Modern Backyard Hacks: Electric Powered Patios

Modern Backyard Hacks: Electric Powered Patios

If you want to have a truly modern backyard, you need to have an electric-powered patio. While you may have enjoyed your patio over the years without the convenience of electricity, getting it electric-powered will take your enjoyment to a whole new level. Once you start exploring the items you can use with your patio, you’ll have more than enough ideas to turn your patio into something spectacular. Now that you’re eager to modernize your patio, here are some products you should consider.


To give you the sun protection you desire at the touch of a button, ZipShades are a perfect addition to your electric-powered patio. Sleek and easy to operate, ZipShades can give you backyard patio shade while also adding a touch of luxury to your outside surroundings. Controlled by wall switches, remote controls, or by the myLink app on your smartphone, they’re even equipped with collision detection technology so that they don’t strike anything as they’re being lowered.

Retractable Awnings

Whether it’s cool enough for a little bit of sunshine or so hot that you can’t wait to sit in the shade, electric patio awnings such as Rollac retractable awnings can turn your patio into a paradise. Bringing shade and sophistication to your patio, you’ll have high-tension springs, aluminum frames, and a variety of colors and styles that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button.

Space Heaters

Even if it’s hot during the day, nighttime can often bring with it much cooler temperatures. To make sure you stay comfortable while sipping your wine, reading a book, or just hanging out with that special someone while gazing at the stars, having a patio space heater can be the perfect addition to your patio. Compact and available in many different styles, you can find these heaters at affordable prices and have them fit in perfectly with your existing decor.

Rolling Shutters

Even if you have great neighbors where you live, there are times when you want just a little more privacy than your surroundings may provide. However, this all changes when rolling shutters are installed on your patio. Like other Rollac products, these can be controlled via your smartphone or by remote control and wall switches. Ideal for blocking the sun’s heat, they also give you storm protection on your patio, reduce noise from homes around you, and easily blend in with the unique style of your patio.

Outdoor Structures

Should you want to light up the night and show off just how luxurious your patio has become, consider an outdoor structure such as a Camargue from Rollac. The perfect structure on which to install beautiful LED lighting, a Camargue can also turn your patio into a paradise. In fact, it will make your patio so stunning that you will have a hard time remembering you are actually outside. Once your guests see it at your next party, your patio will be the talk of the town.

Kitchen Accessories

As the finishing touch to your electric-powered patio, try adding various types of kitchen accessories. Some of the most popular on today’s patios include outdoor refrigerators, ceiling fans, wine coolers, pizza ovens, and of course a grill for those cookouts with family and friends.

After installing electric patio awnings and purchasing other outdoor patio accessories, your patio will be in a class all by itself. But to make sure you get the best electric patio awnings available today, it’s best to deal with the experts here at Rollac. To discover the array of awnings that can make your patio picture-perfect, contact us here at Rollac today.