Buying Roller Shutters

Considerations When Buying Roller Shutters

Beach house, mountain retreat, downtown store or home in the suburbs, there are many different structures that can benefit from the installation of roller shutters. With almost 40 years of experience in the window coverings industry we certainly have fitted a variety of different structures including those mentioned above. Whether you’ve decided to install roll down window shutters or roll up window shutters, there are a few decisions important decisions you must make before installation.


Why are you considering buying roller shutters? Or asked another way, what has prompted your need to consider this type of window covering? At Rollac, the most common reason we hear from customers is for protection, keeping potential thieves away from your business or home. If you own a store on a very busy street, a large warehouse in an industrial area, or a private home, you know that security is paramount. The damage that theft can do to any of these structures can take years to recover from. By installing, for example a roll down window shutter to your premise, this form of extra security will ensure its safety. You are minimizing your risks of a potential break-in and as such as reducing the costs and disruption to your and life and business caused by thieves or vandals.


Roll down window shutters do not come in standard sizes and don’t be fooled if someone tells you otherwise. This type of investment requires a customized fit because all windows vary greatly in shape and size. Never settle for ‘good enough’ when installing a roll up window shutter. If an installer tells you that his covering will leave a few inches of exposed window on either side and there is nothing that can be done to fix that, find someone else. At Rollac, all of our roller shutter purchases begin with a visit from one of our experienced team members. It is critical that we properly measure and verify our product will properly protect your window. A roll down window shutter that does not cover your window is of no use to you.


There is tremendous variety in the roller shutter industry. Options such as automated roll down window shutters that are controlled via remote control are a very popular choice. Today’s devices can open and close several different shutters at a time. Security switches are another option we offer at Rollac. Using key pads, card switches or turn-key switches, this is an added level of security designed to protect your home or business and keep potential thieves out. Don’t forget you have several choices regarding the installation if you select roll down windows shutters. You can have them retrofitted into the existing structure, built into the walls of your home so they are less visible or in soffit where the shutter box is installed in the roof’s soffit space for a more streamlined look.


One of the advantages of working with our experts at Rollac is that we can breakdown the cost of for example, one of our roll up window shutters. This allows you, the customer, to understand what is included in the purchase and installation of the product. Then together you can decide if purchasing roller shutters for all of your homes windows of just a few in the most vulnerable areas of your home such as the main floor is affordable. In the event your budget won’t allow for as many roll down shutters as you’d hoped, our experts can offer other suggestions that will offer a similar level of protection.

Consider this…

Choices, choices, and more choices, sometimes faced with many options can be a wonderful thing. However, if you’re a home or business owner who wants to purchase roller shutters but are overwhelmed by the variety then ask for help. At Rollac, our experienced team members have the industry knowledge and customer service needed for you to make the right choice for you.