Storm Protection Product Benefits

Storm Protection Product Benefits

When a hurricane is predicted to make landfall, and your home or business is in its pathway, you want to find as much protection as possible. That’s where Rollac’s rolling shutters can help. We offer hurricane rated shutters that are unmatched in their strength and storm protection. Our SecuraMax shutters are tested to the highest level of protection. They are heavy duty window and door shutters designed to withstand the heaviest impact from storms.

SecuraMax Storm Protection Features

1.     Code Approved

Don’t just take our word for it. The SecuraMax shutters have been tested to the highest standards in the United States. They have been approved by the Miami Dade County, the Florida Building Code, and the Texas Department of Insurance. These are the front-line insurance agencies and builder groups that deal with the aftermath of some of the most massive hurricanes in the U.S.

2.     Extruded Strength

The SecuraMax shutter is made of aluminum. It is very lightweight but powerful. These SecuraMax storm protection shutters consist of a thick double-walled aluminum slat that will absorb the impact of flying debris, the wind, and the rain, as it hits your home or business.

3.     Rails

On either side of the frame of your shutter are rails that attach to the wall. These guide the shutter curtain in and out of its boxed housing up and down the rails. For even more security, especially in a hurricane-prone area, such as along coastal regions, Rollac offers its End Retention System. This uses the rails and actually locks the shutter curtain and the rail together. In turn, this provides a much stronger resistance to a hurricane-force that is being applied to the shutter.

4.     Additional Benefits

SecuraMax offers additional benefits to storm protection, including noise reduction, U.V. protection, security, and privacy.

What is the purpose of hurricane shutters?

 The primary purpose of hurricane shutters is to block the high-speed wind and subsequent flying debris associated with this type of storm. Airborne objects, including everything from branches to household furniture, can penetrate windows, doors, or other openings in homes or businesses.

Who needs hurricane shutters?

Anyone who lives in a coastal region would benefit from Rollac’s SecuraMax shutters. That’s from Texas east all the way North up to Maine and Rhode Island.

When do you need hurricane shutters?

Hurricane season begins June 1st and lasts until October 31st. During the peak of hurricane season, you will rest assured knowing that your building is protected against this storm’s dangers.

Yet the benefits of SecuraMax shutters can be enjoyed all year round. They can help reduce energy loss in your home or office, thereby saving on air conditioning in the summer and heating bills in the winter.

Rollac’s SecuraMax shutters

There have been tremendous advancements in the quality of hurricane shutter protection. That includes the invention of Rollac’s SecuraMax’s shutters. They provide a level of security that is unmatched in the industry. For more information on how you can order these state-of-the-art shutters, please contact us at Rollac!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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