What Are the Rolling Shutter Trends in 2024?

Young Woman Closing a Roller Shutter at Her Home

Of all the rolling shutter trends in 2024, what catches the eye are numbers that indicate this industry is poised for considerable market growth.

In the most recent market analysis report, the projected growth rate of the global roller shutter market is about 7.50% between 2023 and 2032.

This is thanks to the increased need for safety, convenience, energy efficiency, security and booming remodeling and construction industries. 

Simply put, the demand for roller shutters has never been greater.

In light of this projected growth, many exciting trends are emerging in the roller shutter industry, and we at Rollac have our finger on the pulse of these changes.


Rolling Shutter Trends in 2024

With an estimated value of USD 57.24 billion in 2023 and an anticipated value of USD 85 billion by 2032, there is much to explore in the roller shutter industry.

Unlike other industries, the trends witnessed in 2024 won’t come and go. These trends are here to stay for many years.

1. Smart Shades 

Like so much of the 21st-century home and office, integrating smart technology is one of the most significant rolling shutter trends in 2024. This is more than being able to control the movement of your roller shutters using a switch or button.

Customers are demanding residential and commercial rolling shutters that can be controlled remotely through their smartphones using an app, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Home. This trend means homeowners won’t have to leave their bed to raise the blinds in the morning.

2. Improved Sustainability

There was a time when the words “green” and “eco-friendly” were haphazardly thrown around while discussing window and door coverings. However, one of the roller shutter trends in 2024 is sustainability, and this concept is here to stay. 

Many clients want automated window and door coverings constructed in a way that doesn’t damage the planet. Additionally, they want an energy-efficient product that can contribute to the natural aesthetic of their home or business instead of looking like an eye sore.   

3. Increased Emphasis on Energy Efficiency

With global temperatures steadily increasing and the weather becoming more extreme, energy efficiency is another one of the roller shutter trends in 2024. Today’s exterior roller shutters are insulated, lowering energy costs and preventing heat loss.

Many roller shutters, including Rollac’s, feature a special thermal paint that reduces heat absorption even when coated in dark colors by reflecting solar energy. This keeps the shutter’s surface up to 10 degrees cooler, reducing heat stress and conserving energy.

4. Safety and Security

The safety and security of your home or business and the people who use it will continue to be paramount in 2024. 

Many automated roller shutters are equipped with a collision detection system. As the blinds roll into position, they will automatically stop moving and retract if they sense an obstacle (i.e., a dog or small child). Homeowners can feel at ease knowing their loved ones are safe.

5. The Rise of E-Commerce

One of the roller shutter trends in 2024 has nothing to do with their features and more with where they’re being used. 

With the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry, the need to protect many large warehouses from theft has caused an increased demand for heavy-duty roller shutters. Also known as security shutters, the automated version was initially popular in corporate settings such as storefronts or pharmacies.

However, with thousands of warehouses stocking massive and valuable quantities of home goods, electronics, and other items, protecting these buildings has become as critical a factor as managing the industry’s growth. 

6. Fire and Storm Protection 

With exceptional fire-resistant properties and durability, aluminum has become the most popular roller shutter material for 2024. Unlike other roller shutter materials such as wood, glass, or other metals, aluminum doesn’t rust.

Usually treated with a protective zinc coating, aluminum can withstand extreme temperatures longer than any other shutter material. This type of metal is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it easy to lock into place during a hurricane or heavy storm.  

7. Construction and Remodeling

Homeowners are spending more on residential construction and improvement, thanks to government spending on infrastructure in many countries worldwide. The trend isn’t so much on the roller shutter style as it is on its increased use to cover the windows and doors in many remodeled or newly built homes.

The myths about roller shutters being expensive to install or problematic to own have fallen by the wayside as homeowners realize these coverings’ aesthetic and practical advantages.

Many governments worldwide, seeing roller shutters’ advantages, actively promote their usage and offer subsidies to encourage widespread use.

The Year of the Roller Shutter

If you’re still not convinced that roller shutters are suitable for your home or business, consider this: North America has the largest share of the international roller shutter industry. This means either a residential neighbor or fellow business owner has already or will purchase one of these window or door coverings soon. 

If nothing else, the roller shutter trends in 2024 reflect why this product is popular now and will continue to be in the future. 

For more information on how we can help you choose the correct shutter for your home or business, contact us now.