Why Every Houston Home Needs Hurricane Shutters

House with hurricane shutters installed on the windows

When the weather gets warm in Houston, you unfortunately start thinking about hurricane season. Since even a smaller hurricane can inflict tremendous damage on property, you need to do all you can to protect your home as well as yourself and your family. One of the best ways to do so is by installing hurricane shutters from Rollac. Made in the USA and tested to the highest standards, today’s modern storm shutters can provide numerous benefits. If you’re curious as to how they can help your home, here are some important reasons.

Benefits Of Installing Hurricane Shutters

1. Protect Vulnerable Areas of Your Home

When the weather is beautiful in Houston, your home’s windows allow the sun to shine in and you to look out on the beautiful scenery. However, when a hurricane comes calling, your home’s windows immediately become the most vulnerable parts of your home. By having roll-down hurricane shutters installed on your home’s exterior, your windows are instantly protected from flying debris that could shatter glass in an instant. 

2. Add Value to Your Home

Along with giving your home a much higher level of protection during a hurricane, permanent shutters will also add thousands of dollars in value to your home. Viewed as a very good investment for houses that are located in hurricane zones, potential buyers will be more eager to purchase your home, knowing it already has a maximum level of hurricane protection. 

3. Easy to Operate

In years past, many homes that had exterior shutters designed to protect them from hurricanes had ones that required homeowners to go outside and manually close them prior to a storm. However, thanks to technology, the new generation of roll-down hurricane shutters are much easier to operate. When Rollac hurricane shutters are on your home, you can control them by many methods. These include wall switches, remote control, or even by an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. By simply giving your phone a tap or two, your shutters can be opened or closed in an instant, letting you stay inside where it’s safe.

4. Affordable Cost

If you’ve always thought the cost of storm shutters would be beyond your reach, one look at Rollac shutters will change your mind. Far more affordable than most of our customers ever imagined, hurricane shutters from Rollac will do much more than just protect your home. Along with adding value to your home, you can also look forward to easily recouping the cost of your shutters should you ever decide to sell your home. 

5. Added Security

Sadly, once a hurricane passes through an area, some people decide to ignore the law and loot properties that have been damaged. Since property owners are usually nowhere to be found immediately after a hurricane, this becomes very easy for criminals. However, if your home has Rollac shutters on its exterior, you will have added security and a visible barrier to deter would-be looters. Whether you ride out a hurricane at your home or evacuate and return shortly after the storm passes, your Rollac roll-down hurricane shutters will have looters looking at your home and quickly moving on.

Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season with Hurricane Shutters

If you have considered having hurricane shutters installed on your home, don’t procrastinate and find yourself only hoping your house will be spared when a hurricane roars through your Houston neighborhood. Instead, be proactive, prepare for the storm, and contact us here at Rollac. Possessing a reputation for excellent products as well as customer service, you can count on us to answer your questions, recommend the best shutters for your needs, and much more.