How to Protect An Equipment Rental Space with Security Shutters

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Equipment rental companies are some of the most successful businesses operating today. As more and more construction companies and other similar businesses have come to discover how much money they can save by renting equipment rather than purchasing it themselves, rental companies have seen their profits rise higher and higher each year. However, since these companies have so much valuable equipment in their inventory, they are popular targets for theft and burglary. If your company has been burglarized in the past or you want to protect your business from becoming the next victim of a theft or burglary, here’s why you need Rollac security shutters protecting your business and its equipment.


Why Equipment Rental Spaces Need Outstanding Security

If you’ve happened to notice pharmacy security shutters located inside retail stores but still don’t know if security shutters are necessary for your equipment rental business, keep in mind that just like any other type of retail business, your inventory is your business. Thus, just as a store can’t make money if it has no items to sell to customers, your equipment rental company won’t make any money if all your equipment has been stolen or vandalized.

When you are making your decision about equipment rental space security shutters, remember that statistics show that one-third of these types of businesses are vulnerable to theft. Since your inventory can run into thousands or possibly even millions of dollars, this is a crucial factor to consider when buying commercial shutters that give your business the greatest source of security and protection.

Unfortunately, many equipment rental companies are not proactive when it comes to security measures. As a result, if multiple thefts, burglaries, and acts of vandalism have taken place against valuable pieces of heavy equipment, it’s possible at some point you may be forced to shut your doors and go out of business, since customers will have little if any faith in the quality of your equipment.

Choosing Security Shutters for Equipment Rental Space

Protecting your valuable equipment from would-be thieves should always be one of your top priorities as the owner of an equipment rental company. Here at Rollac, our equipment rental shutters are not only of the best quality, but also very affordable and available in many types of styles and colors. In fact, here are just a few of the top things you should consider when buying rolling security shutters from Rollac.

Maximum Effectiveness

Since you will be spending thousands of dollars to invest in commercial shutters to protect your equipment and your business from burglary, we know you expect to get many benefits for your business. When you buy Rollac rolling security shutters, you’ll get exactly that and much more. In fact, our customers often tell us that the security provided by our state-of-the-art heavy duty rolling shutters is well worth the money they spent.

Rolling Shutter Costs

When you think about having perhaps millions of dollars worth of rental equipment at your business, you come to realize that the cost of exterior rolling shutters pales in comparison. Should you decide to choose manual roll down shutters for your business, the cost may vary between $600-$900 for each rolling security shutter. If you would prefer to have rolling commercial security shutters that are able to be operated electronically and also provide your equipment with the highest levels of hurricane protection in the event of a storm, your costs may vary between $1000-$2000 per shutter.

A Pleasing Appearance

In years past, many companies sold rolling security shutters that were anything but aesthetically pleasing. However, that’s not the case with our Rollac rolling security shutters. In fact, you can get equipment rental space security shutters that are available in many colors, styles, and patterns. Whether you prefer to have rolling security shutters that are completely solid and metallic in color or equipment rental shutters that are colored to match your building’s exterior and offer a certain degree of visibility, we can work with you to get you exactly what you want and need.

Customizing Your Equipment Rental Shutters

Yes, our Rollac team can customize your equipment rental shutters to meet even the most unusual of specifications. Should you need heavy duty commercial shutters that can protect very large pieces of equipment or require shutters that need to have a very unique look, our team of experts can listen to your concerns and come up with a solution that will leave you with rolling shutters that are as unique as you could possibly imagine.


Why Rollac Is The Best Option For Your Equipment Rental Business

There are many reasons why choosing automated roller shutters from Rollac will protect your business much better than shutters purchased from similar companies.

Strong, Durable Aluminum

When it comes to rolling security shutters, they may look similar, but that does not mean they are all of the same quality. Here at Rollac, our equipment rental space security shutters are made of the strongest and most durable types of aluminum. As a result, while the shutters may be lightweight, they are strong enough to be durable for years and withstand kicks, impacts, and anything else that comes their way so you’ll have no problems with your security shutters.

Various Locking Systems

Burglars are always looking for locks that are easy to pick or break. Well, they won’t find those on any of our equipment rental security shutters. In fact, our rolling security shutters are able to be made with a wide array of locking options, including turn knob locks and removable tumbler locks.

Rails and End Retention Systems

Rails are the frame of your shutter system. With our Rollac rolling security shutters, you can select from small rails that have less visual impact or larger rails that provide more security and resistance if a burglar attempts to remove them. By adding an End Retention System, you can actually lock the rail and shutter curtain together, making your shutter virtually impossible to open. 

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Whether you want to know more about how an End Retention System can protect your equipment rental business or if you are interested in storefront security shutters for your business, give us a call today. Once you speak to our knowledgeable customer service experts, you’ll discover why many equipment rental spaces nationwide place their trust in Rollac security shutters.