How To Get Your Storefront Ready For Holiday Season

Get Your Storefront Ready For Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is inching closer and closer, the time has come to get your storefront ready for what you hope will be plenty of shoppers eager to spend their money in your store. But along with having a large inventory of in-demand items and decorating your store in a festive manner, you also need to make sure you and your employees feel secure. To do so, there are a variety of items you can get to make your store safer, such as security shutters from Rollac.

Advantages of Commercial Shutters

Whether you have a large crowd eager to enter your store for a holiday sale or have closed your store for the night, commercial security shutters from Rollac can give you added security and plenty of peace of mind. Custom-fit for your building, retail shop security roller shutters require minimal installation space, can be installed on the inside or outside of your building, provide maximum protection against the strongest of impacts, and so much more. 

Depending on the type of retail business you have, it is possible you may need tremendous flexibility regarding security shutters. We realize that here at Rollac, which is why our retail shop roller shutters can be used at the front of your store, around a kiosk, or behind glass walls to protect valuable merchandise. With many styles from which to choose that offer varying patterns and degrees of visibility, Rollac security shutters are well worth the investment.

Security Cameras

Unfortunately, the holiday season tends to bring out people who are determined to shoplift from hardworking merchants like yourself. To lessen the chances your business will fall victim to these individuals, you may want to install security cameras in and around your business. While you can purchase and install security cameras that are very obvious to everyone, many businesses are now turning to cameras that look just like ordinary objects. In doing so, they still have a high level of security, but also put shoppers at ease by not making them feel as if every move they make is being watched. Yet whatever your preference, installing security cameras for the holiday season can provide security and the evidence needed to convict shoplifters and others who may have crime on their minds.

Light Up the Night

If there is one thing criminals love, it’s a storefront that is poorly lit. When this is the case, it becomes much easier for them to burglarize, assault, and do plenty of other illegal acts. To prevent this from happening, light up the night by installing bright lighting at your storefront. One of the most popular options is a dawn to dusk security light at the entrance of a store. Knowing they will be easily seen thanks to the lights and caught on your security camera, chances are any would-be criminals will move on and look for an easier target. 

Ask the Experts

Here at Rollac, we are always eager to work with our customers to make sure they get exactly what they need when it comes to security shutters. Knowing you will have many questions about the different types of retail security roller shutters and which ones would work best for your situation, we take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you the information needed to make a well-informed decision. Possessing an excellent reputation within our industry, our customer service experts are always ready to help you learn about the many benefits of security shutters.

Review Your Security Policy

Prior to the holiday shopping season, always review your security policy with your employees. By doing so, everyone will be on the same page regarding how to handle shoplifting situations, crowd control measures, when to call the police to the scene, and how to properly operate your store’s security system. This is vital, especially in the age of COVID-19 and all the stress that has accompanied the pandemic. By knowing how to approach and deescalate certain situations until police or other first responders can arrive, you and your employees can have peace of mind throughout the holiday shopping season.

Rather than wait until a serious situation develops that makes you wish you had installed security shutters on your business, contact us here at Rollac to find out how you can get retail security roller shutters for your storefront. By choosing to be proactive before the holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while the holiday profits mount up from now until Christmas.