How to Pick the Best Security Shutters For Your Electrical Supply Company

Exterior View of Elliott Electric Supply Company with Roller Shutters Installed at the Entrance

More than ever in today’s modern technology-oriented world, electricity is vital to keeping society running as smoothly as possible. Whether it is generators to keep medical equipment operating in hospitals, power to help military personnel keep our nation safe, or simply making sure you have the power needed to surf the internet online at home, the fact is electrical supply companies are crucial businesses that need to be protected from vandalism and other criminal acts. To do so, it’s best to consider installing heavy duty rolling shutters that are made to deter criminals and protect your business from burglary. If you’re ready to make a security upgrade, here’s why you need electrical supply security shutters and the many benefits they offer.


Choose the Best Security Shutters for Your Electrical Supply Company

Once you decide security shutters are a great option to keep your electrical supply company safe, your next step is to think about the many factors you’ll need to consider when buying commercial shutters that will be used primarily for security purposes.

Effective Protection

First and foremost, you of course want to make sure the rolling shutters you have installed on your building will provide maximum protection from criminals seeking to rob, burglarize, or vandalize your business. Here at Rollac, our commercial shutters are made of high-strength aluminum that can easily withstand high-impact strikes and protect your home or business during hurricanes. Should looting be a concern of yours, you’ll be glad to know our rolling shutters are made so that they not only stay in place, but also cannot be easily pried open by would-be looters.


Here at Rollac, we understand that as a business owner, the cost of exterior rolling shutters is one of your top priorities. When pondering this aspect of your purchase, decide whether you want manual roll down shutters or automated electric supply shutters for your business. On average, manual roll down shutters cost between $800-$1000 per window, while automated commercial window shutters may cost upwards of $2000 each. Since costs can vary based on many factors, always talk to us about the type of shutters you want and your budget for the purchase beforehand.

Shutter Appearance

While you want your commercial security shutters to deter criminals and keep your business safe, you don’t want the shutters to take away from the looks of your building’s exterior. One of the best reasons to choose automated roller security shutters from us here at Rollac is the fact that our rolling shutter systems come in a wide array of styles and colors, ensuring they will easily blend in with your building’s exterior.

Customized Security Shutters

Just like pharmacy security shutters that can be customized to exact specifications, our Rollac security shutters for electrical supply companies can also be customized to whatever you need. Whether you want storefront shutters, specific color combinations, patterns within the screens to offer varying degrees of visibility, or specific sizes for your shutters, we can work with you to give you the perfect electric supply security shutters.


Why Your Electrical Supply Company Needs Great Security

As a business that is vital to the residential and commercial sectors of our nation, your electrical supply company needs great security for a variety of reasons.

First is the fact that your business contains many expensive parts and other items that thieves and burglars know they could sell illegally for big profits. Should your business appear to be an easy target, criminals will not hesitate to rob your business day or night.

Next, it is likely your electrical supply company may have a large amount of cash in the business at any given time of the day or night. Burglars know this, which is why these businesses get targeted for theft and robbery more than you may realize. Though the cost of exterior shutters may be a large investment initially, it will pay off in terms of keeping your insurance rates low. Should your business be burglarized or robbed often, your insurance rates could skyrocket or your policy could be canceled altogether.

Why Choose Rollac Shutters For Your Electrical Supply Company?

Since there are many companies out there that sell rolling security shutters, you may be wondering what makes our Rollac rolling shutters so special. Once you take a closer look at our security shutters, you’ll quickly see the benefits of Rollac rolling security shutters for your business.


Durability is one the main problems people experience with security shutters. Tested to the highest standards, Rollac’s rolling shutters can withstand being hit with large objects, kicked, and even trying to be pried open with crowbars. Once a criminal tries their best against our security shutters, they will give up and look for an easier target.

Patented Systems

Unlike many other companies that simply sell cheap imitations, our Rollac commercial security shutters are unique in that they contain many patented systems that blow away the competition. Whether it is a state-of-the-art locking system, our End Retention System, or the high-grade aluminum that is lightweight yet still quite strong, these are all factors to consider when buying rolling shutters from Rollac.

Manual or Automated

Whether you want to make a large initial investment in rolling security shutters or are on a limited budget but still want maximum security for your business, we at Rollac can help by offering both manual and automated rolling security shutters. Should you choose manual roll down shutters initially, keep in mind that our rolling security shutter systems are designed so that they can be converted to being automated if you wish.

Contact Us for More Info

If you have any questions or concerns about our security shutters or just want additional information about which type of shutter would work best for your electrical supply company, contact us here at Rollac by phone or online for more information. As you communicate with us and learn why our rolling security shutters are so unique and appreciated by our thousands of customers, you’ll see why numerous electric supply companies choose Rollac for their security shutter needs.