Exterior View of a House with the U.S. Flag and Rolling Shutters Installed at Windows and Doors

Shutters, Grilles and Gates-Home Security Options

Get a large guard dog, install an alarm system, and re-inforce your window and door locks. There are as many suggestions as to how you can improve the security of your home, as there are ways to break into it. Yet, the home security industry remains a multi-billion dollar industry. Where one anti-theft expert might suggest installing motion sensors around the outside of your home, another might say remove all outside lights, they attract vandals. So who’s right and who’s wrong? The answer is: it depends.  However, there is one safety feature that stands alone because it acts as a deterrent, discouraging potential thieves: a metal barrier. Whether it is in the form of home shutters, grilles or gates, when an intruder sees them on a house, they’ll simply walk away. They know it will take too much time and effort needed to breach these security measures.

Home Security Shutters

Residential roller shutters can be pulled down or lifted either by hand, using a crank stick or even electronically. Whatever method you choose to operate your covering, most home security shutters are made from aluminum slats. They are linked together and run up and down tracks on either side of the window or door. When they are rolled open, they can be anchored in many different ways including the traditional lock and key method. Conversely when the home shutters are rolled closed they’re usually hidden out of sight in a container box.

Home security shutters can be used on windows, doors and even garage doors. To determine which points of entry to cover, start by installing shutters at all the easily accessible windows plus the side and rear doors. Normally, another type of protective measure is used for the front door. Additionally the windows on the upper floors of your home usually don’t require any kind of security shutter.

Security Grilles

There are several different types of security grilles designed to protect your windows and doors.

Externally fixed grills are usually seen more often on the outside of commercial buildings rather than in people’s homes. In high crime areas they’re usually noticeable over basement windows or ones that open onto back alleyways or streets. This type of grille is fitted onto the sides of the building window or onto the face of the brickwork.

Internally fixed grilles are far more common, especially in private homes. They’re often noticeable on basement windows. They too can be fitted into the brickwork in the reveal or window frame of the house. This type of security feature is made from flat steel bars or expanded steel. They have decorative openings on them so that the window can be opened and closed.

Folding security grills otherwise known as collapsible gates are installed internally on the windows or doors of a building or home.  They can be unlocked and pushed back out of the way when they’re not in use. When they are closed, they can be hidden behind curtains or blinds. When they’re needed the user simply has to pull across and lock the grill into place on one side of the door or window opening.

Front Door Security Gates

Their intricate and artistic design can be deceiving, but security gates for front doors serve a very important feature. According to statistics, 70% of thieves gain access to a home through a door, often the front one. All they need is to break through that door and your home can be vandalized in less than 10 minutes. Many of today’s front door security gates are not the big and visually unappealing barriers of days passed. Instead, there are a variety of doors available to buyers and they can often improve the curb appeal of your home.

Consider your Options

Before you consider installing flood lights, motion sensors, or home alarms, consider all your options. From residential roller shutters, to grilles and gates these more permanent solutions can act as deterrents. Their presence can turn a potential thief around in their tracks and have them looking for an easier target.