluminum, meaning they are the strongest in the industry. This type of aluminum is known for its durability, impact resistance, and strength that will ensure it keeps your station protected for many years.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you know other business owners who have purchased storefront shutters or pharmacy security shutters from Rollac and have encouraged you to check into buying rolling shutters to protect your gas station, contact us here at Rollac to learn more about our shutters. If you’ve got questions about how our shutters can offer your gas station maximum protection from criminals and vandals, one call to us will be all you need to soon have a well-protected gas station.