The Cost of Building a Pergola

To cover your outdoor kitchen, to provide shade over the Jacuzzi, or to add a bit of decoration to your growing garden, there are many different reasons to build a pergola in your home. Yet, a lot of of the customers we see in our Rollac showroom have been reluctant to purchase one. Why? They’re afraid of the cost. But before you scratch the idea of enjoying a pergola from your mind, consider what affects the cost of this backyard feature. You might be happy to learn pergola costs aren’t nearly as intimidating as you think.

What is a Pergola?

Simply put a pergola is four-pillared structure with a latticed roof. Though some varieties can sit on a lawn, most are constructed with wood and feature either a concrete or flagstone patio base. Pergolas are primarily used in outdoor living spaces, to highlight an outdoor kitchen, or provide shade to a patio.

What affects the cost?

It’s important to understand that no two pergolas cost the same amount. There are several factors that can drastically influence the final price tag.

Type of Construction

Perhaps the largest factor affecting pergola prices is whether it’s built by a professional or comes ready-made.

If it is customized and requires professionals to design and erect the structure the cost ranges any where from $20,000 to $100,000 for materials and labor. Customized pergolas will require more time to construct and install. The labor involved in creating your made-to-order covering will dramatically increase your pergola price. Typically a covering of 100 square feet will require a minimum of 35 man hours to create. This is can add a considerable amount of money to any pergola cost.

When your budget is a concern, a ready-made one is usually your best bet. Pre-fabricated pergolas come in a variety of sizes, materials, colors, and styles. Though they may not provide homeowners a unique look that fits perfectly with their outdoor space they are certainly easier on the wallet. If you decide to build one on your own from a pre-fabricated package, your pergola costs may be lower.


The value of the materials used is an additional factor affecting pergola prices. Whether you choose wood, vinyl, fibreglass, or aluminium this can dramatically affect the final tally. Wood is the most popular material for this type of outdoor covering. Its appeal is its natural look and usually suits any design or budget. Cedar and redwood are the most fashionable of the wood variety. They can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions. However they tend to be the most expensive as well. To lower your pergola costs consider choosing a pressure-treated piece of lumber and have it wrapped in a thin layer of hardwood to get the look you’re after without the hefty price tag.

Your geographic location can influence the materials you use. Some areas of the country, such as here in Texas use aluminium in the construction of their pergolas. Though it often isn’t an aesthetically pleasing choice for some customers, they opt to use this material because it can withstand our infamous heat.

If you want your pergola to provide more shade in your outdoor space then adding more slats to its roof accomplishes that goal. As a result, this additional amount of material raises the pergola cost.

Other factors that affect pergola costs include size, whether it is freestanding or attached to your home, stains, sealants, or paints needed for the wood, and the calibre of designer needed to turn your pergola into a reality.

Investing in a Pergola

If the options for creating your outdoor covering seem overwhelming then consider contacting us at Rollac. We have the experience and understanding to walk you through the selection process. Yes, a pergola is an investment of time and money. However, with a little consideration and research it can be an affordable expense that produces an enjoyable structure lasting a lifetime.